Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall posted the first photo from the recording sessions of Alice In Chains’ fifth studio album on Facebook with the caption ‘Confession time.’  It is unknown how long the band have been recording, but they were writing as far back as last year.  Jerry Cantrell though had to have surgery which pushed recording back.

Alice In Chains released their most recent album Black Gives Way to Blue three years ago, their first with William DuVall. The band have performed live once this year, a short acoustic set on May 31, 2012 in Los Angeles at the MAP Awards show that honored Jerry Cantrell.

  • SuperUnknown

    Can’t wait for this shit. I’m so glad SoundGarden and AIC are still making music.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    please early 2013!!

  • PiE

    unless Billy Corgan confirms, i’m not buying it

  • indra

    Cantrell: ditto @SuperUnknown

  • Kris

    Great news! Hope it’s early next year but AIC generally tends to take a while …

  • richard

    there is a god!

  • Jeff

    Excellent news ! I think Duvall makes the job and I do not understand criticism toward him. Of course Layne is missing but after all…(“your decision”).
    AIC must go on.

  • MindRiot132

    @ PiE, hahaha

  • King Cornell

    Can’t wait. I really hope they don’t fall into the loudness war trap again. I’d love to see the band experiment with some dark and atmospheric tones akin to some stuff on Tripod and maybe even Sap. BGWTB was amazing and I’m not putting it down, but I have confidence Jerry will push the envelope on this one and reestablish AiC’s knack for doing stuff no one else could think of.

  • cosmicatomic

    Duvall gets the job done and I like BGWTB. I will say, I think Duvall is much, much better in a small venue vs a larger venue. He tries way too hard in a bigger venue and it doesn’t fit with AIC.

    I’m fucking thrilled for new SG and new AIC albums.

  • Jarofchains


  • Dennis


    Great news to help me through a work day where half the office is gone.

    I’m with @Pie.
    Can’t wait for the “They are only doing this to money grab” comment from Billy Blowhard.

  • SuperSG

    My 2 favorite Bands making New Albums!!!! Thank you God, Yaweh, Jesus, Eywa, Jehovah, Joseph, Mary, Luke Peter John James…hell even thank Judas! (he WAS a disciple of Christ)… Whoooohoooo! I love Duvalls voice and find that Layne would be proud.

  • louderthanshit333

    Fantastic, fantastic news.

    Lets just hope this takes less time than King Animal.

  • More Duvall!

    I wasn’t exactly overjoyed to hear they’d be keeping the AIC name with DuVall when I first heard it, but whatever.

    My one criticism of BGWTB is that there was too much Cantrell and not enough DuVall. If he’s taking over lead singer duties, give him the same amount of singing Layne had. (60% Duv\Vall/ 40% Cantrell)

    By now, you’ve got me wrong. I have no problem with Cantrell whatsoever (his contribution to AIC and his solo albums are legendary), but that’s kind of what their last album sounded like, a Cantrell solo album with guest appearance by Duvall.

    Give the man more mic time.

  • Grungy

    Duvall will get more time now. He has the pipes to make some powerful songs.
    Jerry will let him loose. A more darker harder album is what they are working on.

  • Sean

    Very happy they’re making a new album,. I agree with the last two comments. I want more DuVall on this album. Seen him live twice w/ AIC and the man can sing.

  • Kris

    See I kinda like the fact that Jerry does a little more of the vocals. I guess it’s more nostalgic in a sense to me. But either way, I’m just looking forward to their new stuff.

  • Deviate

    Great news.

    I also think DuVall does a great job, and should have a little more mic time. I think it would allow for AIC to be more clearly distinguished from Jerry’s solo work.

    There’s always going to be the criticism. Sure DuVall isn’t Layne, but he isn’t trying to be Layne. He’s being himself and I think it meshes well with the bands sound. And his vocal harmonies with Jerry work quite well.

  • Electric Fun

    Duvall can sing but gotta love Cantrell’s growl haha

  • Craigory52

    This is excellent news! Black Gives Way To Blue was excellent and my second favorite album below their self-titled. I’m sure this album will be even better. Can’t wait to hear it! At least we will have Soundgarden to hold us over.

  • Craigory52

    And yes, I hope Duvall gets more vocal time but hey I’ve always enjoyed Jerry as a vocalist anyways. I would like to hear a little more Duvall solo like how he took lead in during the verses of “Last Of My Kind”.

  • Mawhonic

    DuVall is great in AIC. Everyone needs to quit complaining.
    Jerry knows what he’s doing.

  • Dennis

    Cantrell has a growl? WTF?

  • bon3z

    i’ve heard this album will be deathcore! Imagine… it’s like your best friend starts eating dog feces for some reason.

  • Deviate

    I heard the first two singles are going to be released on 7″ and called “Alpha Punk” and “Coal Mine Fucker”.

  • SuperSG

    Good One! Did Dreux die or something? Have’nt heard from him in a while…maybe all the POLITICS drove him away?

  • sal the iron worker

    glad to hear. gonna be a killer album. black gives way to blue was so good. this should be amazing too. cannot wait for the tour.

  • GenXLady

    Cool. Looking forward to some more AIC!

  • bon3z

    it’s gonna be a rap album i hope, let’s give William a try FFS!

  • SuperSG

    Will it be produced by Timbaland???

  • Staley_Forever

    I am also hoping that the new record will be more dark and brooding. Jerry is a great songwriter and an amazing guitarist so I am quite confident that this new album will have a few surprises while still being true to Alice’s signature sound. William will no doubt have a larger role vocally on this record and I also hope they throw an instrumental track on there as well. R.I.P Layne!!!

  • jarofchains

    Are they working with the same producer as BGWTB?

  • Pete

    Great news. IMO A Looking in View is right up there with the best classic AIC stuff

  • chicago_animal

    AWESOME! One of my most anticipated albums.

  • Dreux

    Actually, SuperSG, I was driven away by this real dickhead by the name of Isaac. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Anyway, this is great news. Am definitely looking forward to this.

  • SuperSG

    a bunch of banishments have occured in your absence my cajun friend. Mayan is still here, he isnt so bad anymore. There was this CornellSTFU idiot…jeezus that guy was close-minded…fucking idiot that guy was.

  • Electric Fun

    hey dennis and you too bon3z have you heard “a looking in view”?


  • Electric Fun

    jerry yelled a little bit in that song which was growling… well for me he did. turds.

  • DuVall Fan90

    Well, there are a few of us who are actually huge DuVall fans. I’m pretty ecstatic about the new album, (Okay maybe more than ecstatic.) I guess I try to understand all the Layne stuff (may that beautiful soul rest in peace), but as DuVall’s number one fan, I say I’d be upset if someone stepped into his shoes if something were to happen to him, so I get where the anger toward him comes from. However, I’m extremely happy to see that a lot of people have accepted him. He’s incredibly talented, seems very classy, and has wicked, wicked pipes. I’m very happy for William and all his success. I think if anyone deserves this kind of success, in my opinion, it’s DuVall. With that said, I’m with everyone else, I think Jerry was just trying to ease him in and hopefully William will get more vocals on this album. However, I’m just beyond thrilled that they’re making another album with William!
    One last thing, Layne was incredible and no one will replace him.
    But DuVall is also incredible and he too is irreplaceable.

  • Zach

    Its so great to hear this. And come to think of it, us fans of “grunge” are pretty fortunate. Look at all the bands still making music and touring. PJ, Soundgarden, AIC just to name the main ones.

  • ILoveLayne

    Still hard for me to listen to AIC without Layne. Feels wrong in a way. But I do think DuVall has a great voice.

  • Jenna

    I don’t mind waiting on the new AIC album. I respect the fact that they take their time. While others are busy putting out albums or solo albums about every year, get our hopes up and disappoint. AIC have less albums overall compared to other bands but their albums are good front to back. You can only say that about a few bands in the history of rock music.

  • Kingchaz

    Bring it on.

    Add “Tongue Tied” and “Monster.”

  • Pedro

    Man, talk about awesome news. It’s so good they are making a new album, I loved BGWTB. DuVall is really great, I don’t think there’s a single soul alive that could sing with Jerry better than him. Maybe Maynard, but they are both equally on top of the list.


  • Scott McLean

    Cool! I’m getting very excited about another AiC album and William is a great singer and the best I’ve seen Live based on the YouTube videos, because unfortunately I missed them when they were over this way.

  • GwynnKatie

    LOL! 😀

    And here I was… so hoping to see a photo of the guys in the studio, working away and growing their beards.

    Very Funny Will.

    Can’t wait until the new record drops and the tour begins.
    Best news all week guys!

    Oh – – and… Will?

    Make sure the AIC crew and All Of Them Witches give you something yummy with 45 candles burning tomorrow.

    Happy BD 09/06 & Have a Blessed Year

  • Inchains

    Can’t wait for the new album, No one will ever mimic AIC sound.