Billy Corgan Asks For Respect In A Sea Of Faceless Poseurs

In a new VH1 interview called Playback: The Musical Evolution of Billy Corgan the ever outspoken self-proclaimed “founder and destroyer of Smashing Pumpkins” says “All I’ve ever asked is to be respected as an individual in a world of faceless poseurs.” He goes on to make an analogy that “Kurt Cobain was the kid you went to high school with and I was the guy in your class that you probably didn’t like because I was too smart or something.”

Corgan discussed the state of rock music, “Most people I think for them music has been degraded in the culture and is no longer valuable. In fact it’s sort of a digital wallpaper that coexists with their other digital memories and experiences.” Corgan also says “the album is a dying form” and complains “Why are cat views playing pianos getting more views than the next band coming up?”

The Smashing Pumpkins core band is now just Corgan and guitarist of seven years Jeff Schroeder. Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee provided studio drumming on the band’s 2014 Monuments to an Elegy album with Corgan singing and playing guitar, bass, and keyboards with help from Schroeder on guitar. The Smashing Pumpkins touring rhythm section for December 2014 consisted of The Killers’ bassist Mark Stroemer and former Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave drummer Brad Wilk.

The same touring lineup is now in rehearsals for The Smashing Pumpkins South American Lollapalooza dates:

March 14-15 in Santiago, Chile.

March 21-22 in San Isidro, Argentina.

March 28-29 in São Paulo, Brazil.


  • PinkFloyd1994

    This is coming from the say guy that praised Nu-metal, dated Jessica Simpson, and wants to collaborate with Miley Cyrus.

    How can anyone take this egghead seriously???

    • Corndog

      Jessica Simpson? I’d hit that, even with the spare tyre.