Billy Corgan Bans Chicago Tribune Reporter From 8-Hour ‘Siddhartha’ Performance

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is currently in the middle of his 8 hour ‘Siddhartha’ performance at Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse, but Chicago Tribune reporter Gregory Trotter was banned from the show. Tribune writer Rex Huppke ripped the idea of the performance in an article.

Trotter tweeted, “Just got kicked out of @Billy Corgan’s Siddhartha show bc Billy didn’t care for @RexHuppke’s column yesterday, according to publicist. Booo.”

He added, “Other media allowed to stay at @ZuZusTeahouse but I got the boot. @Billy is unhappy with Tribune. On bright side, I have 8 hrs of free time.” will have a detailed review of the currently ongoing performance tomorrow.

  • Raj

    Billy Corgan has turned into Axl Rose, want proof? Both are continuing a band in which there are no original members except for themselves. Both are using the original band name. Both banning people from attending their shows, Slash for Axl and this Chicago reporter for Billy. This is 90’s antics all over again.

    • lilrockable

      Hmm not really. Billy Corgan wrote all the music and lyrics, therefore it makes sense for him to be the only remaining member. Nine Inch Nails, Days of the New, and Filter are three other examples of the main frontman being the main songwriter, and artistic direction, and keeping the name. So that’s a weak comparison. You should’ve just said Billy is becoming Axl just because he’s banning people from shows.

  • John

    The difference is that BC wrote all the music. Axl didn\\’t.

  • Courtney Rocks!

    Billy has always sucked tbh.

  • Big M

    Raj you make a good point, although as stated Billy is (was?) much more talented than Axl.