Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: January 2015

Happy New Years and welcome to the twenty-ninth version of Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: The Driftwood Sign, Lever, Honeymilk, and No Good Deed. Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature, please email to be considered. For now, here’s some bands that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

ArtemiXiA Cor
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Hailing all the way from Sicily, this trio consists of vocalist Antony Mannon along with brothers guitarist Giuseppe and drummer Valerio Di Giorgi. While only forming 2 years ago, ArtemiXia Cor has already established a solid musical identity for themselves by mixing the psychedelic soulful vibes of the 70’s mixed with the hard rock edge of the 90’s. In 2013, the group released their debut album, As God Intended, via Areasonica Records. Watch the video for “Riding This Wave” below:

Sisters Of…
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Sisters Of… is an instrumental project of immense proportions. With multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker at the helm and a rotating cast of other skilled musicians, the output of this soundscape-creating giant has simply just begun. After the release of the experimental metal EP, Follow Me As A Ghost, Sisters Of… were signed to Crowquill Records for the release of their first full-length album, The Serpent, The Angel, and The Adversary, which is to be released this Spring. Check out recently released single “Annabelle” below:

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Dating all the way back to 1999, Ink is an alternative rock group located in Greece that is still going strong and steady in hopes of gaining mainstream success. The quartet has shared the stage with the likes of The Twilight Singers, God is an Astronaut, as well as landing a spot on Spirit of Burgas Festival with Faith No More, The Crystal Method, Clawfinger, and more. In 2009, they released their debut album, Diary, which held heavy, grunge-inspired tracks: “Welcome,” “Heart Pills,” and “Strange Lullaby.” More recently Ink has revealed a more progressive side with the release of singles “Ophelia” and “Sirens.” Watch the video for “Welcome” below:

Milk White Throat
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Milk White Throat is a prog-metal group located in Brighton, UK. Last year, they released their debut LP, Death of Beauty, a mixture of harsh, in-your-face Pantera screams and heavy, harmonic Mastodon riffage. Overall, the album journeys into post-metal territory by bridging the gap between thrash, sludge, alternative, and jazz. Check out tracks “Of Your Own Volition” and “I’m Not Lost Here” below:


Listen To Periphery’s New Track “Graveless”

Periphery will be releasing their third album, Juggernaut, on January 23rd via Roadrunner Records (Australia), January 26th via Century Media Records (Europe/UK), and January 27th via Sumerian Records/Distort/TripleVision Entertainment (US/Canada/Japan). The double album consists of two sides, “Alpha” and “Omega.” The djent group has just revealed the fourth track off the second disc. You can listen to “Graveless” below. Periphery will also be touring next year in promotion of the LPs alongside openers Nothing More, Wovenwar, and Thank You Scientist. Click here to check out the tour dates.

Kanye West & Paul McCartney Release Collaboration “Only One”

Kanye West has released a new song titled “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney. The track is an autotuned ballad about West’s daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West.

“Kanye really respects music legends and is still putting the finishing touches to his new album,” a source reportedly told The Sun in August. “He has been tapping Macca up for a while about working together.”

“Kanye and Paul have known each other for a long time but became more friendly recently,” the source also said. “There’s every chance they’ll head into the studio together.”

McCartney told GQ in 2012 that he is a fan of Kanye West, “With Kanye, I’m always so excited that he knows who I am and he’s come up. I’m a fan of his. I met him and ‘Jay Zed,’ as we call him, at the Met Ball that Stella was being honoured at. I never know what to say. They were just saying ‘Hey man, you’re really a Knight!’ Their perspective on that, as Americans, as ex-Project guys – for them a knight is like Sir Lancelot. It’s always funny as I’m just Paul, one of the guys.”

Soundgarden & Weezer Members Celebrate New Years

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, Courtney Love, and Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson shared their plans for New Years and New Years messages on Twitter.

Below are Shirley Manson and Courtney Love’s messages.

Courtney Love: I truly was blessed with an incredible 2014, thank you to everyone who was a part of it. Here’s to 2015.

Shirley Manson:
Happy New Year to all you garbage fans out there in the twittersphere. We are honoured to have you.

2015 Preview: New Albums From Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Dave Grohl

Happy New Year! As you nurse your hangover, here is’s preview for what is to come in alternative rock in 2005. This roundtable preview features analysis from reporters Brett Buchanan, Mike Mazzarone, Doug McCausland, Riley Rowe, and Bob Schallau.


Dead Sara – Pleasure To Meet You

Doug: Dead Sara’s second album will hopefully break them into the mainstream. I want a new crop of bands we weren’t expecting like Royal Blood to spring up out of nowhere. Otherwise, 2015 looks incredibly dull.

Brett: I’ve learned it’s tough to predict with bands like Dead Sara if they’ll become an arena act, just because it hasn’t really happened in recent memory for real rock bands outside of The Black Keys. I have high hopes for their next album though.

Doug: I’m interested in how AWOLNATION’s second album will fare. Will it be The Downward Spiral to Megalithic Symphony’s Pretty Hate Machine?

Brett: Did you take Mazzarone’s stupid pills?

Doug: AWOLNATION is a great band. Haters gonna hate.


Tool – Title TBA

Riley: I’m looking forward to new albums by Tool, Deftones, Faith No More, Coal Chamber, and… Limp Bizkit. If (and that’s a big if) we get a Tool album, it should be crazy awesome.

Brett: I’ve predicted a new Tool album in these things every year since I launched the site.

Brett: With Tool, I’m going to predict no new album in hopes of being wrong.

Doug: But will Tool give out free Dr. Peppers? Hey Axl, I’m still thirsty.

Mike: I’d give Taylor Momsen my tool.

Brett: Your best tool is your mouth, and you best save it for when BillCo/WPC/Billy Corgan needs to release the rat in his cage.

Riley: Tool’s last album came out in 2000-fucking-6. That’s like forever ago. I was in sixth grade. It’s due for their album to be released. Apparently the music has be done for awhile and I don’t think Maynard is busy with Puscifer or A Perfect Circle, so he’s bound to be working on Tool material.

Brett: Maynard’s got it made, I’d do the exact same thing as him if I were in his position. Make wine, go on occasional tours, release occasional music, repeat.

Mike: Maybe we’ll get that shock announcement. Stranger things have happen

Brett: Maybe another Apple release like U2. Tool – Songs Lacking Innocence.

Riley: I think we had albums possibly coming from Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, correct? And Day for Night?

Brett: With Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, no way we get both. Maybe Alice In Chains but I’ll bet 2016 for both, if we even get another from Soundgarden.

Mike: Alice In Chains’ last album was shit.

faith no more

Faith No More – Title TBA

Bob: Faith No More and Deftones will happen, we’ll see about the rest. Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward is supposed to have recorded with the Deftones. Rage’s Brad Wilk recorded drums on Black Sabbath’s last album 13 and just toured with The Smashing Pumpkins. Dave Grohl’s new supergroup with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, “Teenage Time Killer,” with Corrosion of Conformity members Reed Mullin and Mike Dean, Black Flag’s Keith Morris, ex-Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri, The Dead Kennedys’ Jello Biafra, Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, and more is the wave of the future. Eventually all rock bands will just make one album together at once. Then we’ll see the next rock platinum album.

Brett: Faith No More should be interesting as they’ve avoided doing new material since their reunion. I actually remember an interview with Mike Patton from 6 or 7 years ago saying he didn’t have interest in going backwards unless they offered a lot of money. Hopefully the fact that they’re finally doing a new album means there’s been some sort of inspiration, though with some of the lackluster efforts from veteran alternative bands, I’ll wait and see.


Teenage Time Killer – Title TBA

Riley: Bob’s right. Teenage Time Killer should be huge.

Doug: I’m getting tired of supergroups.

Brett: Commercially it’ll do well if they focus on marketing the big names like Corey Taylor and Dave Grohl, but what matters is if the songs are there. When it comes to any of these new albums, especially with many of these bands older, I really have no expectations. I just hope somebody releases some good songs never year, I don’t give a shit who it is.

Mike: Of course a lot will be shit but a revolution can happen anytime. It’s not even about a revolution. It’s just about finding good music. New or old. I’d just rather listen to something powerful from an upcoming band then a rehash of the same shit, with less and less passion each release.

Brett: I thought Soundgarden’s King Animal would be great, and I had no fucking clue who Royal Blood were before I heard their record. You just never know where the good music will come from, though there are bands that can have second creative winds like U2, but it’s a rare breed.


Smashing Pumpkins – Day for Night

Bob: Corgan will release his final album, Day For Night. then tour, break up Smashing Pumpkins, do film scores for 6 years, then reform the band again in 2021.

Brett: Reform with who?

Mike: Hobos off the Chicago street

Bob: Billy and a drum machine can get along.

Brett: I thought Monuments had some really good songs and I expect Day for Night to have some more good ones, but what’s more interesting is what’s next for Corgan. I don’t think he’ll ever stop creating art, but I think he may give up on the idea of a ‘big guitar rock band’ after that and do some smaller personal projects for awhile and then eventually come back with Jimmy. With Corgan you never know though, he could just keep the Pumpkins going. But when it comes to stuff like Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, hopefully there’s a few good songs or whatever, but at this point I’ll care when I hear good songs. I think a Cornell solo record will come first, he was working on that in Florida.

Mike: Cornell definitely has more energy in his solo efforts. That’s for sure.

Mike: I read that as Cornell was working on it with Flo Rida. Another Scream would be hilarious.

Brett: The bitch ain’t a part of me, and she hit the flow.


Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts – Blaster

Brett: Also the STP/Weiland camps should have some new music out.

Mike: If the Weiland album ever sees the light of day

Brett: We should take bets on who in the STP/Weiland saga releases new music in 2015.

Mike: STP before Weiland. If any come out.

Mike: I’m not hopeful at all that Scott will get that album out. He’s too unpredictable.

Brett: I think Weiland first, though it’ll probably end up way later than whenever he says. Remember that single that was supposed to come out on November 26th? The Mozilla Firefox song or whatever.

Doug: Mo MO Modzilla.

Bob: With the 90’s era bands there are no real solo breakout stars. I prefer band efforts but don’t think that Chester will continue with STP for more than short stints.

Brett: I think both combined won’t sell anything, hopefully there’s a few good songs in there, but like I said, I don’t really care. I’ll care when there’s songs that make me care. STP will probably continue with Chester as long as they can get some money offers for these festival shows.

Bob: I saw today new Linkin Park videos have like 100 million YouTube views and STP with Chester videos have 40,000 tops. That doesn’t bode well for the STP’s future.

Brett: Like I said in our ‘Is Grunge Relevant?’ article, STP with Chester is just an act that plays the old hits for festivals to keep the money rolling in. They’re four professional, talented musicians, but it’s not STP, and neither is Weiland and the Takeforevertoreleasemyalbumabouts.

Bob: Chester said that LP is his main priority. He’s really a workahaulic to take on both bands.

Brett: They hired him because he’ll sell the occasional tours and festival gigs, but it’s not a full time band any more.

Mike: Maybe in 2015 we will see STP and Scott reconcile.

Brett: I don’t think the money is there to make it happen, the STP brand is damaged goods. It’d take even more money than 2008 to reunite STP, and right now there’s no real demand for anything STP.

Bob: With STP’s history with Scott and the bad blood I don’t see that happening again.

Brett: Anyways moving on from that soap opera, anything else coming out this year?

Mike: Well in every year there is always at least one or two big shock announcement. What does everyone think will be that “massive shock” in 2015

Brett: Scott Weiland betrays his Christmas music background and does a Bar Mitzvah tour.

Bob: Black Sabbath back with Bill Ward would be a nice way to close out their legacy.

Brett: Taylor Momsen does Playboy and Mike Mazzarone dies due to massive loss of bodily fluid.

Mike: Multiple full body orgasms.

Brett: That’s also how ArtistDirect will describe the next STP/Scott Weiland albums.

Mike: I think Oasis will do one cash grab show in 2015.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Title TBA

Brett: I also think the Chili Peppers have a new record out by Christmas. Hopefully it’s got a few good songs at least, maybe with Klinghoffer being in band for a bit now they’ll be more confident.

Bob: I’m looking forward to the Chili Peppers. I think Josh Klinghoffer will come into his own on their next album. The last one was kind of a warm up.

Brett: They need to write the next song that David Duchovny can steal for his next show.

Bob: Discofornication!

Brett: They’re still great live, there’s certain bands like the Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and Pearl Jam where the quality of the new music can be mediocre and it doesn’t matter because the shows are great.

Brett: Also Pearl Jam, I think it’ll be a quiet year. Bad news for the site, I’ll have to camp outside Eddie’s house for headlines. I could see Eddie working on some new music though.

Mike: Even though it could be a quiet year for Pearl Jam we will always have Corgan and Dave Grohl to bail us out.

Bob: I hear that Eddie has a concrete wall in front of his house that some guy crashed into at full speed years ago. Don’t be that guy Brett.

Brett: I just want audio of Eddie taking a shit that I can leak as a Creed reunion song. Speaking of Creed, I think Scott Stapp will expose the government as being run by the Illuminati.

Brett: Then he’ll expose himself.

Brett: Goodnight everybody.

Bob: Happy New Year y’all!

Brett: Remember, if you’re hungover reading this, clicking the ads will make you feel better.

Mike: See you next year Taylor Momsen.

Brett: Is that when the restraining order ends?

Mike: No. That’s 2105.

Riley: I just took a shower. I’m back. What did I miss?

Brett: You missed the finest piece of journalism since Edward R. Murrow.

Bob: What band was Edward in?

Brett: Edward? Van Vedder or Van Halen?

Bob: Murrow?

Brett: Red Scare.

Dave Grohl Talks U2’s Controversial Album Release, Visiting Apple Headquarters

Foo Fighters recently released Sonic Highways the album and TV series, and in a recent interview with Q Magazine, Dave Grohl responded to U2’s own unique releases strategy of Songs of Innocence through Apple’s iTunes with a diplomatic shrug.

“Weeell, I wouldn’t want to judge,” he smiles. “I just saw that as, ‘Oh, of course…’ I don’t think you have to do something like the TV show to make a record. There’s still great records made by people in their living rooms. But I think it’s important to consider moving outside of that and doing more.”

Grohl mentioned that he visited Apple’s headquarters in September, and talked to Jony Ive, a revolutionary designer for the company. Grohl asked Ive how much he sleeps. Ive responded, “I’m much better now. Maybe five or six hours a night…” Grohl responded, “Wow, lucky bastard…!”

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor discussed U2’s Song of Innocence being released via Apple’s iTunes in an interview with Billboard in November. Reznor defended Bono and U2, while acknowledging the mistakes that were made with the release strategy.

“As an artist, when I make a piece of music, I’d like you to know it’s out there. I don’t want to force it down your throat, but I would like you to know that if you’d like to, you might brush against it — it exists somewhere. So I can see the incentive behind what they wanted to do. I was with Bono that day. I was at the Apple event and we were hanging out after they did it. There’s an immense sense of pride toward the album he just spent several years making. He was very proud of what he did.

I think the misstep was the wording: If it would’ve been, ‘Here it is, if you want it, come grab it…’ I am assuming the momentum of that situation led to the oversight in not thinking that people might feel intruded upon.”

He added, “It’s something I spent a lot of time thinking about. I think that paying for music is a relic of an era gone by — and I’m saying that as somebody who hopes you pay for music. I’ve spent my life trying to make this thing that now everyone thinks should be free. U2, there [was] an incentive to get in front of as many eyes as possible. I can see what was appealing to them about that, and they’re getting paid for it. There’s the argument of, “Did that help further devalue music?” Yes, I think it did.

When you put your music on, or allow your music to be on, YouTube, which is free, is that [devaluing music]?
There’s a whole generation of kids that listen to music on YouTube, and they’ll suffer through that ad if there is one. They’re not going to pay a dollar for that song — why would you? It’s a complex problem.”

Courtney Love Hints At Loving Kim Jong-un

Courtney Love made some funny tweets last night regarding the North Korea Sony hack controversy.



In a recent interview with the Howard Stern Show, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed how he met Courtney Love:

“I was on a record label, they sent a box of music and one of the singles was Courtney’s. I flipped over the record, look at her on the back and said “I need to meet this woman.” I never heard of her, her name, I just looked at the picture and had to meet that woman. I called the person at the record record company and said, “I need to meet this woman.” It was even before I heard the music, I saw the picture and knew I had to meet her.  The only other time I’ve felt a feeling like that is for my friend Sasha Gray, the former porn star. In the case of Courtney, I called the woman at the record label, kind of arranged her to stay at my apartment when her band came through town and that started this whole insanity. “

Corgan then recollected the time when he threw Courtney Love out of his apartment:

“She did this thing where she called me and asked “Do you want to see me?” and I’m a guy, of course I want to, so five hours later the phone rings and she says, “I’m at the O’Haire Chicago airport.” I had a girlfriend! It was like, “Yeah, I don’t want to see you today”. So boom, she’s at the door, all dressed up and then I had to kick her out. Courtney was a typhoon back in day. Back in the day Courtney was smokin’ hot, she’s still a very attractive woman but back in the day, you know, she was indie style, wearing the baby-doll dresses, I mean come on. It was like an indie fantasy.”

Stern then asked what the sex with Love was like. To which Corgan replied:

“It was mythical. Just, kind of mythic.”