Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: January 2014

Welcome to the fifth installment of AlternativeNation’s newest feature, the New Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: The Wooly Mamas, Ume, Paradox, and Those Mockingbirds.  Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered, or just have a kick ass song or two out there that we’ll notice. For now, here’s some songs that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

Today Riley Rowe handpicked the submissions for this edition:



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Gaining much popularity through association, RIBS has recently opened up for Queens of the Stone age and The Joy Formidable. The trio consisting of Keith Freund, Blake Fusilier, and Chris Oquist released their debut EP, British Brains, in 2010 and later released their second EP, Russian Blood, in 2012. RIBS focus on textural sonic detail and creative, original riffs prove their potentiality to make it big.



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Mothlight began as frontman Matt Billings experimental solo project but slowly evolved into a full band. Billings released three EPs, which were recorded and produced by friends in college apartments and eventually created a live band with a constantly changing lineup. In 2013, the group began turning some of their demos into melodic pop masterpieces. With stunningly produced vocal harmonies and a indie, post-rock vibe, Mothlight’s “Blooming” and “Pretender” will have you hooked instantly.

Celeb Car Crush


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Celeb Car Crash possesses all the elements of a great rock band: heavy-hitting riffs, dark and mysterious lyrics, and of course, long-haired grungy men. But wait, there’s more! They’re all Italian. Celeb Car Crash won “Video of the Day” from Rolling Stone Italy last year for their cover of Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.”



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Just releasing their debut LP, Idlehour delivers a modern twist to 90’s alternative rock and grunge. The group is made up of Jesse Naish’s female vocals, Drew Patterson showing off hooky riffs on his guitar, and Paul Clark and Rob Emms holding together a solid rhythm section. Their influences include Nirvana, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, L7, and Veruca Salt.


Ciscandra Nostalghia - 2013

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Nostalghia is currently in Mexico opening for 30 Seconds to Mars, their debut album, Chrysalis, will be out on April 1, the first track, “You + I,” is getting airplay on specialty programs at Alternative radio, including Los Angeles powerhouses 103.1 and KCRW. They’ve done dates with Gogol Bordello, The Orb and Serj Tankian (System of a Down), and have been building a buzz in L.A. Singer Ciscandra Nostalghia definitely has shades of Perry Farrell in her voice. Check out “Cool For Chaos” below.