Arctic Monkeys Visit Queens Of The Stone Age Frontman’s Studio

In a recent interview with Khaleej Times, Alex Turner and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys discuss their recent interaction with Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Joshua Homme.  View a part of the interview below:

You went to record some of your albums in the States?
Turner: “Originally it was just getting us far away from this kind of comfortable environment or whatever it was, some version of ‘home’. The first we did over there was the third album and at that point we really wanted to tear up the rulebook and work with new people. So we went to Josh Homme’s studio in the desert and made that Humbug record and that was a massive turning point for the group. I think we needed to go there and freshen up our ideas. It was like if this band is going to continue you need to move forward.”

How many new guitar pedals and stuff did Joshua show you?
Helders: “A lot of machines, a lot of pedals. From what I saw there was a lot of shit there.”

Turner: “On the record we used a lot from his collection. He has got some tricks, yeah. I think we found a lot of the hand moves ourselves. He’s got his sound but it’s about trying to create your own. That was a turning point in the whole picture. Joshua helped us to plant a seed for a fruit tree which is yielding juicy plums these days.”

Listen to “If I Had a Tail,” the fourth track off Queens of the Stone Age’s most recent album, which features vocals from Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner below:

  • Shadow on the Sun

    glad to see these guys get some love. Alex\’s stage presence is fantastic, there\’s a cockinessbrashness that reminds me of a younger Weiland