• Blind Lemon


  • Jonesy

    Seriously?? I Hate u Dave Grohl.

  • Greg


  • Grungecaster 1

    Whats so funny about this music video by Soundgarden? Its just some cops busting the band for showing up to a concert ? 🙂 i dont get it

  • Grungecaster 1

    No wonder the Foo Fighters last album sucked , its because Dave Grohl has turned everything into a commercial joke, this video has no connection to any concept or ideal expressed by Soundgarden’s song By Crooked Steps. I had a much better idea for how this music video should of been. I would have Soundgarden on a school bus with Chris Cornell driving everyone up a windy crooked mountain road and as they get to the top of the mountain, theres a top secret UFO base. You know? Most of the songs from King Animal do have a post Mayan Calendar 2012 sci-fi apocalypse theme to it. But Dave has truly ruined another great bands reputation. At least with Black Hole Sun, sure it was goofy and kinda silly but the video and the songs ideal about a real black hole sun and its crazy effects on people was realisitic.

  • versus

    Why do bands waste their time & money making music videos anymore? It’s not like videos get promotion anymore that could lead to exposure & album sales.

  • Steve mac

    your right grungecaster.. you are far more qualified to write SoundGardens music videos..

  • Deviate

    Music videos were a cool way for a band to add visual element to some of their songs. But those days are long gone, since there is no more MTV. They should just change the name of the network to Teenage Slut Network.

    As far as the video for Black Hole Sun, that was one of the most epic rock song videos ever. The more far out and nightmarish the better.

  • Butthead

    Dave Grohl lost it when he decided to form the Foo Fighters and release 7 albums full of overplayed pop singles. This guy has sold out and completly lost his roots with Nirvana, and should stay away from Soundgarden, before he ruins another band. We already have enough teenyboppers ruining once great bands like Green Day, U2, and RHCP, why ruin Soundgarden???

  • kingchaz

    I don’t think Grohl sold out, when he has stuff like Them Crooked Vultures, QOTSA, Desert Sessions work, and Probot under his docket… FF is just a different flavor (though “Remain In Light” was overrated).

    Soundgarden are either trying to appeal to a different base, or are just having fun. I think it’s a bit of both (and who wouldn’t want to make money), as CC probably has carry-over pop in his veins from “Scream” (shaking my head)… It’s a shame that SG isn’t the creature they used to be… playing for the President, now that’s selling out… I don’t care what your persuasion is. Naysayers (ISO) will say I’m trashing the band and that they can do whatever they want; that’s true, but it’s not what made them so good to begin with. Originality is lost (same can be said with Black Keys and El Camino), though “King Animal” is like SG’s version of Tripod… just softer and, frankly, weird.

  • kingchaz

    Deviate, you nailed it. MTV and VH1… now THAT is real selling out. I wouldn’t mind if the people on those shows, and their producers, were jobless tomorrow.

  • Austin


    Chris playing for the president made sense, he campaigned for him after all. But Soundgarden playing for him to without even mentioning him ever before is proof that it was a publicity stunt.

  • kingchaz


    I know. Like I said, it doesn’t matter than political persuasion… It’s just kinda… lame…

    I always thought of SG, Corrosion of Conformity, Alice in Chains, and Pantera as being the “other” Big 4… continuing the legacy of giving the mainstream the middle finger.

  • David

    Why do people think SG was against mainstream? If that was the case then they wouldn’t need msuic videos, photo shoots and all of that. Couldn’t that be selling out? I mean hell they did that since Louder than love.

  • Maverick785

    Newsflash: music videos are dumb. Always have been.

    They cheapen the songs featured in them by pigeonholing them into a certain visual frame. On its own, a song can have a completely different meaning from one person to the next. When you attach a serious video to that song, something that creates its own narrative with beginning and an end, you forever link the song to the story portrayed.

    Take a song like Hollow. The meaning you’ve internally attached to the song clashes with the apparent band-endorsed vision of some astronaut losing his shit in space, a vision portrayed with the utmost level of seriousness. I believe this takes away some freedom the fans have to attach their own meanings to the song, and therefore some of the song’s magic.

    I think Dave understands this very well, so he tries not to take himself too seriously when the cameras are rolling. As a result, he obviously enjoys himself and creates funny material that doesn’t skew or influence the song’s meaning in a detrimental way. Soundgarden obviously wanted achieve the same effect when they brought him in to direct.

  • Deviate

    I miss the days when MTV was actually cool. They played music videos. And even if they had silly reality shows/series, they were very music-oriented at least. But they had musical segments. (Pre-TRL bullshit) And a welcome break was Beavis & Butthead and other weird stuff like Oddities, etc.

    In other words, it was an musical and artistic channel. Then TRL came along when bubble gum pop garbage started to gain popularity with the “upcoming” young generation, then more [fake] reality television trash, and it was an ever sinking downward spiral from there. Little did we know then that bogus, scripted reality TV would consume everything in years to come.

  • Deviate

    I see some of your anti-video points. But it really does boil down to who controls the imagery. If the band wants to convey a visual message to go along with a song and it’s their work, then I see nothing wrong with it.

    But I do agree it’s lame if it’s just something some random music video director comes up with.

    But it wasn’t just the videos, it was a way to hear new music before the boom of the internet and file sharing. Radio always played the same old shit over and over and over. If I heard about a new band or a new album before heading to the record store to pick it up, it was from either friend at school, or something I caught on Headbangers Ball or MTV rotation. I liked seeing bands I liked, AIC, SG, etc, get interviewed. Once upon a time.

  • Dave

    video rocks

  • ed

    I still watch videos. And…I like this one.

  • Spoonman

    this video is so killer. coming from a guy trapped in the night scene of djs here in LA, i wish this video would come true!!!