Billy Corgan Credits Jeff Schroeder For Initiating Smashing Pumpkins Lineup Change

In a new interview with Illinois Entertainer, Billy Corgan discussed the Smashing Pumpkins’ recent lineup changes, and credited guitarist Jeff Schroeder for initiating the idea:

“I looked around, and I thought Jeff was the only person who really understood what I wanted to do, and was on the same page.  In many ways [he] was more hardcore about what the band needed to do emotionally and spiritually than I was, because I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it any more.  Jeff sort of cracked the whip and said, ‘We’ve got to take this to another level, or let’s just move on.’  So I responded to that, and Tommy was part of that.  It’s like okay, if we’re going to go here, well let’s find somebody who can take it up to even another notch, and he’s definitely that type of musician.”

The Smashing Pumpkins recently fired drummer Mike Byrne, and did not invite bassist Nicole Fiorentino to the studio and have hinted at her exit.  Tommy Lee joined the band as the studio drummer for the new album Monuments to an Elegy.

  • Waxmuseummeltdown

    Honestly, the politics of rock and roll needn’t always be personal. We may question Billy’s ultimate decision, but it’s a grey area because we aren’t behind the scenes either. Best thing that can be said, is that Nicole and Mike are fantastically talented people who had a season in helping a great band shine once again. They can go off to their side projects and know that they had a part in a beautiful legacy. Meanwhile, I’m extremely excited for the next leg of SP and think that Billy’s on the right track to make the next few albums more hard hitting.

    • Philippe Gaudet

      So very well said man!

  • God

    OMG this guy is a clown!

    • Shane99

      Anyone who uses “OMG” is a clown.