Alice In Chains will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 10th. They’ll do a short mini concert performance in Los Angeles by Jimmy Kimmel’s studio, the last time the band did a Kimmel mini concert they performed 4 songs. Arrival time for the event is 5:45PM and you must be 16 or older to attend. To get free tickets go to

  • Marq

    Man I cant wait! I don’t care what anyone says, Alice in chains sounds a lot cooler live, not to mention when they are live, you get to hear Duvall a lot more too.

  • GwynnKatie

    Sounds sweet. Have fun you guys.

  • DFrisky1

    Is this just a live concert or will some of it be shown on his show late night?

  • Ka-

    The Cantrell looks like a lesbian with hemmroids.

    The Cantrell’s new track does not amuse.

    The Cantrell is like Samson.

    The Cantrell should know better.


  • Chadimus

    layne stzley

  • EvenFlow

    Looks like “Ka” was the fake Boom.

  • Seattle1994

    ..sometimes I take solace in the fact I’m 43yrs old: I was able to listen to and enjoy music before the internet and”ka” types just bombard with opinions and really, take most of the fun out of exploring new music. It’s fine not to dig something, but if your a fan of Alice In Chains, it’s beyond me that you’d hate Stone & Hollow. I mean compared to different tunes in the back catalog, they may not make the all time top 5, but to me they are come very creative fun fucking tunes.

    It’s not fantasy football, it’s music.

  • Seattle1994

    ..oops, I meant “some very creative tunes”, not “come”. dumbshit I am…

  • Ka-

    The Ka- and The Boom met in the heavens to naked wrestle.

    The Boom wrestles like a girl.

    The Boom tugged The Ka-‘s balls like a choo-choo train whistle.

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    The Ka- threw the Boom to the Earth.

    Loud was the Ka-Boom

    The Boom ran away in search of more balls to tug.

    Now, there is only The Ka-

    Choo-choo! Choo-choo!

  • EvenFlow

    Quite obvious by the way you talk you were trying to be Fake Boom.

    The real original Boom had class. You ‘KA’ are a total bumbling idiot.
    You are not funny nor are you close.

  • Ka-


  • GwynnKatie

    Ok so when I was driving home from work Friday listening to the radio, on 93.3 The Planet (Greenville SC station) at their 4:20PM spot – they played *Hollow*, then *Nutshell*. Then today, driving down 240-East home, 4:20PM… *Hollow* then — *Down in A Hole*. 😀


    The Fever With No Cure Has Begun

    AIC Forever