A Light Within Releases Second EP ‘Body Matter’

Previously featured on our Modern Artists Showcase Volume 23, A Light Within is a post-metal group consisting of vocalist/keyboardist Kyle Brandt, guitarist Jeff Irvine, bassist Andy Schiller, guitarist Josh Bennett, and drummer Nick Sloan. The band released their debut EP, Preface, in 2013 and have just recently followed up with the Body Matter EP via Static Tensions Recordings. The material was mixed by Molitoth and mastered by Nick Zampiello and New Alliance East.

Similar to the dynamics of Deftones’ more experimental works, Neurosis’ subtle diversity, or Isis’ evolving soundscapes, this release undeniably expands the horizon of the already vast genre. The unpredictability lays in Brandt’s vocals which reaches the bass-baritone level of Type O Negative’s infamous Peter Steele before heading back to a proggy-alternative scowl and everything in between. A Light Within’s Body Matter truly possesses alluring and expansive qualities spread across six solid tracks.