Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: February 2014 (#4)

Welcome to the ninth installment of AlternativeNation’s newest feature, the New Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: The Burning of Rome, Proximity Butterfly, The Glazzies, and Circus Life.  Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered, or just have a kick ass song or two out there that we’ll notice. For now, here’s some songs that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

Today Riley Rowe and Doug McCausland handpicked the submissions for this edition:

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Stroy, a hard rock band from the Czech Republic, have created a perfect blend of discord and captivating grooves on their recent debut LP. Songs like “Down the Mountain” and “Forcing the Earth” are built upon a 90’s metal sounding foundation, yet still possess the tense vocal deliveries that are present in modern rock and grunge groups. Michal Skořepa, the lead singer and guitarist of the band, even wrote a song titled “Thank You, Eddie,” which expresses Eddie Vedder’s ability to connect to others. Listen carefully to their songs and you might be able to hear a variety of influences from the spontaneity of 90’s metal to even some more technically progressive rock characteristics.

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Ranging from the experimental ballad style of “Tempus Nostrum” to the gut-wrenching “Hearts of the Holy,” Cycle’s upcoming full-length album is building up to be one hell of a ride. When the two-man band released Crone, their debut EP, in 2012, their influences of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam clearly were present in the music. Cycle is currently working on their first LP, which has proven to demonstrate more original-sounding compositions that push the envelope of hard rock stereotypes by dabbling with a more minimalist approach as well as creating unexpected harmonies. Check out 3 songs off their upcoming album below:

Aggressive Chill
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Make sure to prepare your pointy finger and pinky, because Aggressive Chill’s sweet headbangin’ jammers will beg you to whip out your devil horns and proudly thrust them in the sky. The Swedish hard rock group consists of Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson on vocals and guitar, Robert Ottoson slapping the bass, Per Bjelovuk drumming, and Andreas Ohlsson shredding the axe. Their newest single “Hold My Breath” reached second on the Swedish iTunes rock charts.

Rocket Brigade
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Excelling on a rough around the edges attitude, Rocket Brigade is beginning to flourish in the alternative community by creating songs revolving around the fundamentals of distortion. Last year, this trio released their debut album simply titled “\m/”. If you’re close to Pennsylvania, be sure to check out one of Rocket Brigade’s local shows.

  • Patrick

    Rocket Brigade works for me, Stroy is kinda cool (but you should check out “Broken Betty” from Poland, for something much groovier).

    But I don’t see no reason to place generic swedish metal, or that weird electronica here 🙂 Both of these are unlistenable.

    • Riley Rowe

      Glad you enjoyed a couple of the bands posted. And thank you for the reccomendation. I’m trying to have this feature have quality content posted on a weekly basis.

      Chances are someone will like the other two bands posted on here. We cover metal bands like Alice in Chains and Metallica so I think Aggressive Chill fits nicely. Also, check out Cycle’s other two songs on the media player because they are more rock-oriented.

      • Patrick

        I enjoy probably something like half of the stuff you post here, so it’s not bad at all. Wouldn’t ever have found out about “My Goodness” if it wasn’t for this feature!

        To me this band Aggressive Chill sound super-fake and generic, but maybe that’s just me.

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