AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Takes Piggyback Ride After Court Hearing

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd recently appeared in court to face charges of threatening murder, along with possessing meth and marijuana. Rudd called the charges ‘bullshit’ when leaving the court room, and said he had nothing to say to his fans. He then took a piggyback ride to his car.

In a recent piece with with The Daily Mail Australia, various prostitutes have come forward and revealed forward to describe bizarre encounters with AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd.

One prostitute said that Rudd likes group sex, asks prostitutes to call him ‘babe’, doesn’t like wearing condoms, paying on time – or sex workers playing with his pet dog and another one recalls that she had visited Rudd’s house and boat a couple of times. However they spent the night together without having sex.

>’I’ve been there at night right through until the following day,’ she said. ‘I’m a mature lady and he wanted me to join in with the other girls. I just said no. I’m not into doing anything with other women. He wanted me to. What I didn’t like about him is he doesn’t want to use condoms. It’s illegal for one thing, I wouldn’t have sex without it. The amount of women he has been with, it’s pretty risky.’

One other prostitute had harsh words for Rudd: ‘I would never go there again even if you paid me a million dollars a week. He’s constantly got a girl, maybe even five. He is a sick bastard, trying to keep up with his image.’