Andy Summers’ Police Update: “We’re All Completely Connected”

When I recently chatted with Police guitarist Andy Summers for Long Island Pulse, we touched upon quite a few topics, including his band new all-instrumental solo album, Metal Dog, as well as the must-see Police documentary, Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police.

But most interesting, was the following update regarding the future of the Police:

LI Pulse: Are you still on good terms with the other Police members?

Andy Summers: Yeah. I saw Stewart [Copeland] last week. There’s always stuff. The band, or “the brand,” continues forever. We always have to make some decision about something. The relationship doesn’t go away. Stewart lives close to me in LA; we’re more likely to see each other than Sting…I’m not sure where he is. But we’re all completely connected.

To read the rest of the interview (including additional Police tidbits), click your clicker here.


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