311’s Nick Hexum Talks Box Set, Importance Of Bad Brains

In recent interview that yours truly did with 311‘s Nick Hexum for Songfacts, the singer talked about his band’s new box set, which collects 81 rare and/or unreleased tracks over 4 discs.

Songfacts: How did the idea to do the Archive box set come up at this point?

Nick Hexum: A couple of years ago, we realized, “We’ve got a 25 year anniversary coming up, and that’s not something a lot of bands make it to. And we have a lot of rarities and cool stuff in the vault that our fans would like to hear – let’s do a box set.” For the first year, it was just kind of talking about a concept, and then we realized, “It’s time to kick it into high gear.” Chad Sexton, our drummer, is kind of the band archivist, and he really spearheaded getting everything together to be sorted through and remastered. It was a big job, but a labor of love, and I think it turned out really cool.

He also discussed the importance and influence of the great Bad Brains on the music of 311:

Songfacts: And before, you mentioned HR. What about the Bad Brains?

Nick: Man, that was a band that just really blew our minds and really inspired us to make extremely high-energy and heavy music, but also, very melodic. It was unique and on the verge of chaos most of time, spilling over into chaos and disarray. So we’ve had many opportunities to meet those guys and just thank them.

Read the entire interview right here.

Photo by Brian Bowen.

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