frauleinkill of the forums translated a quote from Alain Johannes in a recent interview he did on a Swedish website.

“Working with Mark Lanegan is a piece of cake. He comes by, lay down a track with acoustic guitar and slush singing, go out, comes back 3 hours later when I’ve recorded some of the instruments, record the lead vocal, we mix it and 20 minutes later we go on to the next song. You don’t see that very often! When he opens his mouth you almost forget what you’re doing because the tone in his voice is so amazing. It’s the same with Gwen Stefani.”

Johannes has had an affiliation with many Grunge musicians for many years now, including Lanegan on Bubblegum in 2004.  He was recently was the touring guitarist for Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and he also worked on Chris Cornell’s classic debut solo album Euphoria Morning.  Alain and his Eleven bandmate/wife, the late Natasha Shneider, also did a funny interview with Soundgarden for their Down on the Upside EPK in 1996.

Last year he released his debut solo album Spark as a tribute to Natasha Shneider.

  • Riley R

    The Gwen Steffani part kinda threw me off…

    Mark can not be compared to be her

  • Guy

    Yeah that was kind of weird. Album sounds good.