Album Review: Motorhead’s ‘Bad Magic’

Motorhead is a legendary outfit which needs no intro. Being one of the first bands to fuse metal and punk, vocalist/bassist Lemmy and co. paved the way for metal’s more extreme subgenres but at the same time demonstrate a lot of influence from old time rock’n’roll and blues. The band has over 20 albums that, for the most part, are very consistent and more often than not are of high quality.   

Coming off the heels of 2013’s classic Aftershock and several health-mandated life changes for Lemmy (I.E. smoking and drinking, something that worried many fans as Lemmy’s life style seemed to fuel Motorheads music), doubt was in the air as to the band’s continued success. The band would then clear it out that everyone’s favorite frontman was doing better and will continue fronting this legendary band. 

Fortunately, this life change has not hurt Lemmy’s signature voice or this record whatsoever, and Bad Magic tops Aftershock. Yes, this is a band that normally sticks to the same style, but this album’s songwriting and hooks make it one of the band’s best recent efforts.

Some of the highlights from this album include the opening track, “Victory or Death” which starts out with Lemmy screaming the title before going into some excellent bass and guitar work. “Electricity” and “Shoot Out All Your Lights” are both classic style heavy metal tracks the band has been praised for.

The song “Evil Eye” is filled to the brim with awesome drum work from Mikey Dee. Then we have the blues rock-charged track “Fire Storm Hotel”, showcasing Lemmy’s love for 50’s rock’n’roll and 40’s twelve bar blues.

The final track of the album is a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Sympathy for the Devil”. This version is one of the song’s best covers because the band makes it their own and Lemmy does not try to sound like Jagger.

Overall, the production is spot on giving the album a live feel. While this isn’t going to top the classics like Ace of Spades or Overkill, Bad Magic is still a very solid release that shows Motorhead is here to stay and is essentially a compilation of the band’s best ideas.


Chris Cornell Talks Layne Staley’s Reaction To Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

In the upcoming issue of Australia’s Rolling Stone, Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell discusses his friends who have passed away.

“I’ve lost a lot of young, brilliant friends.” Cornell listed them, “Andy Wood and Layne [Staley] and Jeff Buckley, who was a good friend, and Kurt [Cobain], and Shannon Hoon [of Blind Melon] was a friend, and Mike Starr [Alice In Chains] was a friend.”

Cornell later talked about the inspiration he drew from for his new album Higher Truth, and how it isn’t a record he could have made when he was younger, and how his friends are affecting his music today. He talked about wondering what his friends would be doing today if they were still alive. “But it’s really bittersweet because I can’t help but think, what would Jeff be doing right now, what would Kurt be doing right now, what would Andy be doing? Something amazing.”

Cornell also talked about Layne Staley’s reaction to Andrew Wood and Kurt Cobain’s deaths. He remembered “seeing how Layne reacted to Andy dying [from] drugs, and I think that he was scared possibly. And I think he also reacted the same way when Kurt shot himself. They were really good friends. And yet it didn’t stop him.”

You can view Cornell’s Australia Rolling Stone cover below.


Chris Cornell discussed fronting Mad Season for their January 2015 Sonic Evolution concert in a new interview with Radio 929. Cornell praised the show, but downplayed rumors of a full fledged reunion.

“Well, that’s not something we ever really talked about, but I can say that I really enjoyed being on stage with those guys, and it was kind of a shock to be standing there…I was trying to remember the songs and trying to sing them well and sort of do right by the history of it, and once I was on stage and we were doing it, then it kind of hit me, I’m standing here with these guys, all of which I’ve known for years and years and been friends with but had never been on stage with them like that. It was pretty great. It was pretty moving.”

Dave Grohl Cries, Remembers Nirvana Shows

Dave Grohl discussed Nirvana’s history in Chicago, what Chicago means to him musically, and not wanting to cry at Foo Fighters’ show at Wrigley Field over the weekend.

“Let me tell you something, tonight is much more than just a Foo Fighters [concert]. Don’t get me all choked up, because I will fuckin’ go there if you want me to. No no no, no no no, I don’t want to be the crying guy on YouTube tomorrow morning! But I will say, I’ve been coming to this city for a long fucking time.”

Grohl then got nostalgic, “Some people got to see the Foo Fighters at the Metro, a long time ago. Some people got to see Nirvana at the Aragon Ballroom, you probably saw that shit. How many people saw Nirvana at the Metro?”

After discussing Chicago’s importance to him musically, he discussed his broken leg and the medication he was given. He told fans, “Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs, because you’ll end up fucking headlining Wrigley [Field].”

While Grohl pledged not to cry, he did tear up at one point during the show, as seen in the photo above. Watch video below of Grohl discussing Chicago, Nirvana, and more.

Guns N’ Roses Reunion Could Take ‘100 Lawyers’

Soundwave Festival promoter AJ Maddah discussed the rumored reunion of the original Guns N’ Roses lineup in a new Music Feeds article, following the recent reconciliation of Axl Rose and Slash.

“It’s been nice for me personally to share this fantasy for a few days along with the fans, but it is not happening for [next year’s edition of Soundwave].

“I sure hope those guys do get back together again, as there has never been, or, as far as I am concerned, ever will be such a potent force for rock ‘n’ roll than the original GNR in full flight.”

He added, “If [a reunion of the classic lineup of GUNS N’ ROSES] does happen, it is going to take longer than six months for the band to be ready to tour. I think it’ll take a hundred lawyers six months just to get the five of them into a rehearsal room together. But if, by a miracle, it does happen, then, of course, I’ll throw everything I can to be involved and it would be my last act as a promoter, as after that I’ll have nowhere to go!”

James Young, the owner of Melbourne’s rock and roll Cherry Bar, first discussed the Guns N’ Roses Soundwave rumor last month. Young told Triple M Radio on August 21st, as transcribed by Alternative Nation:

“I heard the most amazing rumor this week, from a very well informed heavy hitter in the Australian music industry, giving me the name of the headline act for Soundwave next year. Now we know that a mystery band has come in and saved the festival, and now owns it, so they they are going to have a big say. So what mega band could it be? Well I have heard ‘fantasized’ on Wednesday night that it will be: Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, Slash and Axl Rose, the reformation of the original 1987 Appetite for Destruction Guns N’ Roses lineup, can you believe it? It’s incredible, I’ve had sleepless nights fantasizing about it.”

While this is obviously just a rumor that Soundwave is courting Guns N’ Roses, the timing is interesting since the radio show aired the day before Slash’s interview about Axl Rose came out. Check out our Top 10 Reasons Guns N Roses Will Reunite article from yesterday, which has additional news on why GNR are destined to reunite.

Scott Weiland Meets Disgruntled PledgeMusic Fan

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland tried to make things right with a fan over the weekend in Toronto after his 8 month long PledgeMusic debacle. The fan, Kevin, purchased a $500 signed megaphone during the Blaster PledgeMusic campaign earlier this year, and had to wait months before receiving his memorabilia. Weiland granted Kevin a meet and greet at his show in Toronto, and smoked a cigarette during a photograph. You can view photos from the meet and greet below via Kevin’s Twitter.





Weiland also signed Kevin’s copies of Velvet Revolver’s Contraband, Stone Temple Pilots’ Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop, Stone Temple Pilots’ Core, and Blaster, and allowed Kevin to watch the show from the stage.





Weiland’s new manager Tom Vitorino sent an e-mail to fan who hadn’t received their PledgeMusic items on July 23rd, a few days after he was hired as Lucas Keller’s replacement.

Dear Fans,
My name is Tom Vitorino, of Tom Vitorino Management located in Southern California. I have been brought on board by Scott Weiland to take over all managerial duties.

I have been sorting through this for the last 48 hours, so I am still gathering information, but I felt above all else that I needed to reach out to you.

I can assure you that after my discussions with current and past tour managers for his bands; that the Chinese manufactured brand is correct as per what Scott has widely, but not exclusively used during his career.

These megaphones should have been shipped accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, and a personalized letter of thanks from Scott, suitable for framing. I plan on fulfilling this to each of you by July 31, 2015, as it is an important piece of provenance. The future value of these 27 Megaphones will be assured by Scott Weiland’s legacy, his signature, and the soon to be provided documentation which will clearly state that these were owned by Scott Weiland, autographed by Scott Weiland, and are one of twenty-seven in existence.

I have read your messages posted on Pledge. I fully understand the tone, and I hear your words. Many of you voice that a lack of communication, very slow fulfillment, etc., has created issues where frankly, there should have been none. If you have a concern, or a complaint, I want to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at your convenience. If you want to have a conversation, please send me your phone number, a window of time that best suits your availability, and I will call you.

Scott’s loves his fans. Your devotion is not missed on Scott, he is truly grateful for your loyalty.
This process should have been handled better, and you have my word that it will.

Best regards,

Tom Vitorino Management, Inc.

Tool Make Big Announcement: ‘We’re Selling $200 Blankets’

Tool also have a major announcement: they’re now selling $200 blankets. The new album will have to wait. See the full release from Tool’s website below.

Can I have your full attention please – yes, YOU – checking to see if this is new album news? It’s not, but I am certainly excited to announce that MORE TOOL MULTI-PURPOSE BLANKETS have been produced – 3 DIFFERENT ONES in fact – all in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!

Very limited quantity and availability.

– Individually cut-n-sewn in the USA
– Dimensions 75″ X 75″
– Topside 100% cotton shirts and contrast fabric
– Bottomside Fleece
– Polyester thread & polynylon corner folds
– Reinforced double stitching

Remember, if you want one, don’t procrastinate! Don’t go to the nearest courtesy phone, or wait for a healing thighbone… Don’t look for unreal blue butterfly eyes on a lark, or attempt to grasp the physics of an anti-quark. Don’t go out to get a Thai noodle salad massage, or look for a doghouse with a two-car garage… TIME IS A WASTING… Why are you still reading this? I’m willing to bet you an undertaker’s wart that these new TOOL collectible blankets… go fast!