Billy Corgan Announces The Birth Of His Son, Augustus Juppiter

After much speculation and rumors: the Pumpkin King welcomes his heir into the world. On November 16th, 2015, Corgan’s girlfriend Chloe Mendel, closely associated with the Madame Zuzu’s teahouse in Chicago gave birth to their first son, Augustus Juppiter. These last couple months, fans who met the couple at Madame Zuzu’s had noticed Mendel to look pregnant. Corgan has been quiet these last couple of weeks outside of his eulogy to Scott Weiland and now it all makes sense. So far, not much detail has been given about the new family but they seem very happy with one another and Corgan and Mendel have been dating for around 2 years.

We at Alternative Nation are extremely elated to see Corgan enter a new chapter of his life as a father and for the start of Mendel’s journey as a mother. There is no true parallel in life than having a child and Corgan has expressed interest in having children for sometime. This year has seen a certain transformation for Corgan, his reunion with Chamberlin, the launch of People and Their Cars, a successful summer tour, but the welcoming of this child into the world takes the cake over everything else.

Corgan has often played the father figure in life, both personal and professional. In his youth, he frequently acted as the caretaker for his two younger brothers, as they were shot around Chicago between relatives in the midst of divorce. When the Pumpkins went through like James and D’arcy’s breakup, to Chamberlin’s initial firing and the revival of the band, Corgan was there taking care of business where no one else could. Not to mention, his dedication to his lovable cats over the years. There could not be better news surrounding Corgan. Augustus Juppiter, welcome to the world.

UPDATE: Forgot this one:

  • Philippe Gaudet

    Great article, great news. Congratulations to the best songwriter in the world.

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  • Billy

    congrats BC. Never even knew he was expecting.

    • Alternative Nation

      I knew he was having a son maybe 3-4 weeks ago. Didn’t feel comfortable reporting something so personal though without getting a second source to verify.

      • Elias Fulmer


      • Billy

        oh for sure, i agree with your decision. Just kinda out of left field lol

  • Chris Hobbs


    • Felonious Punk

      If you’re referring to that ridiculous shirt he’s wearing, don’t worry: I said the same thing.

      • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

        Were do you even buy such a piece?

        • Felonious Punk

          He’s probably got them for sale at his tea parties for like $1,000

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  • jcal7

    Congrats to him, great news for billy and his partner. Hopefully this is the start of a new happy chapter for him

  • Bram

    Congratulations Mr. Corgan!

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  • Felonious Punk

    I did a Google image search of Chloe Mendel.

    There isn’t one photo of her smiling out there. Like, literally, not even one. She’s got the same sourpuss mug in every photo of her. It looks especially awkward in the ones where BillCo is cheesing it up.

    • nomad

      She also looks really young.

      • Felonious Punk

        But I know plenty of young girls who can smile.

      • Bruno Sílvio Martins

        She’s 22.

    • Corndog

      You’re right! I mean i noticed it in that pic above, but i figured that Billy must have just farted or something, but i just trawled through loads of pics and i can’t find a single one where she doesn’t look like someone stole the cream from her bun. That is one happy lady. Then again, living with an insufferable twat like Corgan, would you smile?

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  • Lisa Marie Woodrich

    Lots of luck to them. I know a couple people who got tickets to his Halloween Party and my cousin went to that Siddartha thingy and all of them have said the same thing: He has a very bad attitude towards her. She is only 22 and does not know any better, you THINK you know what you want in life at that age and have it all ‘ figured’ out but when you get older you realized you were a dumb kid who did not know shit. Which makes me question him cause he is almost 50 and should know that her age is too young to be making serious decisions when she should be figuring out life in general. But I give it a couple more years til she realizes if what my friends and cousin say is true, she will realize he is morose, suffocating, moody and needy and she deserves better then a guy who is going to take his frustrations out on her.