’s Top Five EP’s Of 2013

5. Bad Cop: Light On

Hailing from Nashville, Bad Cop are a rising force in the indie rock circuit. They released The Light On EP to bridge the gap between 2010’s Harvest the Beast and their upcoming second studio album. “Light On” possesses a moody, psychedelic sway while “Post Mcdonalds Punks” is sure to please fans of the more chaotic Pixies tunes.

4. Plastic Visions: Plastic Visions

Kane Stewart joined forces with his cousin, Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz, to craft this masterful yet brief morsel of punk-grunge tunes. The EP is a really fun listen front to back, but it ends too quickly. Thankfully, the band are hard at work on their first studio album.

3. The Cold and Lovely: Ellis Bell

The band’s 2nd release has shades of My Bloody Valentine and Garbage sonically, and despite being made for a modest budget it just sounds massive.  “Doll” and the title track are just tailor made for radio. The band features Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino and frontwoman Meghan Toohey.

2. The Pixies: EP-1

The first original collection of new material by The Pixies since 1991’s Tromple le Monde, the E.P. marks a solid comeback for the band, minus their iconic bassist, Kim Deal.  “Indie Cindy” has a chorus that just sticks to your brain.

1. Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington: High Rise

STP is obviously a different band now without iconic frontman Scott Weiland, but Chester Bennington clearly has chemistry with the DeLeos and Eric Kretz that is evident on this EP.  When “Tomorrow” ends it just makes you wish it was a full LP.

Watch the new video for The Cold and Lovely’s “Doll,” directed by owner Brett Buchanan, below:

  • Tony Hill

    Sorry but you’re off your smegging tits if you think that limp STO offering was the best EP of the year, sir.

    • Tony Hill

      *STP (bloody autocarrot)

      • CL

        I hate autocarrot, too.

  • Geezum

    STP minus Weiland Ep was mediocre at best.

  • — Joe —

    Yeah because STP with Weiland drunk and falling off the stage and forgetting lines since 2006 has been so fucking awesome.GTFO

  • http://Eddie-Vedderism Eddie

    oh come fuckin on!
    No Scott == NO STP.

  • Jen

    Girls Against Boys have released The Ghost List EP this year and it is fucking great. I also liked Pixies and Merchandise efforts. Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington sounds like some generic shit.

  • Raj

    I know Brett loves the new STP songs and sound. However, I still think Out of Time and Black Heart don’t offer anything new to STP. I disagree with anyone who thinks STP will evolve their sound with Chester. No they won’t. Dean hasn’t created any innovative riffs, and the lyrics sung by Chester are just sub-par. It sounds like they are trying to play it safe.

    • Brett Buchanan

      I never said the EP offered anything new sonically. To me the riffs sound a lot like self-titled, but I liked self-titled.

      • Raj

        Don’t get me wrong, I like self titled. A lot people interpret it as either boogie-woogie rock or a pop album. I think it’s neither. To me, the more I played it I had impression it seemed more like a blues rock record and became very impressed they could pull off such a feat.

  • Jake K

    Hey Brett check out these EP’s from 2013 as well:
    Sweet Water – ‘Dance Floor Kills’
    Diamond Youth – ‘Orange’
    Dinosaur Pile Up – ‘Peninsula’

  • CL

    STP hasn’t had the real Weiland as a frontman in a long, long time. STP still wouldn’t be STP even if Weiland were to come back in the shape he has been in for the past few years. Unless Scott can get his shit together, get used to ChesTP. And in my opinion, they’re an alright band with Chester. I’ll never love this EP they way I love the other STP records, but that’s because there’s a sentimental value to STP’s history for me. The guys should do whatever they want to do. I’ll enjoy the music, for sure, but I do hope to see a clean and sober Weiland fronting one of my absolute favorite bands again. But that’s the only way I want to see the guys back together again. Not for money. Not for some stupid anniversary, but for a genuine love for creating and playing music together, which cannot happen when one guy is constantly fucking it up. Here’s to hope…

  • lilrockable

    In a way I kind of see it as a positive thing that they (or attempted to) fire Scott. I respect Scott as an artist but his addiction how been dragging him down for years. Now that he’s kicked out of two major label bands he needs to bust his ass and make something of himself. Remember desperation can be one of the greatest blessings in anyone’s life. As for CHESTP, I think as long as they keep the “With Bennington” in the name nobody will care. After all this ep is really just a continuation of the self-titled sound and nothing new which is unlike STP. Keep in mind I love self-titled and the ep is good too but calling them “Stone Temple Pilots” without Scott is just stupid.

    • Brett Buchanan

      I hope they keep ‘With Chester Bennington’ as well. I think the current name is very representative of what the band is. When I talked to Dean he told me they went with the name to let fans know who is in the band, especially people who may not have heard about Scott’s firing.

  • Hoo Hah Hreh

    More than Scott, STP misses Brendan O\’Brien. Their music (and the other bands they\’ve formed outside of STP) just doesn\’t sound the same without him being around.