Here are some quotes from CBC‘s new interview with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, discussing America’s current problems and the lack of an appropriate artistic response from musicians.

“40% of Americans don’t have more than 500 dollars in their savings account.  That ought to tell you something, I mean that is a nightmare waiting to happen.  We’re all partying like it’s 1999, to quote another great artist.”

“What’s interesting to me about artistic response is most have taken the let’s just pretend the party is still going.  Most music, if you listen to the radio, most music is hey everything’s great.  I’m having the ‘tiiiiime of my liiiiife.’  Everything’s great, ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night.’  It’s all like just keep that party going, keep that kick running into infinity.  I’m sorry we’re about to hit a wall where that’s just not going to work anymore.  There are artists out here who are trying to represent, sort of an anticipatory wave that’s coming.  What does it mean to lose something, in my case it’s what does it mean to lose the American dream.”

“My point is what we’re doing to ourselves economically, how we’re f’ing ourselves by our Chinese debt and all this stuff.  I mean that is going to have a real impact on our children, and our children’s children, and their children.  That is the loss of the true American dream.”

Billy also talked about how news outlets troll his interviews for quotes.  While we do tend to use some juicy/sexier quotes of Billy’s, I think our articles usually contextualize the quotes by including as much as possible in the actual stories.  When I think Billy talks about something interesting like this as well I turn it into a story.  It’s not always the Stephen Malkmus/James Iha quotes!

  • Russ

    He’s right though. You can’t keep borrowing.

  • Kris

    Normally he annoys me but in this instance I have to say that he is 100% correct.

  • Is he one?

    He is actually rarely totally wrong. You just happen to agree this time.

  • Kirill

    Agree with BillCo. Americans have this mentality that everything is taken care of by others for them. Even thou one may argue that American are workoholics, which is indeed hard to disprove, the other side effect are the cheap credits and debt that young americans inheret. Living an American dream has always been main theme coming to America for young emigrants who believe by getting a good paying job and then taking a huge credit to buy a house/car/yacht will do them well, cas in reality they know they will never pay it off, but who cares if the credit line is avaliable for them at cheap rate. No the situation dictates the opposite, but dream hasnt been quite let go yet. Thats why you see so many ppl living in poverty cas the credit for the good life isnt hanging on the trees anymore and you have to work/save up even harder to achieve it

  • cosmicatomic

    BillCo speaking the truth again!! Great quotes.

  • Mia

    I agree with Billy about most of the music coming out having a feeling of “tonight’s gonna be a good night”. It’s like everyone out there thinks everything is great and they aren’t really paying attention to or admitting that things are pretty bad right now.

  • Ten

    This site crucifies this guy by trolling his interviews for quotes. Don’t fool yourself. Almost everyone who visits this site has a negative view of BC because of the headlines you post about him almost daily. People don’t read the stories, they just read the headline and say, “This guy’s an asshole. He needs to shut the fuck up already.”

  • Scott McLean

    I think in songs, the songwriters/singers are into trying to lift their fans up emotionally at a time when that’s needed, and conversely, current reality makes for a very dismal, near hopeless word picture, so negative lyrics for many bands are being avoided. Also, lots of the older bands making comebacks are singing about how well they’ve done, and of course Kiss and Aerosmith, two examples of new songs by legendary rock bands, are on the top of the world, so to speak.

  • Scott McLean

    I meant the songs by Kiss and Aerosmith show how well they’ve done which is the truth I suppose, but it’s not a representation of the modern American experience of many of their fans.

  • Matt

    There’s no criticism in music because it’s a Democrat in office, and they all save up their negativity for Republican presidents. If Romney’s elected, you can safely bet that they will ratchet it up more than during the Bush years. If you think Green Day were insufferable in 2004, you “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

  • Christine

    What Billy seems to forget is that sending jobs to other countries has been going on since at LEAST 1971. It’s 2012. Other than taking proceeds of shows and giving them to organizations who can provide food and shelter and job training to those in need, what exactly does Billy want “artists” to do? All WE can do is vote the jack holes out of office who support constant legislation in support of corporations doing whatever they wish to lover their operating expenses. It doesn’t matter what party is in office, it’s domestic and foreign policy that needs to change. And since all the campaigns of all the members of all the parties are funded by all those looking to maintain the status quo which is NOT in the best interest of the PEOPLE, what exactly does Billy want and what exactly is Billy doing to help.

  • dakotablue

    If Billy Boy wasn’t so frikkin’ old now, he would realize that young artists are much more concerned with getting laid and falling in love than the national debt!

  • Is he one?

    “Frikkin’ old”?! 45!? Man, you must feel like your in a sheltered house for the elderly around here.

  • Is he one?