ghost bc cirice

First single off 'Meliora' album

tool maynard

Maynard roundhouse kick!

thy art is murder

Can't have a metal music video without lots and lots of fire...

Noel Gallagher says he'll only reunite Oasis if he or Liam are broke, and criticizes today's nostalgia/reunion culture and today's lack of great bands.

Creed's Scott Stapp and his wife announce that they are joining a reality show.

Dave Grohl invites young fan on stage, and he tries to STEAL Dave's guitar pick!

Blind Melon to perform classic album live 20 years later.

Chester Bennington reveals why Stone Temple Pilots did not change their name.

Chart debut positions for new Daniel Johns (Australian numbers) and Faith No More albums.

Scott Weiland discusses arena shows paying well and praises Art of Anarchy.


Post-metal pioneers back on the road...

lord dying

Sludgy, sweaty riffs on this one...

Pearl Jam's new concert poster exhibit revealed.

Scott Weiland discusses Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots' impact on the Grunge movement.

Daniel Johns doesn't want to reunite with Silverchair.