Review Of Pixies’ “EP2”

Today the Pixies have somewhat surprised us with the release of “EP2”, the second in a series of mini releases beginning with September’s “EP1”. The lead single, “Blue Eyed Hexe”, is the heaviest track on the EP, driven by a bluesy riff, cowbell beat, and screamed chorus. When the song hits the two minute mark, Frank Black screams the bridge. The song should be a blast to see live, for what it’s worth.

Magdalena” is more of a psychedelic tune built around a fuzzy riff. The mostly acoustic “Greens and Blues”, which Frank wishes to see phase out “Gigantic” as a live show closer, does possess a kind of climactic, winding down quality that could ease down a crowd.

Album closer Snakes features the best lyrics on EP2. “Snakes are coming to your town, in tunnels underground, some travelling over ground… they’ll be right next to you, snakes up against me too, there’ll be nothing to do when the rattles shake.” Its a catchy melody with lyrics that grab you instantly.

All four tracks are solid, with the standouts being “Blue-Eyed Hexe” and “Greens and Blues”. This release model seems to be working well for the band, unlike the similar model followed by Billy Corgan for his aborted “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope” project. The band is set to go on tour in a week and a half, so it should be fun to see some of these songs played live.

Overall score: 7 out of 10

[youtube id=”bEBpvpomwG4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Pixies Release “EP2” For Download

The Pixies have released their second “pod” release, EP2, following on September’s EP1. The new release contains four new tracks: “Blue-Eyed Hexe”, “Magdalena”, “Greens and Blues”, and “Snakes”. The EP was recorded by Gil Norton in October 2012.

“As with all my songs, I would prefer people add their own interpretation to it. But, in this case, let’s just say that we had done Gigantic as the closer for many years at our reunion shows and it worked really well,” said Black Francis of the track Greens and Blues.

Based on my first listen, “Blue-Eyed Hexe” is a new Pixies classic. Click here to download EP2 and order a limited edition vinyl and hoodie.

Depeche Mode & Foo Fighters Rake In Millions From Recent Tours

Billboard recently posted the rankings of the top 10 artists with the most ticket sales for past and upcoming shows on their tour. Depeche Mode reached 1st on the list with their Delta Machine tour right above Taylor Swift. Ticket sales racked in £19,250,757 (appx. $31,655,944) for Depeche Mode as they sold out every show.

Foo Fighters ranked 3rd on the list due to their two most recent shows in Mexico which earned £4,847,944 (appx. $7,971,959) in ticket sales.

Video: Corey Taylor & Dave Navarro Perform Stone Temple Pilots “Sex Type Thing”

At Camp Freddy’s New Year’s Eve show in Los Angeles, the all star played Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing” with Corey Taylor on lead vocals. Other notable musicians in the video below are Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction and John 5 from Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.

Taylor, the vocalist for Slipknot and Stone Sour, has trash talked former STP frontman Scott Weiland in the past. Now you can watch him perform one of Weiland’s biggest hits below:

Maynards James Keenan Rips Vin Diesel’s Acting

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan ripped Vin Diesel’s acting in a new interview with The AV Club, but discussed the ‘so bad it’s good’ qualities of his film The Chronicles of Riddick:

On The Chronicles of Riddick: “My wife hates this movie. We were on our satellite dish and I was scrolling to see what was on. If she sees Chronicles Of Riddick she’ll try to distract me. Then she’ll just leave. Half the time I watch it just to bug her.”

On why she hates it: Well, for the obvious reasons. It’s sci-fi but you have this one-liner dude that’s just awful. It’s so great. Some of the guys that are actually in that film, I can’t remember their names, but there are some serious thespians in that film. As you’re looking at it, you just think, “Why are you in this movie?!” I guess it’s because you’re an actor and that’s what you do. You embrace a part and then you deal with Vin Diesel fucking up a movie. How do you deal with that, how do you get around that?

Guns N’ Roses’ DJ Ashba Gets In Trouble For Joyride On Helicopter

It’s a bittersweet start to the new year for Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba. In a bit of good news, fans can buy their own Ashba signature Les Paul guitar in March through Gibson. You can buy the instrument just in time to catch GNR play at the Heaven & Hell Metal Festival on March 16th alongside Lamb of God and Rob Zombie in Feria De Texcoco. In the bit of bad news, Ashba and two members of the Metro police both violated protocol when Ashba used a helicopter to propose to his girlfriend over the summer. Citizens aren’t permitted to ride in police helicopters unless for educational purposes. Although Ashba won’t face any consequences for his actions, the officer and the captain who let him use the helicopter will.

Eddie Vedder Opens For Bill Maher In Honolulu With Sean Penn and Michael Moore

Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder spent the final night of 2013 in Hawaii, opening for comedian Bill Maher at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Concert Hall. Maher makes annual visits to Hawaii, with a show on Oahu on New Year’s Eve and a show on Maui on New Year’s Day.

Opening for the the political comedian were Sean Penn and Michael Moore, as well as Eddie Vedder. According to Honolulu Pulse, Vedder “performed a pair of covers — The Beatles’ “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” on guitar and harmonica, and Amanda Palmer’s “Ukulele Anthem” on, yes, ukulele.”

Maher, who called his friends his “Hawaii Rat Pack,” has celebrated with Vedder and Penn on New Year’s Eve for the past three years. Last year, he tweeted a photo with Vedder and Penn in Honolulu, and this year tweeted the following images:

Eddie-Vedder-Honolulu-Hawaii-2013 Eddie-Vedder-Bill-Maher-Sean-Penn-2013

Download Song From Supergroup Featuring Scott Weiland And Troy Van Leeuwen

Actor/musician Ashley Hamilton has released a song titled “Circles” via Tyrant on Stone Temple Pilots fansite The song, featuring Scott Weiland on lead vocals, Queens of the Stone Age/A Perfect Circle’s Troy Van Leeuwen and Chris Lloyd on guitar, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Shannon Leto on drums,  and Porno For Pyros’ Martyn Denoble on bass, was recorded for the Wondergirls, a project from the late 90’s/early 2000’s that was scrapped due to legal issues surrounding the involvement of musicians from so many different labels. The song’s chorus of “come on out you’re comin’ home” was reused for a part in STP’s “Dumb Love” off of 2001’s Shangri-La Dee Da.

A clip of the song was previously officially released to, but Ashley seems to have lightened up to the idea for the public to here it in its entirety. Click here to download “Circles”.’s Predictions For 2014: How Foo Fighters Will Record New Album, Pearl Jam Touring & More

1. Foo Fighters will record their new album live on the internet.

2. Dead Sara will release a second album that catapults them to stardom.

3. The surviving members of Nirvana will give an emotional performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

4. Jane’s Addiction will break up again.

5. Pearl Jam will announce more American tour dates.

6. The classic 90’s Hole lineup will go on a reunion tour.

7. Chris Cornell will release his new acoustic solo album.

8. Wolfmother will have 3 different drummers throughout the year.

9. Queens of the Stone Age will win 2 Grammys.

10. The Ranconteurs will release a new album.

11. Oasis will reunite for a trainwreck reunion tour.

Listen To Beck’s New Cover Of John Lennon’s “Love”

Starbucks will be releasing their fifth compilation of romantic cover songs for Valentine’s Day. The album entitled Sweethearts 2014 will feature contributions from the likes of Fiona Apple, Beck and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. You can listen to Beck’s contribution, an acoustic cover version of John Lennon’s “Love” below:

Sweetheart 2014 Tracklist:
01. Jim James – “Turn Your Lights Down Low” (Bob Marley cover)
02. Vampire Weekend – “Con Te Partirò” (Inspired by the Andrea Bocelli recording)
03. Beck – “Love” (John Lennon cover)
04. Phosphorescent – “Tomorrow Is A Long Time” (Bob Dylan cover)
05. The Head and the Heart – “Don’t Forget Me” (Harry Nilsson cover)
06. Valerie June – “Happy or Lonesome” (the Carter Family cover)
07. Bahamas – “Always on My Mind” (Willie Nelson cover)
08. Thao – “If You Were Mine” (Ray Charles cover)
09. Ben Harper – “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star cover)
10. Fiona Apple – “I’m In The Middle of a Riddle” (Anton Karas cover)
11. Brandi Carlile – “The Chain” (Fleetwood Mac cover)
12. Blake Mills – “I Hope” (Bobby Charles cover)
13. Sharon Jones – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” (Stevie Wonder cover)

Happy New Year From, Plans For The Site In 2014

Happy new year! As we enter into 2014, there will be more expansion of the Alternative Nation ’empire’ in the coming weeks. We’re working on a new layout for the site that will get rid of the ‘scrolling up’ problem, and we hope to launch a new ‘Modern Rock’ section as well with the new layout. I understand that most current readers here primarily care about the 90’s/Grunge bands so a new audience needs to be marketed to if we’re truly going to expand into the modern rock audience and not half ass it. The site will be optimized in a way that you can read just about the 90’s/GenX bands if you want to, or just the Modern Rock bands, or all of it.

The current plan is also to launch a classic rock site as well (the name is pending, we may have to go with a boring name due to asshole domain hoarders and due to the fact that OldFartRock doesn’t work when it comes to corporate synergy). An idea I’ve considered (and am still considering) is just incorporating classic rock into Alternative Nation and making this site kind of an AV Club of rock news with sub sections and all rock news (on stuff that doesn’t suck ass). I’m interested in feedback in the comments section if people have any.  We’re also looking for more staff (unpaid for now, but you get free concert tickets and interview opportunities) so let me know if you’re interested, and please do not waste my time if you can’t post at least 4-5 stories per week.  In my entire staff search in the last year and a half I’ve only really found 3-4 reporters who actually regularly post news and I have wasted a shit load of time creating accounts for people and explaining our posting system to people who either never post articles or barely ever do.  That’s why there are some who contact me about reporting who I don’t get back to, it gets discouraging after awhile.  I’d recommend CC’ing doug@ in e-mails to me about writing positions as well in case I’m too busy.  Also on a random note anybody looking to submit their band’s music please submit it to altnationbands@, e-mailing me directly means it will likely not get heard as I’m too busy running the website.

The big project I’ve been working on is called Concertfy, a large scale concert multimedia sharing website. The beta version of this should be up in the next couple of weeks. I don’t want to give a date because I don’t want to miss it, but expect it to launch soon. This is the type of thing that could really explode because it’s not just limited to a niche genre. People can upload shit from Justin Bieber or dubstep crap for all I care.

Arcade Fire Singer Talks The Cure & Radiohead With The Office’s Rainn Wilson

The Office’s Rainn Wilson talks to Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler in a new interview on his SoulPancake youtube channel. During the interview Butler was asked to name three albums which give him the tools to be a deeper, richer human being. To which the Arcade Fire frontman responded:

“For sure Radiohead’s Kid A and OK Computer. I also listen to the Cure a lot, I remember listening to disintegration so much that it wasn’t a sad album anymore. Even the Gold Rush (Neil Young), I’ve listened to that album so many times it’s crazy.”

Butler was also asked about the best advice he’s ever received, which came from Neil Young during Thankgiving dinner.

“Have fun making your album (Reflektor). Or it can not be fun at all. That’s okay, too.”

You can view Rainn Wilson’s interview with Win Butler below: