Members of A Perfect Circle & STP Discuss Failure’s ‘Fantastic Planet’

Since Failure’s recent reunion, the space rock band has been busy with the likes of touring with Tool, writing a new album, and headlining shows. With support from their PledgeMusic campaign, the group will be releasing a vinyl reissue of their 1996 cult classic album, Fantastic Planet, this summer. You can click here to view more on Failure’s campaign. A video was recently released that showed members of A Perfect Circle and Stone Temple Pilots talk about their opinions on the album. You can watch guitarist Billy Howerdell (A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide) and guitarist Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots, Talk Show, Army of Anyone) compliment Fantastic Planet below. Also, be sure to check out our interviews with Howerdell and DeLeo.

Fantastic Planet vinyl tracklisting:
Disc One/Side One:
1. Saturday Saviour
2. Sergeant Politeness
3. Segue 1
4. Smoking Umbrellas

Disc One/Side Two:
5. Pillowhead
6. Blank
7. Segue 2
8. Dirty Blue Balloons
9. Solaris

Disc Two/Side Three:
10. Pitiful
11. Leo
12. Segue 3
13. The Nurse Who Loved ME

Disc Two/Side Four:
14. Another Space Song
15. Stuck On You
16. Heliotropic
17. Daylight

  • Rizz

    Ehh, genres. Please explain space rock? Or, perhaps it’s just good music with an atmospheric element? Maybe Marilyn Manson defined that too and has the answer.

  • God

    sounds like a fart