Alice in Chains released their second studio album, Dirt, on September 29, 1992. The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 and has sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Dirt is Alice in Chains’ best-selling album, and includes popular singles such as “Would?,” “Rooster,” and “Down in a Hole.”

  • seattle sister

    Happy Birthday Dirt!
    You rock my world!

  • Dean B

    I can’t believe the lack of fuss made about this.

    Not even a hint of a 20th anniversary remaster!

  • Dominic

    Twenty years ago on this day, Alice in Chains released their album Dirt. I’m a bit disappointed in the band since they didn’t release a twentieth anniversary edition of the album. It would be nice if either the band could’ve kept the vocals, but made new drum tracks for all the songs. That way, if there was a twentieth anniversary remastered edition, the album would sound way different. Another idea I had, was to maybe have the new vocalist of Alice in Chains sing all the songs, so the band could put it together, and remaster it that way if the old vocal tracks of all the songs on Dirt, were no longer available for the band to put over new drum tracks, guitar tracks, and so forth. I’m celebrating today by listening to Dirt, all the way through. This album does not seem old to me at all. I’ve started getting into this album when I received it for my sixteenth birthday six years ago. But, I hope, and pray that Alice in Chains does remaster this album sometime in the near future. Who knows, they might since they probably forgot that today’s the twentieth anniversary of Dirt.

  • Harry Skell

    I’ve heard some strange ideas in my time but Dominic says to cut Layne Staleys vocals out and replace it with the new singer William Duvall? You take Staleys vocals off there, you might as well throw the album in the nearest bin. Staley might not have written all of Dirt, but he made it the classic it is today.

  • Shane C

    20 years of playing this disc regularly.

    still one of my all-time favourites. Always will be.

    Timeless. Classic.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I didnt actually listen to this album until about 2 yrs after it was released, and i still remember listening to it on my walkman and my brain melting.

    absolutely a classic

  • backdoorman

    Did she call my name?
    I think it’s gonna rain
    When I die

    aaah aaah aaah

    it’s raining today in Madrid

  • Poola

    ,,Bury me softly in this womb… I give this part of me for you” <3 Thank you Alice in Chains for this album! \m/

  • Nick

    I can see where all those damn emos ripped off the skinny Jean look now.

  • Mike

    Thank you for this. There will be many toasting this incredible album.

  • bon3z

    What the hell am I?
    Thousand eyes, a fly
    Lucky then I’d be
    In one day deceased

    Sickman, sickman, sickman, sickman

    I can feel the wheel, but I can’t steer
    When my thoughts become my biggest fear

    Ah, what’s the difference, I’ll die
    In this sick world of mine

  • Deviate

    Yeah.. Though I walk.. through the valley.. of rape.. and despair….

  • BillyL

    I feel that this album doesn’t need to be remastered. It’s one of the few albums from that era which has a sound that fits it perfectly. But then again, I grew up with the album. It might sound different to people who are of this generation and compare to today’s rock albums.

  • francesfarmer

    you can not replace Layne, don’t even think you can because that is like thinking nirvana could replace Kurt. it would suck and be almost disgraceful to not only the band but the die hard fans. don’t even mention having the new singer replacing his voice. i hate the new singer in general, so just keep it the way it is. respect the dead not replace them.

  • Jeanne

    Wow crazy to think I was only 5 years old when Dirt came out…Amazing album that does NOT need to be remastered or redone. Down in a Hole one of my favorites of all…Happy 20th Dirt!! An album that by far, was the best album of the 90s. 🙂

  • Brett Weir

    Where is the appeal in spending money on an album that at the end of the day is just a re-worked version of something that’s 20 years od? I want new stuff / ideas, not re-hashed / re-mastered material. Never mind the asinine notion of re-recording Dirt with the new singer. WTF is that idea?

    I have no problems w/ AIC moving forward with Duvall, & I have no problems with him singing Layne’s parts live (the guy is dead, does it mean the rest of the band should stop living?) but leave the old material alone.

  • Kris

    DIRT was one of the greatest albums of all time. A classic and AIC’s best work. R.I.P. Layne and Mike – thanks for leaving us with this brilliant music.

  • GenXLady

    One of the darkest and most depressing albums, while also being one of the most beautiful and meaningful albums at the same time. Therein lies its timelessness.

  • Deviate

    I dig the fact that the band put on that long and great performance in that video despite Layne’s bum leg.

    The only fucking band that could still kick your ass live with a lead singer leaning on a crutch or sitting in a wheelchair. Epic.

    Smack on the other hand, well, a damn shame. Miss ya, Layne.

  • Jorge Delou

    Dirt is to this date the most visceral album about drugs ever to surface. It’s also so much more important to rock music and pop music than Core.

    And it’s problaly the peak of the duo Cantrell/Staley. At least in an entirely eletric album.

    Besides the entire album is amazing.

    Them Bones and Dam That River feed up of each other.
    Rain When I Die is pure Seattle.
    Down In a Hole talks about one of the lowest points a human being can reach.
    Sickman got a middle section that is beyond perfection. What an amazing solo!
    Rooster is one of the most incredible atempts to reach out to a father ever!
    Junkhead and Dirt are simply the best written words to explain an user’s mind.
    Godsmack has one of the wickest anti-riffs ever.
    Iron Gland’s a reminder that this album’s spooky.
    Hate to Feel and Angry Chair is Layne at his best.
    And Would, about Andrew Wood’s death, is this one of the best songs ever!

    An amazing classic. One of the best records of all times!!!

    P.S.: Sorry for my crappy ‘Brazilian’ english.

  • Raj

    Alice in Chains is one of my favourite bands, Dirt is really an amazing album. Layne Staley was an amazing singer, he had a great voice. Either his voice is heavily layered or he sounds like a choir of people. Dirt’s got a lot of awesome songs like Them Bones, Dam That River, Would, Rooster, Dirt, etc. Jerry Cantrell has written most if not almost all the songs, he writes great lyrics and his guitar playing is fantastic. The dual harmonizing is what makes Alice such a great band. It sucks Layne died, but I’m okay with them continuing on. AC/DC did it.

  • Mia

    I’ve never understood the idea of remastering albums. It’s like saying the orginal wasn’t good enough. It would be like deciding that a novel needs to be changed twenty years later to keep up with the times. They should just stand as they are.

  • dakotablue

    Dirt is the bomb, so tremendous and poignant
    and BTW, Layne wrote a lot of the lyrics and some of the music, too
    Jerry’s a good guitarist/songwriter/harmony singer but he sucks at lead vocals IMO
    also nothing against DuVall but there is no way he could replace or re-do Layne’s vocals–the worst idea I’ve heard in a long time!

  • GwynnKatie

    I raised my two children on this music. I still fondly remember 1994 – two yrs after Dirt released – my daughter in her little toddler booster in the backseat of my car at at age two trying to bang her head (like her seven year old big brother) saying: Mommy! Mommy! Pway Woostah!

    I raised my kids on Alice In Chains.

    AIC Forever

    Layne and Mike – You are Never Far Away

    Jerry, Sean, Mike & Will – You are Loved

  • Pedro

    It doesn’t need remastering, it needs a re-launch so it would get everyone’s attention to how awesome this album is. We need more Dirt in the nearest CD store.

    But what we certainly need is Facelift remastered. Bleed The Freak would be much more awesome if it was louder.

  • Pedro

    It doesn’t need remastering, it needs a re-launch so it would get everyone’s attention to how awesome this album is. We need more Dirt in the nearest CD store.

    But what we certainly need is Facelift remastered. Bleed The Freak would be much more awesome if it was louder.

    And I’m with Brett Weir.

  • Geoff

    Dirt is one of the most pure records ever released. It defines raw emotion. I would LOVE to have all AIC remastered. They deserve to be played loud. The mention of retracking drums and vocals (with william) would completely kill such a masterpiece. Why would anyone want another singer to step in to re-record vocal tracks of someone elses darkest moments? He was high on the same drugs that he was singing about as they recorded those vocal tracks.

    I bought this album the day it was released and it is a one of a kind. One of records that comes around once in a blue moon.

  • JD

    Alice In Chains If you Guys Can hear my voice though the either NEVER REMASTER ANY OF YOUR ALBUMS. Today “remastering” means music destroying loudness war style Hypercompression.

  • Spoonman

    you mean the just like the original master of BGWTB hahaha

  • JD

    exactly, no dynamics whatsoever it just sounds like organized white noise. un-remaster BGW!!! make it sound like 1990 when the goal was music, not hearing loss!!!

  • Spoonman

    ^^^^^^^well said my friend

  • JD

    and of course Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!