According to RTTnews, Alice in Chains will be one of many artists auctioning off items for charity.

The auction, which will take place via online auction house website Ebay and is a joint venture between MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation is offering an autographed Alice in Chains Epiphone Les Paul 1960 electric guitar. The starting price is going for 750 dollars.

Other artists auctioning off items include: Steven Tyler from Aerosmith & Ace Frehley from KISS. The proceeds will benefit the non-profit charity MusiCares, whose mission, according to their website is to “focus the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.”

You can view the listing here

  • Jeff

    That looks nothing like Alice in Chains. Retire and stop embarrassing everyone who loved the band during their great years.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    That picture is from AIC’s 2012 lineup. I’d think a true AIC fan would know that. Right?


    @Jeff,you need to stop judging them on how they look,
    loads of people still love this band as in they did in the 90s,

  • Dennis



  • Lennart

    what the hell Jeff?

  • Andrei

    Fuck off, Jeff

    Go listen to some King Animal, you fucking prick.

  • kingchaz

    ^^^ Haha… A rip-off of a rip-off!

    That’s like Inception-style jacking… Rap artists get penis envy from that.

  • Embarassed AICFAN

    Jerry, please go back to solo. This DuVall guy is a toolbag. This is just so sad. This is like but hole surfing.

  • Jeff

    Everyone here should go suck Jerry’s taint, which is what you want to do. This band is total shit now and nothing without Staley. Again, I say thank GOD he’s not alive to see this tragedy. Puke.

  • Dan

    @ Jeff I’ve loved that band for almost 20 years. I think Layne was amazing and hate that he’s gone. BUT…I’m so glad Jerry, Sean, and Mike decided to carry it on. Even if BGWTB doesn’t live up to facelift, dirt, jar, or tripod – it sure beats any other crap that’s out there today

  • Jeff

    and Magic Mike – I will pray for your retardation at not recognizing sarcasm. This band is a fucking joke now. Let a sleeping dog lie, man. And what’s even more pathetic is that they tune the vocals to try and sound like Staley. Go listen to Dirt and remember what good music is. Maybe if Cornell pisses on this guitar, Jerry will get a decent amount for his guitar. What a bunch of old cunts.

  • Jeff

    @Dan, I saw them live several times. This is a fucking joke of a band now. Why try to resurrect something that was great back in the day but is now unworthy of the name.

  • Jeff

    Also, mark my words, if Sean and Mike2 due and Jerry is the only guy left, he will still put together a band and try to trade on the name AIC to make money. Just call it the Cantrell Four or some shit like that. Alice was Layne’s name anyway.

  • Jeff

    due = die if Sean and Mike2 die.



  • Allura Music

    What is with all the AIC hate all of a sudden. When BGWTB was out, everyone was cool with it and gave AIC great reviews.
    Now all of a sudden they Suck now? What happened to between 2009 and now? Could a (SENSIBLE) person please explain to me what is REALLY going on?
    Now I don’t want the Bullshit, I need only someone with common sense to respond to me…………

  • Spoonman

    i love aic. love duvall. hate jerry’s solo work and BGWTB is HIGHLY overrated

  • GenXLady

    @Jeff-I am not usually so blunt but…

    Suck it!

  • Raj

    @Jeff, Jerry Cantrell wrote most of the songs and sang on nearly all of them. While Layne may have been the heart and soul of the band, Jerry was the brains.

    If AC/DC went on without Bon Scott, so can AIC. They aren’t going to listen to some guy behind a keyboard.

  • GwynnKatie


    Did you change your name to Jeff?

    “Also, mark my words, if Sean and Mike2 die and Jerry is the only guy left, he will still put together a band and try to trade on the name AIC to make money. Just call it the Cantrell Four or some shit like that. Alice was Layne’s name anyway.”

    Honey – ^ *that* has Allie’s venom dripping from every corner.

    Yeah — they’re soooooooo fucking awful.
    I mean — donating a signed guitar for charity!!!
    Oh and that Fantasy Football League!!!
    Sweet Jesus!!! MORE Charity.
    And that HORRIBLE Jerry Cantrell – I mean donating his personal time to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital!
    I mean — the fucking NERVE of that asshole!!!

    You want some *old cunts*?
    Try The Rolling Stones
    Or Led Zeppelin.
    Keith Richards – Death Chewin’ on a Fuckin’ Cracker Man…
    But hey – They still fucking ROCK.

    Even Lemmy gets juiced right before he hits the stage…
    And he still blows the crowds away.

    What is it with people like you and *Ageism*
    They’re 46 years old for God’s sakes…

    They don’t *tune the vocals* to sound like Layne.
    They make the harmonies because that’s WHAT THEY DO.
    So did Layne. It was – and still is the hallmark of AIC’s music.
    Dark, melodic hard metal — swirling, smashing…
    floating, haunting perfect harmony.

    They All picked Will together.
    Because Will can harmonize with Jerry.

    No he’s not Layne Thomas Staley.

    Oh — so you’ve seen them a few times?
    Yeah dude – so have I. So have my kids.
    And they get better every time we see them.
    I can only pray that they come back next time.

    And trust me when I tell you insect — this is a BAD recording…
    That whole mother fucking audience was WAILING. THE WHOLE SHOW.
    And unlike other bands [Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, (and yes — I’ve been there when this happened…) where the lead singer stops the audience from singing or gets irritated by us singing back en masse] – the guys LOVE IT. They encourage it.

    Yeah. They’re different. The music is from 2009, not 1992.
    It’s changed. MUSIC GROWS. IT EVOLVES.
    This is exactly the shit John Lennon hated after the Beatles broke up.
    He CHANGED. He was sick of everyone beggin him to play “And I Love Her”. He changed. Instant Karma. No wait — you’re too fucking young to remember that.

    A lot of bands whine about playing the old stuff.
    I bet it gets fucking tedious as hell.
    But AIC?
    They play the old hits because they WANT to please their fan base.

    You want to pick on an *Old Cunt*???
    Pick on ME.
    I’m 54, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve done a lot, I really, really don’t give a rat’s ass what you say about me or mine, and mouthy little fools like you remind me of a 27 hour old fly… slowly flitting about a crowded room… right before it lights.
    And my cat eats you.

    I only wish I had a rolled up fucking newspaper.

    Goddamnit – I HATE becoming angry.

    Hey – Jeffallie…

    Go Away. No one wants you here.


  • Jeff

    GK, I don’t know who Allie is, I can send you a pic of my set if you’d like to see it. I got no problem with your age. I’m 45, so calm your tits honey. Those guys were my age when they were doing their thing and I lived in Kingsgate. I was THERE for the whole thing. Saw the grunge in bloom, if you will.

    The rest of you ask yourselves, why do I care so much what some dude on the internet wrote? Clearly I don’t care when you cry about me being a douche, so just get to the point of your post. I can assure you that I know more about AIC and have seen AIC more times than any of you lot.

    The basis for comparison is the live shows. Layne stood at that mic, tall and shaking his head side to side and screaming without any effort and just looked and sounded cool. Jerry backed him up (i don’t give a fuck who wrote the lyrics) and everyone was mesmerized by Staley. I shit you not, Staley had the stage presence and he MADE the band. Plus, he had balls. He sang about his own addictions and let himself be seen in a bad light to keep others from trying it. He interacted with fans and he was just a bad ass. He was always my favorite, although I loved Cobain, too. I think I would’ve loved Andy Wood too if he’d lived and there Jerry wrote a song about him and immortalized him. That was the band that rocked.

    Now, I’ve seen them live with their current set up, too. I see that shit William Duvall running around the stage and cheesing up while singing the lyrics to Angry Chair “serenity is far away” while bouncing around like an idiot. He doesn’t get it. Heroin’s not the drug of choice like it used to be. Now people want uppers and meth and coke. See, it’s just different times. So my point is this, the band was so great and on top of the world in the 90’s. It’s been 20 years since Facelift and now it’s been dug up and spit shined and it just ain’t working for me. Seeing them live singing about problems they had when they were in their 20s and how life was then is not translating now. The live shows were such a disappointment to me and William is a poor fit. Almost everyone who is my age who lived through those times feels the same way. If you’re going to resurrect something, it needs to come back with a fury and a demand for it. Neither is present. If Jerry still wants to play songs, then get some people together and make another band. Leave the words “Alice in Chains” alone. People are shy to speak up about feeling this way since they’re ripped up by other internet users buy I don’t care about it. Who cares, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I just happen to know mine is right.

    Bottom line, there was so much tragedy with that band and the grunge movement. We lost Staley, Cobain, Wood, Baker Saunders, Hoon, Mia Zapata, all of them are gone. And I cried my tears as a grown man over their deaths like everyone else here did.

    My point is, they don’t look good up there singing about old stuff anymore. They’re older guys, they don’t do drugs, they’ve lost their best singer, why not close that chapter. They ought to retire the name Alice in Chains out of respect for Layne and now Starr. I cannot tell you how many of us out here feel the same way. It’s tragic. Jerry, man, let it go and start your own band again.

  • mc

    King Animal – Highly Overrated!!

  • GwynnKatie


    Well if it took me going off and losing my shit full force with an Irish redhead’s temper for you to logically state your reasons why you so highly dislike the current lineup of Alice In Chains – then so be it.

    See, what you wrote @ 4:37am (whatever timezone) was for the most part concise and you stated your reasons for disliking the current band. I do not agree with you – but that is the beauty of it. We can agree to disagree, a balance of opinion. You no longer resemble an irritating bloated little fly – buzzing around everyone’s face, just begging to be squashed and silenced. Now you appear to be someone with an opinion, an organized opinion. Not an opinion that many here on the AIC tab of agree with – but your opinion nonetheless…

    Your earlier posts came across like a 15 year old internet troll. When Brett & Co. started this site if everyone who came here had loathed every band on the roster, this site might not be here anymore. Folks would have arrived, spewed their hatred, and eventually moved on.

    People come here because it’s a fan site. They want the news of their favorite and/or beloved bands. So when you attack with hatred and a mean spirit to people who really love AIC – then you’re gonna get told to go fuck yourself.

    Walk into a biker bar, immediately insult the MC — well good luck walking out unscathed…

    Music has this strange particular power. I believe it touches people’s souls, on a genetic and cellular level.

    ^This is only my opinion.

    Layne Staley was and is one of the greatest rock lead singers in the history of the genre. He had an unbelievable range – from tenor to baritone, and an ethereal gift of sensitivity, tone and harmonic understanding which will never be matched. Perhaps that is why so many people react with such emotional force to any mention of him. It still hurts – the loss. His addiction took him away, and it is what it is.

    But Jer and the guys have every right to continue their craft – to earn their collective living. You may not like them now, but plenty of folks do Jeff. Evidence: Grammy nominations, CD sales, and word-wide concert bookings. If they monumentally sucked they would not be in this business anymore. Trust me. Music touches the soul, but it’s a cold-hard calculated business which is all about the money.

    No fans, no CD sales, and concert bookings which dwindle to occasional nightclub and fairground gigs equals no career.

    And if the band’s name was copyright/ASCAP protected I believe we might have already read/heard something in the media by now about a lawsuit.

    And really, how does anyone know that perhaps sometime between the Unplugged gig and those final shows with KISS that Layne and the guys/Layne and Jerry didn’t discuss the band’s demise, his continually banging smack, and what to do/how to proceed if he was gone?

    Have you ever thought of that possibility?

    None of us know that. None of us ever will. I for one thank The Universe every day that Jerry, Sean and Mike decided to go on.

    Losing Layne was bad enough – it broke my heart.
    Losing Alice in Chains would have been too much to take.

    Oh – and your opinion isn’t *right*, just like my opinion isn’t *right*.
    It is only an opinion.


  • Jeff

    ha, well I’ve learned a thing or two about women. When they get mad, it’s best to let em blow off their steam and try to keep em happy. I wouldn’t mind a little fiery redhead Irish woman in my life. I consider myself chastised. But, still think AIC is shit without Layne.

  • kingchaz

    Did nobody see my post?

  • Allura Music

    First of all who the fuck is Allie???????

    And why did I think I would get a sane response from any of you guys, a bunch of Dickhead Douchebags.

    Brett B, you are okay with me! Most everyone else are worthless POS’s.

  • Allura Music

    And that last comment did not apply to you either Magic Mike. You are also Cool with me. 😉

  • Jeff

    kingchaz – I saw it. Well done.

  • Raj

    @Jeff, seeing old AIC live doesn’t qualify anyone as an expert. Duvall has a different personality, so I don’t think he is cheesing up the lyrics. He’s not going to sing Angry Chair with the same pain Layne had because he hasn’t gone through it. He’s a guy who always tries to engage the audience and has a more outgoing personality.

  • GenXLady

    @Jeff-I agree that the way you later explained your opinion is way easier to understand and digest than a few sentence long dig statements. I may not agree with you, but respect your opinion just the same.

    Thanks to you and GwynnKatie for some interesting dialogue to read. It evolved into a cool exchange of opinions. Too bad there’s not more of that on here.

  • GwynnKatie

    @Raj: What you said about Will. Yes – exactly. He is very outgoing.

    @ Jeff: My intent was not to chastise you. I simply wanted to pull those reasons out of you. By Kingsgate you mean Kingsgate WA – yes? You were truly blessed to have seen them play when Layne was alive.
    All I have is YouTube and my video DVDs. That blows. But better than nothing at all.

    I never got to see AIC in the 90’s. I’ll never get over that but I was with two different drug addict loser husbands and the money had to be spent to support my two kids. I chose my children over buying a concert ticket & travel money ’cause they came mainly to Charlotte, Raleigh, & Greenville SC (<~~~ A LOT). I apologize, I know TMI but it's the truth. So many friends have said WTF?? You didn't SEE THEM in the 90's?!!! — WTF was WRONG with you? My mistakes cost me the chances to see them play live 20 years ago…

    @ GenXLady: Thanks, I appreciate you. I believe you get it. I just feel bad sometimes because my posts are so long. Really bad actually.

    @ Allura: Look for her name in the threads
    She speaks in veiled conspiracy theory language and alludes to plots against Layne.

    @Jeff –
    ^ seventh post down — was that you? (31 August 2012 at 8:12am)
    😀 I mean, can tww people have the exact SN here?

    The guys do a LOT of Charity work. They don't have to — but they do.
    I think that speaks volumes.

    AIC Forever

  • lilrockable

    I’m very curious as to what the follow up will sound like. I really hope it gets released soon because its already going to be four years since BGWTB came out

  • AlluraMusic

    GwynnKatie: FUCK OFF!

    I have been an AIC fan since Day 1, and I was madly In Love with Layne Staley, and when I watch classic videos of AIC, I am still in awe of him, so you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

    You know nothing about me. AIC, SG, and Pearl Jam are three of my favorite bands, and no matter how many line-up changes they may do, I will remain a true fan.

    As far as your conspiracy shit, you watch wayyy too much FOX news, cause you are totally clueless.


  • GwynnKatie

    ^^^OOOOOOooook… So that made totally no sense whatsoever.

    You did ask:
    “First of all who the fuck is Allie???????” Did you not?

    I gave you links to point you in her direction.

    Of course I know nothing about you dear.
    You are a name on the internet.

    If you had bothered to read even one post I have made on this site regarding Alice In Chains which wasn’t a direct response —
    you would know how much of a fan I am.

    No dear it’s *Allie* who is runnin’ with the conspiracy mind-set.
    I live on Planet Earth.
    And I never, and I mean ever watch news on television.
    Too much bias.

    AIC Forever

  • GwynnKatie

    kingchaz said:

    Did nobody see my post?

    Yes I did. And it took me three days to figure it out but when I did…
    I laughed my arse off.

    I mean – initially it went …swish…
    Right over my head.

    Speaking of Charity does anyone remember when Sean initially got the guys together to do the Tsunami Benefit?
    Just curious.


  • Jeff

    GwynnKate – yes, Kingsgate, WA. Yeah it was amazing then, we all knew those bands were going to go far. But, back then, I could never have imagined what happened to Layne. He was so talented and had energy and the most incredible stage presence. To think of him down to 86 pounds and full of puncture wounds when he was found still kills me. Also, the Jeff who posted that is definitely not me. It’s a pretty common name.

    Raj – Seeing them live absolutely gives me an advantage when comparing the two. I don’t care for Duvall. He’s not a good fit.

  • GwynnKatie

    Jeff —

    Oh yes. His stage presence just glows and electrifies in any videotaped performance. Even on the Unplugged DVD his voice is phenomenal — even if his poor body was beginning to show the signs of the ravages of the drug use.

    I envy you. I can’t imagine the energy sparking throughout that particular time in History in Seattle. I mean – being able to see all of them — all of the bands…play… LIVE! In small local clubs @ the beginning – and then in the Famous large venues after they made it big in the Music Industry.

    I lived in Corvallis OR for ~2 1/2 years, from 11/00 to 01/03. I adore the PNW. One time when my son came o visit we actually went out of our way taking him back to Sea-Tac to go to Point Defiance in Tacoma and we found the *Soundgarden*. Synchronicity. I still have a small white polished rock I picked out of the Puget Sound. TMI again and def not on topic but… I love it there. I love the PNW almost as much as I love it here in WNC.

    Jeff, I don’t think many of us could have imagined what would have happened to Layne early on. I was 34 years old in 1992, hell when I saw *Them Bones* on MTV and was enthralled – I kept wondering why the lead singer was so thin, pale. I just thought he was really skinny. Never in a million years would I have thought it was Heroin.

    This video reminds me of your time… and of what once was.
    He was the best ever… Best lead singer there ever was. But his destiny and his initial choice to use took him away from us Jeff.

    He’s so funny and spot on – the joke about the snow…
    His emotion and determination to get it *just right* shines…
    The power of his voice shines through the graininess of the video.
    I get goosebumps every tine I watch this. And every time I cry.
    ^ Woman.

    I respect your feelings about Will. I suppose had I lived your life I might feel quite different today. But you see – I had to choose my kids over concert tickets. So I never experienced what you did.

    Like I said before and not to be freaking redundant because I KNOW this post is already to fucking long…

    Losing Layne was bad enough – it broke my heart.
    Losing Alice in Chains would have been too much to take.

    ^^^ *That* is why I embrace and accept Will. I like his energy, I love the new music mixed with the old, I’ve met him in person and he was very polite and sweet to my 14 year-old daughter at a time when he didn’t have to be… You know what he whispered to her?
    “Lean in closer to me Hannah — like you like me…”
    ^ When taking a photo with her @ the tour bus.

    You know why he said that? He knew what he was up against. It was 2007 and he had already been cyber-crucified and burned alive at the hands of the fans on the AIC message board for over 18 months. Most everyone HATED him. OMG the flame wars! I believe he is very brave and does an admirable job to step into his place. That is just my opinion and feelings of course.

    Oh – and I didn’t think that other Jeff was you or was trying to be a snarky bitch. It’s just that on the Type O Negative message board you can’t have the same SN as someone else – so I was confused – that’s all.

    Keep the AIC news coming Brett and Co.
    I’m a fan and I appreciate your work.
    I really like the variety on this site.

    Thanks for listening Jeff. I really respect your opinion now and I understand your initial rancor. <~~~ See? I makes sense to me now.
    Not that – that mattered anyway. But it was kind of you to respond.
    And I appreciate that.
    Positive energy spreads… like ripples in a large pond.

    AIC Forever

  • GwynnKatie

    lilrockable said:

    I’m very curious as to what the follow up will sound like. I really hope it gets released soon…


  • ILoveLayne

    This whole thread was quite an interesting read. What strikes me is that your love of Layne really is behind everyone’s post.

  • GwynnKatie

    ILoveLayne said:
    This whole thread was quite an interesting read. What strikes me is that your love of Layne really is behind everyone’s post.

    ^Yep. The problems start when anyone mentions William DuVall. There seem to be two distinct sides – those who like him and are willing to accept him in the band since Layne is in The Summerlands, and those who wish Alice In Chains had never replaced Layne Staley, or continued with the original band name.

    I am sure there are some folks in the middle ground – but for the most part peoples feelings/opinions are pretty polarized about this issue.

    It is an affirmation to Layne’s status as one of the most gifted rock lead singers of all time.

    I don’t remember people getting so upset when Bon Scott passed, or when Randy Castillo passed, or when Randy Rhoades passed. All three passed in equally horrific ways. Bon literally freezing to death after passing out in a car from excessive alcohol consumption, Randy from cancer, and Randy Rhoades in an airplane crash.

    Perhaps it is the internet. Perhaps people were upset when each of these men were replaced – but there was no world-wide web. No central place to connect and basically share you opinions and feelings about something immediately. But see? Randy C. passed in 2002, so that wouldn’t count. I for one was really despondent when he passed.


  • AliceNCantrell

    So much VERBAGE! If you like em….LISTEN!!! If you dont….DONT!!!


    layne is rolling in his grave. you fucks. betrayers.

    do you need proof? it’s about to happen. FOOLS.

    fema camps for the stupid. YAY!