Arrested Development Creator Compares Netflix Revival to Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’

The beloved television sitcom and cult hit Arrested Development recently made a comeback via a fourth season exclusive to streaming on Netflix. While many fans approved of the new content, others were critical of the show’s new format in which episodes tended to focus on one character at a time. Speaking with Rolling Stoneshowrunner Mitch Hurwitz compared the new season’s reception to that of Radiohead’s classic Kid A.

“There was a long lapse of time after they released OK Computer,” he says. “And then Kid A came out and everybody was like, ‘We don’t like this. We don’t like this.’ And then later they came around to thinking it was even better than OK Computer. Also, it’s difficult to make this comparison because it sounds self-aggrandizing and I don’t mean it that way, but I remember when The Godfather II came out. People were like, ‘What? What is this? I want to see The Godfather where they shoot people, not this thing where they talk about Cuba.'”

NOTE FROM BRETT: Arrested Development Season 4 actually debuted the new Pearl Jam song “Getaway”