Butch Vig Discusses Upcoming Foo Fighters & Garbage Albums

Butch Vig discussed upcoming Foo Fighters and Garbage albums in an interview on KROQ yesterday.

Garbage has currently been working on their sixth studio album for about six months and they have dramatic plans for next year, the band’s 20th anniversary together. Vig says that they have about twenty song ideas “in the can.”

“I’m hoping to finish the Foos [Foo Fighters] by the end of June and probably go back into the studio and finish the Garbage album by Thanksgiving, ” said Vig. “Next year is going to be a big year for Garbage. It’s our 20th anniversary. So, there’ll be a big tour and a new album and some other special things that we’re working on to sort of celebrate our anniversary.”

He’s being even more vague about his work with the Foo Fighters, but says they’ve recorded for a while “if you include pre-production.”

“We’ve taken an approach that is quite different.I’ve never made a record like this. I don’t know anyone who has,” hints Vig mysteriously. “We sort of through a x-factor into the process that is forcing all of us to be spontaneous as well as really have to be on your a-game. So it’s been a challenge and fun.” He makes sure to clarify that the songs, while containing some unknown equation that we will all eventually find out, are “great” and “sound epic.”

Billy Corgan Talks New Smashing Pumpkins Songs “Solara” and “Cardinal Rule”

Billy Corgan posted the following on SmashingPumpkinsNexus.com:

Pretty full on day, with Howard picking at random which of the 26 STAR category songs to dive into. SOLARA was first, which went from a typical 90’s-type rocker to something that felt like it belonged. Next up was a song whose title escapes me, which in a previous demo had kind of a 80’s club vibe (in a good way). Unfortunately that went nowhere, and after 3 hours was sent off to COUGARLAND. It was getting late, but to keep to our *3 a day (or more) quota we got into it with a fetching song called CARDINAL RULE. Gorgeous as a fingerpicking-type song, we started breaking apart the internal rhythms to be voiced on various ‘things.’ And that’s where we left it, in the positive glow of 2 good and 1 hurting. Same tomorrow! But better.

AlternativeNation.net Interview With Vaden Todd Lewis, Toadies Frontman

Earlier this week, ahead of the re-release of Toadies’ classic Rubberneck (out April 1st), I had a chance to speak with lead singer Vaden Todd Lewis over the phone. We discussed everything from the band’s early days to touring Rubberneck again to future projects and everything in between.

Hi. How are you?

I’m good, thanks. How are you?

Doing well, thanks.

Good, good. My first question has to do with the Rubberneck reissue. What exactly made you want to do that?

Well it seemed like a good idea. People still liked the record, and it’s been years and so it seemed like the thing to do. It seemed like a good idea to put it out with some other songs.

You guys are doing a tour in support of the album. How is that going so far?

It’s been going crazy well. All the shows are…I think one show so far didn’t sell out, but it’s real close. It’s been great.

How have the fans been reacting?

Really well. It’s just been great.

You’re playing the album in its entirity every night on the tour, right?

Yeah, we’re kinda doing the whole album and then we play some other songs that are not as old.

What do you think is the biggest challenge playing the Rubberneck songs straight through?

Well, I don’t know. We’re really striving to make it like the album. I never thought about it until these rehearsals, but, you play the songs for 20 years and they start to morph. There’s just little slight variations in how you play it, and some of those songs were pretty new when we recorded them, so it’s been interesting going back and trying to nail them. We’ve been trying to nail the performances to be as close to the album as possible. That’s been the coolest challenge to try to match tempos and just picking patterns and little fine-tuning minutiae.

Now, for the openers, you chose the Supersuckers and Battleme, correct?


What made you pick those two bands?

We’ve toured with the Supersuckers before and they’re just great guys. They have a new record out, and so does Battleme. We’ve never toured with Battleme, but we’ve done some shows with a band called the Lions, which was a band prior to Battleme. And yeah, both bands have new records out, and it was just fortunate timing working with both of them.

Even though you guys split up, you’ve been back since 2006, which is almost 10 years. How does it feel to be a part of a band that’s been around for so long?

I don’t know, it’s just weird. I don’t really think about it until…it’s cool. We have a great rapport with each other. I guess that’s been the biggest upside to being in a band, is you kind of read each other’s minds with everything from being on the bus to performing to writing songs. It’s all kind of a short-hand that exists once you’ve done this for a long time.

Are you guys working on any new material?

Yeah, we actually just finished tracking a record. Actually, let me back up. This is gonna seem like I’m fishing around for the answer for just a second. We’d been doing a festival…this year will be the eighth year. And like four or five years ago, we’ve done a set where half of it is a chill set. We take the songs and not just play them with acoustic guitars, but try make them something different, like reinvent them with mandolins, keyboards…we try to throw a new light on the songs. It’s been a huge challenge. After doing that for so many years, we thought it’d be great to do a recording of this in a controlled environment, i.e. a studio. So that’s what we did. I guess we started in December or January, we headed to LA. So it’s not technically new material; it’s a retrospective of our career with a real strange approach. We’re trying to work up potentially a few songs for that so it should have some new songs as well. It’ll probably come out in September. I really want to do a nice tour, a seated tour for grownups. A show that I would like to go to. (laughs)

If you could pick one moment, what do you think has been the high point for the band or yourself?

You mean my whole career?


Uh…High point…oh jeez, I don’t know. We have a lot. It’s just been a crazy ride. This tour, selling out LA has been a high point. Yeah.

Okay. That’s definitely great. What do you think is different about being in a band now versus being one in the 90s?

For me personally or just in general?

You could do both. Either or.

I don’t think much has changed in general. People still go in a van and still play shows. The instruments that they play vary from year to year, but it’s still basically four or five people that smell bad in a van. I don’t think that will ever change. As far as me personally, I’ve been doing this a long time and I’m older now, so it’s more about how to take care of yourself. For example, when we first hit the road in ’94, for the first two years, we did over 250 shows.


Yeah. That’s pretty insane. I’m glad I did it, but I can’t do that anymore. I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ve got a family and a dog and life that I like to be a part of. So we try to limit it to three weeks on, one or two weeks off, that sort of thing. So things are a little more normal. That’s the biggest change for me, just learning how to do it and survive and keep my family.

You did some other projects when the band broke up for a while. Did any of those sounds influence the Toadies when you guys got back together?

I can’t think of an example, but I can’t see how it didn’t. That band…this band (Toadies), I write the music. More often than not I’ll have a completed idea, like the whole song. I’ll program drums and make my way through a guitar solo in the dark to show them where it goes, and everything’s done. Then we’ll come in and that’s the song and then we just record it. In the Burden Brothers, it was more collaborative where everyone was pitching ideas. There’s a few songs where I didn’t write anything. I would just let them write the music and words and everything. So that was more of a collaborative project. Everyone contributes to Toadies and there’s no “my way or the highway” mentality

Okay. Is it different at all being in the band for the second time? Has anything changed?

No, it’s like riding a bike. We have our dynamic, and it came right back. The interactions with the band…it’s been great.

Billy Corgan Reportedly Set To Star In Wrestling Reality TV Show

According to Rolling Stone, renowned Siddhartha interpreter BillCo will be getting what sounds like the reality show treatment with a new program on AMC focusing on his exploits as the creative director of Resistance Pro.

The show is currently in the planning stages and nothing is set in stone, as the show is only one project in a large lineup of new content, ranging from an adaption of the comic series Preacher to a new Kevin Smith talk show.


Billy Corgan: ’70-80 Smashing Pumpkins Songs Are Written, 9 In Cougar Category’

The following blog post written by William Patrick Corgan comes from SmashingPumpkinsNexus.com. In the post William says he didn’t actually write 150 songs for the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins albums, but that including alternate versions he did have 150 songs.

Today was interesting: as Jeff, Howard, and I went through the remaining tracks until we’d reached a consensus of what were the best songs/versions. And despite a few reports, we were not sorting through 150 songs but rather something more like 70-80 (which is still a lot). The number of 150 came from counting alternate versions, which in many cases are fairly different interpretations of a particular chord sequence/approach. So…

This culling got us down to 35 songs, which we considered strong enough for release, and then had another listen (this time in alphabetical order to separate ideas from the era they were documented in). Having a vote we ended up with 26 in the STAR category (an inside joke), and 9 in the COUGAR (an even more inside joke). So starting tomorrow we’ll cut into a new round of demos, with an eye that everything from here on is essentially ‘making’ the record. This is very reminiscent of the way the SIamese, Mellon Collie, and Machina records were made; this kind of setting up demos as a way to discover sonic approaches while still writing/tweaking. Hence: 26 STAR demos in 10 days.

We’ll be running fast.


Weezer Announce Producer For New Album, Pixies’ Black Francis Comments On Choice

Weezer revealed that Blue and Green album producer Ric Ocasek will be helming their new album. Pixies frontman Black Francis was complimentary of the choice on Twitter.

Bush Recording New Album At Dave Grohl’s Studio With Alice In Chains Producer

After their successful 2011 comeback album The Sea Of Memories, Bush are currently in the process of recording their sixth studio album. Consquence of Sound is reporting that the band is currently putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming LP at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. The band is also working with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Deftones, Foo Fighters) on the yet to to be titled album.

While the album doesn’t have a title – or a release date as of yet, Bush premiered several new songs on their most recent tour. You can view “This House Is On Fire” and “Loneliness Is A Killer” below:

Full Lollapalooza 2014 Lineup Released

Lollapalooza have announced their full lineup for their 2014 festival, set to take place August 1st-3rd.



Kings of Leon

Arctic Monkeys

Calvin Harris



Foster the People

The Avett Brothers



Sebastian Ingrosso

Above & Beyond


Childish Gambino

Broken Bells


Cage the Elephant


The Head and the Heart

Young the Giant

Lykke Li

Chase & Status

Chance the Rapper





Fitz & the Tantrums


The Glitch Mob



Portugal the Man


The 1975

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Jenny Lewis



Manchester Orchestra

Glen Hansard

J. Roddy Walston & The Business

John Butler Trio


The Kooks

Martin Garrix




Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue

Iggy Azalea

Duke Dumont

Run the Jewels

Bombay Bicycle Club

Temper Trap

Airborne Toxic Event


Joachim Garraud

London Grammar



White Denim

Sander Kleinenberg


Delta Rae


Kate Nash


Blood Orange

Vance Joy


Perry/Etty vs Joachim Garraud

Rich Homie Quan

Jhené Aiko

Jagwar Ma

Parquet Courts



Small Pools


Vic Mensa


Gemini Club

Francisca Valenzuela

Wildcat! Wildcat!


Into It Over It


Bomba Estéreo

Courtney Barnett

The Districts Bleachers

San Fermin


Bear Hands


Ghost Choir

Royal Blood




Bronze Radio Return

Jacob Plant

Meg Myers

Lindsay Lowend

The So S Glos


Betty Who

Cash Cash

Desert Noises

Fly Golden Eagle

Bebe Rexha

Jon Batiste and Stay Human

Crass Mammoth


Benjamin Booker



The Last Internationale

Space Capone



Plastic Visions

Of Verona

Charlie Hirsch


Highly Suspect

Anna Lunoe

Rocky Business

Local H Frontman To Collaborate With Former Smashing Pumpkins Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin

Local H announced a new leg of their spring tour and a Scott Lucas/Jimmy Chamberlin collaboration today:

Two-man Chicago band Local H announced the second leg of their spring tour today. The dates, which take them out to the West Coast for the first time since drummer Ryan Harding joined the band, include a stop at The Satellite in Los Angeles on May 29th. The band previously announced an East Coast tour that begins next month. Full itinerary below.

Harding, who had been playing in Minneapolis bands Left Brain Heart and Bruder, relocated to Chicago and joined Local H late last year. Harding’s first official tour with Local H, which covered Texas, Florida and parts of the Midwest, wrapped up earlier this month.

On this tour, fans can expect to hear a couple of new songs, some interesting covers and the revamped line-up’s take on Local H classics like “Bound for the Floor” and “All the Kids Are Right” and on deeper cuts from their considerable catalog, as well as songs from the band’s most recent releases — Hallelujah! I’m a Bum (2012) and The Another February EP (2013).

Before they hit the road this spring, Local H will record the two new songs they debuted during their winter tour, as well as some covers they have been playing live. They began recording at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio this week with longtime producer Andy Gerber. These will be the band’s first recordings with Harding.

“Rather than wait until we have enough songs for a full length, we just wanna record the songs as they come to try and capture that energy when it’s new and exciting,” explains Local H frontman Scott Lucas. “We also want to record the odd cover here and there for our next ‘Awesome Mix Tape’ EP.”

On May 2nd, Lucas will team up with drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (formerly of The Smashing Pumpkins) and bassist Matt Ulery under the band name Mary Shelley for a unique live performance during CIMM (Chicago International Music & Movies Fest). The trio will score Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 silent film masterpiece “Battleship Potemkin” at 1st Ward (2033 W. North Ave.). More information about CIMM here: http://cimmfest.org/cimmfest-2014-initial-line-up-announcement/. Lucas, a film buff who also writes about movies for Chicagoist (see his work here:  http://chicagoist.com/profile/Scott_lucas), jumped at the chance to combine two of his biggest passions.

“I played with Jimmy last summer for this thing at the Metro, and I couldn’t believe how natural and comfortable it was to play with him. And, it was fucking fun, too,” says Lucas. “So we’d been looking for something to do together. And, it was at one of Matt’s shows with his band where it hit me that I should get those two together. If for no other reason, just so I could watch what would happen.”

Billy Corgan Has Written 150 Songs For New Smashing Pumpkins Albums

Billy Corgan posted the following on SmashingPumpkinsNexus.com:

Spent most of the day listening to 132 demos. Yes, you read that right! 132!! Crazyland…And still another 20-25 to go. Once we whittle those down, we’ll dive in tomorrow on a new round of song-work/arrangments for those chosen for ‘Monuments’

Working song titles include Freedom Rider, Lonely Saints, No One Knows, Not Another Daydream, Anti-Hero, Roccasins, Serpentine, and Maybe Should I. The Smashing Pumpkins will release Monuments to an Elegy and Day for Night next year.


Alice In Chains Talk Festivals And Tours

In an interview with Music Feeds, Alice in Chains frontman, William DuVall compared playing festival venues to band tours.
“It’s hard to say [what is better] because with the festival thing, you might make some compromises in terms of your own production or your details,” said DuVall,  “your logistics of putting the show on. But you might get to reach people that you never normally reach. You get to see a lot of bands, some of whom are your friends, which is great. But your own gigs, you’re controlling every aspect of the atmosphere and you’re playing your people.”

Alice in Chains will be touring Asia before hitting in the road in the US this Spring.


Watch the interview below:

[youtube id=”PkZ1DRUZiJ4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Listen To James Iha’s Theme For New Hulu Show “Deadbeat”

We recently reported that founding Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha will be doing the score for a new supernatural comedy on HulU entitled Deadbeat. You can now listen to the finished theme music for Deadbeat which was composed by Iha above:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/140768795″ params=”color=ff5500″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Slash To Tour With Aerosmith This Summer, Update On New Slash Album

The following comes from the official Twitter page of Aerosmith co-founder Joe Perry:

Joe Perry ‏@JoePerry
It’s official- we just talked, AEROSMITH/SLASH USA tour confirmed!! Tickets on sale next few wks Soon as dates confirmed.LET ROCK RULE !

The dates will be announced soon if they haven’t already. Save your money for the tickets we ARE touring the US this summer.

Also check out a Slash studio update.

Billy Corgan Announces Release Of Two New Smashing Pumpkins Albums

Billy Corgan has followed through with his announcement! Read the announcement from SmashingPumpkinsNexus.com below:

Pleased to announce that I’ve just inked a new record deal with BMG that will see the release of two Smashing Pumpkins albums in 2015; titled successively: ‘Monuments To An Elegy’ and ‘Day For Night.’ For those interested in sound, think: ‘guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars;’ but more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic. Recording sessions begin today, as plenty of songs have been written and ready to go. Manning the boards will be producer Howard Willing, with whom I first had the pleasure of working with during the ‘Adore’ sessions. We expect a single out by year’s end.

Additionally, this stands as the initial post on a new nexus: The Panopticon, which through its simplicity should better address the speed of modern life. A continuing feature, items regarding each day’s recording will be shared that same evening, with song titles, lyrics, poetic impressions, pictures, sound clips, studio gear and the like offered for a circuitous, bird’s eye view of the process as it unfolds.

-W.P.C. 3/25/14