Hornswoggle Talks Confronting The Rock Backstage, Traveling With Great Khali & Leprechaun Film With AlternativeNation.net

Hornswoggle has been a fixture on WWE television for over 8 years, and he is now diving into acting with his new film Leprechaun: Origins. In this exclusive interview with AlternativeNation.net, Hornswoggle discusses his new film, acting, working with Vince McMahon, being the final Cruiserweight Champion, and why Finlay is like a father to him in real life. He also recounts a hilarious backstage encounter he had with The Rock in 2012, word for word, and tells hilarious stories about traveling with The Great Khali.

Can you compare acting in film and wrestling, were you able to get shots in less takes with you live performance experience?

It is so completely different, I say it in a lot of interviews. The main difference for me is when you’re in the ring you get that automatic reaction. You gett that automatic cheer or boo when you punch somebody in the face. In film you do your scene, wait until it’s over, then you hear cut, and okay let’s do it again. Okay, well was that good? Was that bad? You don’t get that automatic reaction you get that automatic reaction you do when you’re in the ring. It’s [very] different. Was I better off because I’m used to the live performance? I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to judge for ourselves when we see the film.


Have you been checking the early feedback to Leprechaun: Origins on Twitter and some of the reviews like IGN, what is your message to some of cult fans of the originals, who might be having emotional responses, one way or the other.

Twitter brings out the best in the keyboard bullies. Much like WWE, when they think they know what’s going to happen, and we don’t give them that as a company, they get angry, fans get angry. With the movie people were expecting the original, and this movie is nothing like the original, I will [even] say it’s better. The old films had a cult following, they had their place in history for what they were, and they were great for what they were. But this one is so different from the originals, it’s much more of a horror film and I don’t think people are expecting that, they’re expecting the old films. We didn’t give them that, and like I said with fans in general, and critics, they want to think they know everything going into it. When you don’t give them that, usually they’re just like, ‘Oh man, they fooled me. Oh I’m not looking to look like the idiot, they just did it wrong, because it’s not what I wanted.’ I think that’s what’s happened a few times. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews as well, a lot of people from the horror side of it, who really view it as a great horror film.

What have been your thoughts on some of your character changes this year? You turned heel, joined 3MB, feuded with Los Matadores, then Jinder and Drew were released, and now you’ve joined Los Matadores as both La Vaquita and La Vaca. What has been your reaction to all of these turns with your character this year?

I don’t know what you’re talking about with La Vaquita and La Vaca – I’m totally kidding. That was against my will, I was tricked into that. I’ve never been his friend, I’ve never been his buddy or partner, I got tricked into that. That’s all I will say about me dressing in a cow costume. When it comes to me playing the villainous role, I love it. It’s much more fun to make people hate you, than to make people like you. To make people like you, you shake hands and kiss babies. Making people be against you is much more challenging at times, especially for a person of my stature who is usually jovial, happy go lucky, and this kid friendly character. It’s much more of a challenge for me, and I like challenges. It makes work and your job more enjoyable.


Yeah I thought the 3 Man Band stuff was pretty cool, because I hadn’t watched for a couple of weeks, and I was like, wait a minute, Hornswoggle’s heel now?

It was leading up to WeeLC, then our second hair vs. mask match, the WeeLC had been the biggest match of my career, easily by far. I say it in every interview I do, we stole that show. They put it on the pre show as sort of a, ‘Shut them up, give them this match.’ On Twitter, in the locker room, in the meetings, no match on that card was talked about more. It gets me heat for saying it, but it’s true. Look at Twitter activity that night, nobody talked more about any other match, including the titles matches and the big six man, nobody talked about any match more than our match because we gave these people a show. We took them on a ride that they weren’t expecting, and for once, they weren’t expecting something, and they enjoyed it. It was easily the match of my career.

I talked to Dean Ambrose last month and he mentioned Joey Mercury being an agent who has really helped him. For your types of segments and matches, who generally produces you, and gives you advice?

My old buddy, my ‘Dad’ Dave Finlay. He’s still working backstage as an agent and producer, and he has helped me more than anybody else in this company. He has gone to bat for me more times that he probably wanted to, and that’s because he literally cares about me as a son. I have always been his son, in and out of the ring. He’s really helped me, him and I as the Matadores put that WeeLC matches together and made it what it was. I have him to thank pretty much for every stage of my career.


You’ve done a lot of memorable skits with Vince McMahon, including the reveal as his son and later the JR parody, do you have any interesting stories from working with Vince, and what kind of direction he’s given you?

I did that for about 3 months, where I was his son, maybe longer, and there were days in the beginning where I would go, ‘Oh my god, I’m working with the most powerful man in wrestling.’ Then I realized that he’s joking around, he’s playing ribs on guys more than I am. You just realize that he is this billionaire, but still just loves this business. When it comes to wrestling, I use that word instead of sports entertainment, I use wrestling all the time, because I am a wrestling fan. CM Punk once said this is still wrestling to us, this isn’t sports entertainment to us, because we grew up on wrestling.

To see someone who is a billionaire, who still runs and owns this company, still be as much of a fan as I am, who loves it and has as much of a heart for it as I do, is always good to see. Because those days that you think, ‘Oh he’s worried about the stock, or the buy rates,’ but he just loves the product. He wants to make it the best product he can. It was just amazing working with him every week, 2 or 3 times a week, it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in my life.


The most successful crossover actor/wrestler is obviously The Rock and he –


The Rock.

Do we still consider him a wrestler? David Arquette probably had more matches lately, like in the last 20 years.

Arquette was at SummerSlam, I saw him there (Laughs).

I think in the last few years Arquette probably had more matches than Dwayne.

(Laughs) My question though is about something from Twitter a couple years ago, an issue you had with The Rock, and you claimed you talked it out.

Oh yeah. He called me out about this. What was the tweet? It was the scripted lines right?

I think the wrist [notes] bit that was going on [Editor’s note: It may have actually been a promo, and not The Rock Concert III].

Oh yeah, I called him out on having his notes on his wrist tape. His song that night, he had it on his wrist tape, and Cena went out there and free styled, and I called [Rock] out. I will fully admit, I went out on a limb, and probably said something I shouldn’t have, when going into WrestleMania Rock vs. Cena was the biggest match we’d had in a long time. Maybe I shouldn’t have tweeted that, but I meant it. I have been known a lot to keep my mouth shut, but there are certain things that I really take heart to, and that’s one of them. If you were to come out here and say you are free styling and you sing this song when you have everything written down, then you’re going to try to punk out one of my friends, John Cena, who is free styling and still killing you. Then he approached me about it about 2 weeks later.  First off, I don’t think this story has ever gotten out there, so you’ve got an exclusive:

The Rock: Why you got to call me out like that?

Hornswoggle:  The first time I met you, you thought I was a Make a Wish kid.

The Rock: What!?

Hornswoggle: Yeah, I met you backstage the night you came back in [Anaheim], when you were revealed as the guest host for WrestleMania, and you thought I was a Make a Wish kid. You tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Did you have a good time tonight buddy?’ Then you walked off and you realized it, then you said to Big Show, ‘Hornswoggle thinks I thought he was a Make a Wish kid, and I did think he was.’

Hornswoggle: So I don’t pull any punches now when I say things about you. Because you are so out of the loop, I’ve been on TV for 8 years now, and you thought I was a visitor?

The Rock: Yeah, yeah I did. Not gonna lie.

But we hashed everything out, and everything’s good now.


That’s hilarious. Kind of a random question, but do you still have physical possession of the Cruiserweight Title since you were the last champion, or did you have to give it back?

(Sighs) That saddens me to have to even have to answer, I had to give it back, they gave me a replica. I still want to make a visit to the warehouse, and something might be missing after I make a visit, so I think that’s why they never let me visit there, because they know that title will be gone (Laughs). Especially with the new logo, with all of that, I would love to have the actual title. I’ve asked them for it 3 to 4 times. Maybe someday, like a 10 year anniversary gift I’ll get the actual title, knock on wood.

That’s lame, because guys like Ric Flair have kept their title belts.

Well, I’m not saying I’m on Ric Flair’s level.

A lot of guys get to keep belts though.

But, I didn’t see Ric Flair doing two movies in one year, I’m just saying.


Hornswoggle, Daivari, The Great Khali, and Mark Henry

I heard something somewhere about you traveling with The Great Khali and a few other guys.

Let me tell you, I got hired in 2006. A young, 20 year old, Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl, living his dream getting hired by WWE. My first traveling car was The Great Khali, Daivari, and Mark Henry. Picture this car, I can say this because I am, you have: a midget, the world’s strongest man, a guy that probably gets kicked off of every airplane he gets on in Daivari, and you have The Great Khali. Traveling down the road, go into waffle houses – actually no, going in IHOPS, because that’s all Khali will eat. Man, we were a traveling circus, every week we laughed, this lasted about 6 months.

We just laughed about it, because it was just the craziest mix of guys. I love traveling with Khali, but the only thing I don’t like is he doesn’t wait in lines. I don’t yell at him, and I’m the biggest bully when it comes to him. Everyone laughs about it, because I would bully him til the cows come home. And he’d bully me right back, [it’s crazy to see] a little guy bully this 8 foot tall giant, and just giving him the run around. He doesn’t wait in line, and I don’t know why, I’ve called him out on this many times:

Hornswoggle: Khali, there’s a line.

The Great Khali: No brother, no.

Hornswoggle: You got to wait!

The Great Khali: No man, no, maybe I go in the front.

Hornswoggle: You can’t just go in the front, that’s not how lines work Khali.

The Great Khali: Mmmm no, maybe I do this time.

Hornswoggle: Okay whatever.

I’m not going to pull him to the back of the line, physically. But yeah, I’ve traveled with Khali, I’ve done it a few times, it’s always a sight to see, I’ll tell you that.

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Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Jane’s Addiction Members Almost Formed Jazz Band

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Pearl Jam guitarist recently recorded an episode of ‘In Conversation’ and discussed their abandoned 90’s jazz project with guitarist Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers), called Cease and Desist. Bassist Brad Houser (New Bohemians) and Sherik (Led Claypool’s Fancy Band/Mad Season) were also in the band.

Cease and Desist performed Van Halen covers opening for Gilby Clarke, but never toured. Smith and Gossard said they wanted to go in a van and just tour, even without any songs being ready to go. Smith broke his wrist though, and the project was dead. “We did a couple things where we’d just smoke weed and play, and sometimes it was fantastic,” Gossard said in the clip before Smith chimed in, “And other times it was ‘What the hell is this?'”

AlternativeNation.net Review: Mark Lanegan’s ‘No Bells On Sunday’ EP

Ahead of his upcoming album Phantom Radio, Mark Lanegan debuted a limited edition, vinyl-only EP No Bells on Sunday. The album, which was released in July in North America via Vagrant and this week in the UK and Europe via Heavenly, serves as a teaser for the full-length LP coming this fall.

Lanegan’s recent Phantom Radio recording sessions with friend and collaborator Alain Johannes proved to be particularly fruitful. Rather than discarding the unused songs, Lanegan prepared a five-track EP containing songs he has described as “too goofy” for the full-length. No Bells on Sunday acts as a teaser album similar in vein to his Bubblegum preview Here Comes That Weird Chill in 2004.

Although these songs didn’t make it on Phantom Radio, in no way are they inferior or particularly unusual. Beginning with the spectacular, six-minute, electro-tinged “Dry Iced,” Lanegan laments “I’m sorry” numerous times with a Reznor-esque driving beat. This is followed by the title track, structured like a traditional Lanegan song with bluesy lyricism among atmospheric synths.

“Sad Lover” was premiered mid-July as the EP’s only single and is a throwback to the singer’s beginnings in the Screaming Trees. The upbeat rock tune balances Krautrock and psychedelia in an addicting way. Mark Lanegan remarked in a press release: “although the Trees drew on Nuggets psychedelia, 13th Floor Elevators and Love, we were actually listening to Echo And The Bunnymen, Rain Parade, the Gun Club. A lot of British post-punk. We loved that stuff. I just waited until I was in my late forties before I started ripping it off.”

Lanegan’s “goofy” remark rings true with the playful “Jonas Pap,” during which the songwriter repeats lyrics such as “hey now, everybody listen to the song of Pap” and “he ain’t no sucker, he ain’t no sap.” It’s not the finest track in the Lanegan discography, but an upside is the beautiful string arrangement. No Bells on Sunday ends on a fantastic note with the dark beauty of the ambient, haunting “Smokestack Magic.” The epic eight-minute track is similar to Blues Funeral‘s equally long “Tiny Grain of Truth,” with poetic lyricism and mysterious instrumentals pulling equal weight.

No Bells on Sunday serves a strong preview album for this October’s full-length LP, with its five tracks balancing their electronic-tinged sound and Lanegan’s mournful songwriting. The singer-songwriter’s albums this year are the follow-ups to 2012’s Blues Funeral and they continue in their predecessor’s electronic and Krautrock edge, adding in a lighter, ’80s new wave-inspired element to the mix.

FOX Making Sitcom Based On Life Of Rivers Cuomo

According to Deadline, FOX will be making a sitcom based on the life of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo has teamed up with Steve Franks, the creator of the USA Network show Pysch for the show. The sitcom, entitled DeTour will be about a rock star in his thirtys that walks away from fame to discover experiences he’s missed out on while being famous and would star a character that would be heavily based on the life of Cuomo. Deadline is also reporting that the network has given the series a put-pilot order, meaning there is a chance the show won’t air. However, FOX is confident in the success of DeTour and will face a financial penalty if there is no series order for the show.

Listen To Puff Daddy’s Previously Unreleased Remix of Smashing Pumpkins “Ava Adore”

In anticipation for the magnus opus of all Smashing Pumpkins reissues, the Adore reissue, the band has released another track off the reissue, a previously unreleased remix of Ava Adore by none other than the artist former known as Puff Daddy, Diddy. It’s an extremely interesting and powerful remix, utilizing nearly every part of the orchestra to make Ava Adore sound less like the Smashing Pumpkins and more like Tupac, which turns out better than anyone might expect. This remix will be featured on the fourth disc of the reissue. Listen to it  via Rolling Stone.

The Smashing Pumpkins will re-issue their seminal cult classic album Adore on September 23, 2014.

Mushroomhead Release Music Video For Adele’s “Out Of My Mind” & Announce Insane Clown Posse Tour

Mushroomhead released their eighth studio album, “The Righteous & the Butterfly,” earlier this year via Megaforce records. The LP was the first to feature vocalist J Mann since 2003’s “XIII.” You can view AlternativeNation.net’s interview with J Mann by clicking here. Mushroomhead has just released a music video for their cover of Adele’s “Out of my Mind.” The group has also announced they will be featured on Shockfest 2014 tour along with Insane Clown Posse, Da Mafia Six, and more. You can view tour dates and the music video below:

Shockfest 2014 tour dates:
10/28 @ SAUGET, IL at POP’S (ST LOUIS)

Full House Reunion: Which Cast Members Are In, Who Might Need The Money

Everywhere you look, there’s a chance you’ve been hearing about the Full House revival rumors, which when you look at it makes perfect sense. Revivals of TV programs, especially 90’s ones have been in full swing recently, especially with the Boy Meets World spinoff ‘Girl Meets World.’ A potential revival of Full House wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a reunion of the Full House gang as John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier reunited together during a recent taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The question many are asking though, is who will be on board for a potential revival? Let’s go through each cast member, with their reported net worth also listed to show who actually could use the gig financially:


John Stamos (Uncle Jesse)

Stamos is heading the reunion front and is actively involved with the project. He has been fairly active recently, producing an upcoming untitled Beach Boys project and starring in the new ABC series Galavant. According to TVGuide.com Stamos has ownership stake in Full House and recruited show creator Jeff Franklin and original executive producer Bob Boyett to help with the revival. If you can bank on one thing about this potential Full House reunion, Jesse Katapolis will be one of the first faces you see.

Net worth: $40 million
Reported status: In


Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner)

One of the names rumored to be on board is Candice Cameron-Bure who played D.J. Tanner, the eldest Tanner daughter.  Cameron-Bure has been keeping fairly busy by starring in multiple made for TV movies as well as a guest spot on the hit ABC show The Neighbors. While not confirmed, Cameron-Bure seems like a safe bet be a part of the potential revival.

Net worth: $10 million
Reported status: In


Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner)

Jodie Sweetin, who played middle child Stephanie Tanner on Full House is also on the “rumored to be on board list,” per TVGuide.com. Although Sweetin has a new film, a biopic on Walt Disney’s early life entitled Walt Before Mickey in post production, she hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as other Full House alumni. Committing to this would put Sweetin in an ideal situation.

Net worth: $400,000
Reported status: In

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Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler)

Andrea Barber played Kimmy Gibbler, the annoying neighbor and friend to D.J. Tanner. Barber actually quit acting back in 1995 when Full House ended and hasn’t been in anything since sans a short playing the Gibbler character on fellow Full House alum Dave Coulier called It’s F*Ckin’ Late with Dave Coulier. It appears that the only acting Barber feels at home with is playing the Gibbler character and why it shouldn’t be a surprise that she has been billed as onboard by TVGuide.com.

Net worth: $500,000
Reported status: In


Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner)

Who could forget the Olsen twins or the loveable youngest Tanner sibling they both portrayed, Michelle Tanner. Seriously, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were plastered everywhere in the 1990’s. From Full House, to solving mysteries with The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley, their likeness was can’t miss. Now? Not so much. Mary Kate’s last project was in 2011, and Ashley’s in 2009. A bigger question mark regarding the Olsen Twins would how both could they get away with playing Michelle Tanner. Each actress alternated playing the role when Full House was on, due to their age. However, since both twins are, well, older it would be harder to pull off. A solution would be switching off per episode instead of per scene or having one out of the two agree to play the part. Or maybe a long lost twin storyline? Regardless, it would be interesting to see where the Michelle Tanner character is in 2014. Would she still be the wholesome darling that we knew the early-mid 90s or would we see a rebellious Michelle Tanner a’la Lindsay Lohan? It would be a shame to see a show go on without all three siblings intact. I’m sure they could come up with a reason though. Michelle Tanner is finally at college! Wait, these girls can still pass as college kids right?

Net worth: $300 million (Don’t need the money)
Reported status: Uncertain


Bob Saget (Danny Tanner)

Speaking of a character that is pretty much essential to the show, TVGuide.com has said that Bob Saget, who played everyone’s 90’s TV dad Danny Tanner, will be apart of the show in some capacity, although we aren’t too sure what that means yet. The ironic thing is that Saget is as far from Danny as you can get and is one of Hollywood’s raunchiest comics, as seen in The Aristocrats. Saget has still been getting a lot of TV work, most notably serving as the narrator for the recently ended and hugely successful show How I Met Your Mother, as well as having guest roles in shows like Louie, Entourage and Legit.  I don’t think you could have a Full House reunion without Bob Saget, and while it has been reported that he’ll have a role, let’s hope it’s a leading one.

Net worth: $100 million
Reported status: Involved in some capacity


Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey)

Another name that is pegged to be apart of the potential revival, although in an unknown capacity is Dave Coulier who portrayed the zany and loveable Uncle Joey. Coulier’s last projects were in 2013 with his stand up film The Clean Guys of Comedy as well as the Cartoon Network show China, IL. But come on, you know he’s chomping at the bit for this, and he is reported to be involved in some capacity.

Net worth:
$4 million
Reported status: Involved in some capacity

2007 ABC TCA Winter Press Tour

Lori Loughlin (Becky Donaldson)

Lori Loughlin’s starred in the recent Hallmark Channel show When Calls the Heart, but recently is more known as of late for playing Debbie Wilson of the CW’s 90210 reboot. It’d be pretty lame if she turned down the reboot of her own show after being on one she wasn’t even originally on in the first place.  Could you have Uncle Jesse without Aunt Becky? You could, but we think Lori will be in with the right offer.

Net worth: $6 million (Could use the money)
Reported status: Uncertain

Alice In Chains Were ‘In The Hole Financially’ First Few Years Of Reunion

William DuVall discussed the challenges that Alice In Chains faced during the first few years of their reunion in the mid 2000’s in a new interview with the Montreal Gazette:

“Not only our inner struggle, but the external debate going on. ‘Do they have the right to do this?’ Trying to shut all of that out and deal with our own thing — which was enough to deal with.”

He added, “Then you had promoters, they weren’t lining up to book this band. We were in the hole financially the whole first two, three years. Some of them were laughing at us. And we’d get there and f–king mow everyone down. It’s always a pretty serious throw-down onstage. That is what forged what we have now.”

William DuVall: ‘Irresponsible Things’ Said About President Obama Influenced Alice In Chains Album

William DuVall discussed how political issues influenced Alice In Chains’ recent album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here in a new interview with The Chronicle Herald:

“There were things happening that we, as citizens, couldn’t help not only observe, but react to,” says DuVall. “Even if it was just in the moment, watching it unfold. Some of the statements being flashed across the screen and across the nation, made by people who were elected officials on the national stage, talking about ‘legitimate rape’ or wiping out all of the science classes in a particular municipality in Louisiana or someplace like that, these are the kinds of things we were seeing.

“Or some of the things people would say about our president, really irresponsible things flying around and being given a platform of inherent legitimacy because it was on the news or the person saying it was an elected official. Things like that couldn’t help but seep into our process a little bit.”

Prong Singer Compares Early Faith No More To Killing Joke

Over the years, Prong singer Tommy Victor has been very vocal about his admiration of such bands as Killing Joke and Chrome. And in a recent interview that yours truly conducted with Mr. Victor for Songfacts, the topic came up of Faith No More’s first two records (1985’s We Are A Lot and 1987’s Introduce Yourself) sounding especially influenced by Killing Joke.

“The early Faith No More records were definitely Killing Joke oriented. And having that staccato strict guitar part was always appealing with Faith No More, as well. That’s always been appealing.”

Victor went on to also explain how both Killing Joke and Chrome were an influence on Prong, as well.

“The guitar, it’s based on a more percussive element. And there’s also dance grooves in it as well. So Prong incorporated that into it a lot. And Jaz Coleman is a genius vocally. The lyrical content, the melodies in the vocals, while being aggressive, were always appealing to me.”

“Chrome were just weird and the fact that they did what they wanted to do attracted me to them. And the guitar stylings were great in Chrome, as well. There were a lot of sounds rather than strict guitar parts or scale oriented treatments on the guitar. And then the catchy element of Killing Joke was always something that I liked with Prong and I still try to attest to that, is that they are songs rather than just a compilation of riffs thrown together. And they hold their own.”

“It’s cool that you pulled those two out of the bag, because they have strict identities. I mean, when you get into the thrash metal mode, most of the bands, they sort of sound the same in a lot of ways, and they rely upon the same tactics. Where I never really wanted to approach things that way. I was trying to do something different, pull Prong away from the hoards, the thrash metal bands, hardcore bands, and even post-punk bands. So that hybrid was always really important for me.”

Also, when asked if stints playing with Danzig and Rob Zombie affected his songwriting for Prong, Victor responded, “No, not at all. Glenn has his own operations in doing things, and I tend to do things different from what I see other people doing. So if I notice what somebody’s doing, I’ll purposely do something differently when it comes to songwriting.”

“As far as business stuff, I mean, Glenn’s a great guy to hang around with. Obviously, Rob, I don’t think he divulged many of his tactics. But I think Rob Zombie stole from Prong, really, so it would be sort of a regenerated version of what Prong was doing.”

To read the rest of the interview, click your clicker here.

Prong’s latest album is titled Ruining Lives, and for more info about the band, scoot on over to here.

Alternative Nation’s Modern Artists Showcase: August 2014 (#3)

Welcome to the twentieth installment of AlternativeNation’s Modern Artists Showcase. Last time, we posted the bands: The Vidos, Slumlord Radio, Ended, and Lace Weeper. Click here to check out the previous feature. If you are interested in being in future installments of the feature or know a band worthy and deserving of some press, please email altnationbands@gmail.com to be considered. Below are a few bands that peaked our interest. Let us know in the comments section what you think!

Holy White Hounds
Official Facebook, Official Website

This alternative, hard rock triad has quite a few tricks up their sleeve. Their screeching guitars clash with electronic, glitch soundscapes and are topped off with eerie, Beck-esque lyrics. The trio recently opened for Rob Zombie and are continuing to blow the roofs of small clubs across the country. If you haven’t heard of Holy White Hounds yet, here’s your chance to eargasm on some radically dynamic tunes. Watch the video for “Switchblade” below:

Official Facebook, Official Website

Active since 2008, AAN is an experimental group pushing the envelope by mixing elements of pop, indie, and rock to the weird-extreme. They released their heavily-layered, subtly angst-driven debut LP, “Amor Ad Nauseum,” earlier this year and are currently on tour. AAN’s non-conventional rock jams will beg you to dance, raise your fist to the man, and maybe even shed a tear. Check out tracks “I Don’t Need Love” and “Wet and Dripping” below:

Charm City Devils
Official Facebook, Official Website

You have to admit, 80’s heavy metal would’ve been a billion times more awesome and tolerable if it wasn’t for the glam aspects and overblown guitar licks. Well hallelujah, our prayed have been answered. Charm City Devils has bestowed upon us all the energy and attitude of the 80’s hard rock scene, minus all the unnecessary bullsh*t. The group has recently toured with the likes of The Winery Dogs and Slash as well as garnered upcoming dates with Scott Weiland, Jane’s Addiction, Fuel, and more. Watch the lyric video for “Shots” below:

Emerson Star
Official Facebook, Official Website

Sometimes all you need is a gentle rhythm, simple guitar riff, and a moody melody. Emerson Star is bound to make you feel at home and on an adventure at the same time with their slowly evolving indie rock pieces. The quintet released their debut album, “Let It Burn,” earlier this year. Check out tracks “Since Forever” and “Just Like Nothing” below:

J Mascis Releases “Every Morning” Music Video Featuring Fred Armisen

Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis’ latest solo acoustic output Tied To A Star is out this week on Sub Pop Records and Mascis has now revealed a new music video for the album’s lead single “Every Morning.” The psychedelic music video, produced by Funny or Die, features Mascis as the shamanic leader of a Kool Aid-drinking, egg-worshiping religious cult which includes The Shins’ James Mercer.

Meanwhile, SNL alum Fred Armisen seems interested in sabotaging Mascis’ group. J Mascis appeared on the third season of Fred Armisen’s IFC show Portlandia and Armisen has appeared on stage with Mascis in the past. Below, watch J Mascis’ music video for “Every Morning”:

Brandon Flowers Reveals New Solo Album Details; The Killers Update

Brandon Flowers has revealed his plans for a new 2015 solo album. The Killers frontman told NME in their newest issue:

“The record’s not done yet, but I’m excited about it… I’m liking it. People are going to interpret it how they will, but there’s only a little bit of Vegas in there.”

Flowers also discussed working with Vampire Weekend and HAIM producer Ariel Rechtshaid who will serve as producer to the untitled Flamingo followup:

“He’s taking me out of my comfort zone. Normally I make demos and they’re pretty similar to how the song ends up. but he’ll take a song and be like, ‘I hear this’. It’s incredible – his palette and his range, what he’s able to say. At first we were butting our heads together, but now we’re hitting it off.”

Flowers’ last solo album Flamingo was released in 2010 while The Killers released their last album, a greatest hits compilation entitled Direct Hits last year. Fans of the band can rest easy that Flowers has no intention to dissolve The Killers saying to NME:

“I wanna keep being in this band. I don’t think we’ll get too morbid about it, I think we wanna keep going.”

Billy Corgan Says The Smashing Pumpkins Aren’t A Grunge Band

Billy Corgan has said in a new interview with Illinois Entertainer that The Smashing Pumpkins are not a Grunge band.

“We’d even contemplated doing something, as cheesy as it sounds: Smashing Pumpkins electric, Smashing Pumpkins acoustic.  Because, unfortunately, the way it’s been going the last few years, is not as much of the softer or ballady Pumpkins material is getting played, because most of the audience are coming very much for the perceptional idea of what Smashing Pumpkins is, which is a Grunge band, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth.”

He added, “So we’re in this kind of weird place where we can’t really fight city hall any more, it’s not even worth it, you just get a bunch of angry Twitter people writing.  [Interviewer: ‘Why didn’t you play today?] Yeah, exactly.  I’m at a point in my life now where I’m totally cool with it now, if you want to go see that band, there’s the forum.”

Last week, Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez said that Alice In Chains is not a Grunge band either.