List Of 100 Rock Albums That Came Out In 2013

2013 had many alternative musical releases on all fronts from 90’s grunge and modern rock to industrial metal and electronic. You can view a selection of the albums that came out below.

1. Alice in Chains- “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” 5/28 (click here for our review of this album)
2. Alter Bridge- “Fortress” 10/8 (click here for our review of this album)
3. Andrew Stockdale- “Keep Moving” 6/11 (click here for our review of this album)
4. Arcade Fire- “Reflektor” 10/28
5. Arctic Monkeys- “AM” 9/6
6. Atoms for Peace- “Amok” 2/25
7. The Avett Brothers- “Magpie and the Dandelion” 10/15
8. Bad Religion- “True North” 1/22
9. Beady Eye- “BE” 6/10
10. Beware of Darkness- “Orthodox” 5/7 (click here for our review of this album)
11. Biffy Clyro- “Opposites” 1/28
12. Black Flag- “What The…” 12/3
13. Black Sabbath- “13” 6/10
14. Black Star Riders- “All Hell Breaks Loose” 5/28
15. Boards of Canada- “Tomorrow’s Harvest” 6/5
16. Cage the Elephant- “Melophobia” 10/8 (click here for our review of this album)
17. California X- “California X” 1/15
18. Chvrches- “The Bones of What You Believe” 9/20
19. The Civil Wars- “The Civil Wars” 8/6
20. Clutch- “Earth Rocker” 3/15
21. Cold and Lovely- “Ellis Bell EP” 9/24
22. Coheed and Cambria- “The Afterman: Descension” 2/5
23. Crash Kings- “Dark of the Daylight” 6/18 (click here for our review of this album)
24. Cults- “Static” 10/15 (click here for our review of this album)
25. David Bowie- “The Next Day” 3/12
26. The Dead Daisies- “The Dead Daisies” 8/9
27. Deltron 3030- “Event 2” 9/30
28. Depeche Mode- “Delta Machine” 3/22
29. Ed Kowalczyk- “The Flood and The Mercy” 10/29 (click here for our review of this album)
30. Elton John- “The Diving Board” 9/24
31. Filter- “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” 6/4 (click here for our review of this album)
32. Flaming Lips- “The Terror” 4/1
33. Frank Turner- “Tape Deck Heart” 4/22
34. Franz Ferdinand- “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” 8/26
35. Gemini Syndrome- “Lux” 9/10 (click here for our review of this album)
36. Ghost- “Infestissumam” 4/10
37. HAIM- “Days Are Gone” 9/27
38. HBS- “In Deep Owl” 8/27 (click here for our review of this album)
39. How to Destroy Angels- “Welcome Oblivion” 3/5 (click here for our review of this album)
40. Intronaut- “Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)” 3/19
41. Jesu- “Everyday I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came” 9/23
42. Jimmy Eat World- “Damage” 6/11
43. John Frusciante- “Outsides” 8/27 (click here for our review of this album)
44. The Joy Formidable- “Wolf’s Law” 1/22
45. King Krule- “6 Feet Beneath the Moon” 8/24
46. Kings of Leon- “Mechanical Bull” 9/20 (click here for our review of this album)
47. Korn- “The Paradigm Shift” 10/4
48. Mad Season- “Above deluxe box set” 4/2 (click here for our review of this album)
49. Man Man- “On Oni Pond” 9/11
50. Mark Lanegan- “Imitations” 9/17 (click here for our review of this album)
51. Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood- “Black Pudding” 5/14 (click here for our review of this album)
52. Mazzy Star- “Seasons of Your Day” 9/24 (click here for our review of this album)
53. Meat Puppets- “Rat Farm” 4/16
54. Melvins- “Everybody Loves Sausages” 4/30 (click here for our review of this album)
55. Melvins- “Tres Cabrones” 11/5
56. Metallica- “Metallica Through The Never soundtrack” 9/24
57. Middle Class Rut- “Pick Up Your Head” 6/25 (click here to view our review of this album)
58. Ministry- “From Beer to Eternity” 9/6
59. Moby- “Innocents” 10/1
60. Motorhead- “Aftershock” 10/21
61. The Mowgli’s- “Waiting for the Dawn” 6/18
62. Mudhoney- “Vanishing Point” 4/2 (click here for our review of this album)
63. My Bloody Valentine- “m b v” 2/2
64. The Neighbourhood- “I Love You” 4/23
65. New Politics- “Bad Girl In Harlem” 4/21
66. Nine Inch Nails- “Hesitation Marks” 9/3 (click here for our review of this album)
67. Nirvana- “In Utero 20th anniversary reissue” 9/24
68. Noiseheads- “1994” 3/8
69. Palms- “Palms” 6/25 (click here for our review of this album)
70. Paul McCartney- “New” 10/15
71. Pearl Jam- “Lightning Bolt” 10/11 (click here for our review of this album)
72. Pelican- “Forever Becoming” 10/15
73. Phoenix- “Bankrupt!” 4/19
74. Pixies- “EP1” 9/2 (click here for our review of this album)
75. Plastic Visions- “Plastic Visions EP” 5/28 (click here for our review of this album)
76. Portugal. The Man- “Evil Friends” 6/4
77. Puscifer- “Donkey Punch the Night” 2/19 (click here for our review of this album)
78. Queens of the Stone Age- “…Like Clockwork” 6/3 (click here for our review of this album)
79. Red Fang- “Whales and Leeches” 10/15
80. Red Hot Chili Peppers- “I’m Beside You” 11/29
81. Russian Circles- “Memorial” 10/29
82. Sebadoh- “Defend Yourself” 9/16
83. Sigur Rós- “Kveikur” 6/18
84. Sick Puppies- “Connect” 7/16
85. Skinny Puppy- “Weapon” 5/28
86. Sons of the Sea- “Sons of the Sea” 9/24
87. Steven Wilson- “The Raven That Refused To Sing” 2/25
88. Stone Gossard- “Moonlander” 6/25 (click here for our review of this album)
89. Stone Temple Pilots- “High Rise” 10/8 (click here for our review of this album)
90. The Strokes- “Comedown Machine” 3/26
91. Sound City- “Real to Reel” 3/12 (click here for our review of this album)
92. Soundgarden- “Screaming Life/Fopp reissue” 11/26 (click here for our review of this album)
93. Surfer Blood- “Pythons” 6/11 (click here for our review of this album)
94. Tomahawk- “Oddfellows” 1/29
95. Twenty One Pilots- “Vessel” 1/8
96. Vampire Weekend- “Modern Vampires of the City” 5/14
97. Violent Soho- “Hungry Ghost” 9/6 (click here for our review of the album)
98. Vista Chino- “Peace” 9/3
99. White Denim- “Coriscana Lemonade” 10/29
100. Yuck- “Glow & Behold” 9/30

Comment the alternative artists we did not include on this year’s list below…

AlternativeNation.Net’s Top Ten Stories Of 2013

10. Jack White/Dan Auerbach Feud

9. Bassist Kim Deal Quits The Pixies

8. Courtney Love And Eric Erlandson Reconcile, Hole Reunion Planned

7. Lincoln Parish Quits Cage The Elephant

6. Eddie Vedder Cuts His Hair

5. Billy Corgan Announces Smashing Pumpkins Hiatus

4. Matt Cameron Takes Break From Soundgarden In Order To Play With Pearl Jam

3. Stone Temple Pilots Hire Chester Bennington As New Frontman

2. Nirvana To Be Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

1. Scott Weiland Gets Fired From Stone Temple Pilots’s 2013 Year In Review Roundtable Discussion: STP Drama, Nirvana & More

2013 has been a year filled with drama in alternative rock, with bands like Stone Temple Pilots and the Pixies undergoing huge lineup changes.  As the year comes to a close reporters Brett Buchanan, Mike Mazzarone, and Riley Rowe are here to break down many of the major events of 2013.

Riley: OK let’s get this over with.

Brett: That’s what your mom said last night.

Brett: Oh wait, shit. I just dissed myself. Welcome everybody to our 2013 year in review roundtable discussion. Doug McCausland couldn’t join us, he’s reportedly walkin in a winter wonderland.

Mike: I wonder if he makes creepy faces like Scott in his sleep.


Brett: Speaking of walkin in a winter wonderland, let’s discuss the year’s top story. Scott Weiland being fired from Stone Temple Pilots in February. What were your reactions?

Riley: Was that a transition?

Mike: I mean, it was one of those things where no matter how much you saw it coming it was still truly shocking. At least to me. Scott Weiland WAS STP.

Riley: Anyways, I guess I wasn’t too shocked. I felt like it was bound to happen. If my lead singer showed up late every show and didn’t deliver, I wouldn’t want him in my band.

Brett: The rumors started coming during the 2012 tour that they would go on hiatus, but I didn’t think they’d fire Scott until Slash said in December 2012 that they had. I was still shocked though at the firing, especially the one sentence ‘termination’ notice.

Mike: Well yeah there is always that. But how many of us really pictured STP without Scott Weiland in it.

Riley: I think his replacement was more surprising.

Brett: If you’d told me a couple of years ago that they’d ever fire Weiland I’d have called you nuts.

Riley: If you would’ve told me Chester Bennington would replace him I would’ve called you bananas.

Brett: When it comes to Chester, I didn’t think they’d find a replacement. When they announced the firing I had assumed they’d just look for a singer forever like Velvet Revolver.

Mike: The moment I heard it was Chester Bennington of Linkin Park…I think my reaction would have been the same as if you told me Scott Stapp replaced Weiland. It just didn’t seem to make any sense…to fit at the time. However I’m eating crow now to say the least. The High Rise EP was wonderful and he truly sounds like at times if Weiland stayed clean.

Riley: I mean the more you look into it, the more it makes sense due to Chester’s love for STP and all that jazz.

Mike: I expected Richard Patrick honestly.

Brett: I think the way they did it worked well. I got home one night and was bombarded with e-mails about Chester joining STP but the key was that they released “Out of Time” right after their surprise performance at Weenie Roast and it impressed me.

Mike: As a brand Stone Temple Pilots > Army Of Anyone. By far. But to this day you have people saying that they shouldn’t call themselves STP.

Brett: I was in shock though still when it happened. When it comes to the name I understand why they have to use it.  This is their job, and they’re not going to fill the venues under another name. They shouldn’t have to give up all they’ve worked for because of Scott’s problems.  Obviously in a perfect world they’d be called something else, but I cannot fault them for wanting to make a living.

Riley: Same debate happened with AiC a few years ago.

Mike: But I don’t think people make a big deal with AIC as they do with STP for some reason

Brett: I’m just happy Dean, Eric, and Robert are staying together rather than sitting at home, and that they’ve found a singer they have good chemistry with.

Mike: No one says “AIC shouldnt be called AIC.”

Riley: I remember the AIC name debate.

Brett: I do hope though that this isn’t the end to the STP story. I’ll enjoy the Chester led lineup as long as it goes on and look forward to a full album, but I hope Scott gets sober and comes back someday. That’s the happy ending we all want. Not a legal battle. Now onto the Pixies drama. Are they trying to break the Smashing Pumpkins bassist record?


Mike: They have a while to go for that right?

Brett: Pumpkins have had 4 bassists. 5 if you count temporary bassist Mark Tulin. Pixies have now had 3 bassists, in the span of 6 months.

Riley: Look at the big brains on Brett.

Brett: All I know is I hope the Pixies make another documentary.

Mike: ONE MORE BASSIST! ONE MORE BASSIST! Gotta tie that record.

Riley: And then… *Drum Roll* Pixies/Pumpkins tour!

Mike: Lolyes! The band members can change every show.

Brett: That leads to the Smashing Pumpkins hiatus. What do you think the state of the band is?


Mike: Whatever Billy decides. I really think he is tired of touring and performing Pumpkins shit to be honest.  I wouldn’t be shocked if this was a long, long break, or if BillCo does a solo album.

Brett: I think that could happen. I see Jimmy coming back next time the Pumpkins make an album, at least I hope he comes back.

Riley: He seems quite conflicted. Dissing and then apologizing ex-members.

Brett: It seems like a complete waste that the greatest drummer alive has been sitting at home for the last 5 years.  Nicole and Jeff are great, but Jimmy is irreplaceable.

Mike: Neil Peart is already in a ban…oh.

Riley: Maybe he’s honing his skills. So, when he makes his return, he’ll be even better than Neil Peart!

Brett: I wouldn’t be shocked if the original Pumpkins reunite in a couple of years. I don’t think it’ll happen in 2014 but I see it happening someday. It may be the only way Billy can headline arenas again. You do make a good point. But Jimmy’s is still relatively young. Anyways I think Billy will lay low a bit before making his next move.



Brett: Next, another lineup change, Lincoln Parish left Cage The Elephant recently. It’s sad to see an original member leave a band so early in the run.

Riley: I think it’s a bummer, but it won’t make a huge difference in their sound.

Brett: Cage The Elephant also have a very collaborative method of songwriting, jam based a lot. They’ll obviously carry on and still be great, but I thought they’d be a band where the original lineup would stay together.

Mike: Well if they can continue to put out great music and efforts like their last album then they should be OK. Lineup changes arent always bad. Its when you become like Wolfmother then it’s questionable.

Brett: Wolfmother’s was like Spinal Tap this year. I got a headache writing those articles every few weeks when a drummer would leave. The drummer I saw them with in July was there for about 3 weeks. Now the former rhythm guitarist is the drummer. Maybe he’ll switch to jazz flute next. But anyways, I had hoped in 2006 that they’d be an arena act.

Mike: Well they do play arena rock

Riley: Both albums of theirs are quite solid.

Mike: But their multiple lineups and off stage antics prevent them from being an arena band.

Riley: Off stage antics?

Brett: I’d say it’s a lack of consistently releasing albums. Moving onto an arena band with some issues, The Killers’ bassist Mark Stoermer missed several gigs this year for mysterious reasons.

Riley: DRUGS! [/sarcasm]

Brett: No I doubt that, it’s burnout.

Mike: With Stoermer missing gigs, it seems like burnout for me. They just did that massive tour, their last studio album wasn’t that long ago, and now they had to do some dates to promote Direct Hits. It’s a lot.

Brett: I was worried at first but I think they’ll be fine with a hiatus.

Riley: Some people can’t handle touring and all that. That’s why Jack Irons left PJ.


Brett: Speaking of drummers, Matt Cameron is taking a leave of absence from Soundgarden in 2014.

Mike: Soundgarden got dumped for Pearl Jam.

Brett: I don’t get why they don’t just take a break in 2014, that’s what I’d assumed they’d do. But I can’t fault them if it’s what they need to do to make a living.

Riley: It’s probably more fun to drum for PJ.

Brett: I think Matt’s loyalties lie with Pearl Jam because that’s been his band now for nearly 16 years. Soundgarden lost first dibs when they split in 1997.

Mike: Plus PJ is the more active group at the moment.

Brett: I love Matt in Pearl Jam but I do miss Dave Abbruzzese. In my dream world Dave would be back with Pearl Jam and Matt would be with Soundgarden. And they could tour together and have a Temple of the Dog set.

Riley: Join the club

Brett: No Pearl Jam drum performance will ever top “Go.” It sounds like Dave is shooting a gun with his drums on that.

Riley: Arc’s drumming was pretty good.

Mike: I’m sure our readers will debate the drummer issue. I don’t disagree however.

Brett: One of the biggest stories of the year is Eddie Vedder and Jerry Cantrell both getting haircuts. What’s the verdict fashion police?

Riley: “Friends don’t let friends get haircuts.”

Brett: I think Jerry looks 10 years younger now.

Mike: Same with EdVed.

Brett: Yes Eddie’s is good too. Those haircut stories got huge traffic. But moving on, what did you guys think of the Uproar tour?

Riley: Great! I was more impressed by the younger bands than the headliners.

Mike: Uproar was great. Alice In Chains to me were trumped by Jane’s during the show I went too though. Dead Daisies, Middle Class Rut are great acts.

Brett: Walking Papers were the highlight. I enjoyed AIC and Jane’s as well.

Mike: Beware Of Darkness need to work on their live act though. Worst band that I saw there. Which is a shame because their studio stuff is good.

Riley: I dug em. I saw the last show of that tour.


Brett: Moving onto Nirvana’s Hall of Fame induction. What will happen with that?

Riley: Weird Al performing “Smells Like Nirvana”

Mike: I’m really happy that Nirvana got in. I truly am. They deserve it and I’m not questioning that. However I wish the Rock Hall waited to induct them and the other Seattle bands together.

Brett: They’re different bands dipshit.

Mike: That seems like it would have been more fitting.

Brett: That makes no sense at all.

Mike: How does that make no sense?

Brett: They’ve all had their own careers. But when it comes to who should front them for a performance, Frances supposedly can sing according to Courtney. I hope she fronts them at the Hall of Fame.

Mike: Frances Bean should front them. I couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate besides maybe Paul McCartney after the 12-12-12 concert to front.

Brett: So you agree with me.

Mike: That’s his daughter. Could you really think of anyone else more appropriate then that If it isn’t Paul or FBC I’ll be shocked.

Brett: So you agree with me.

Mike: Yes.

Mike: Do we really need to make that a big thing that I agree with you? lol.

Brett: Yes.

Brett: And Riley you want Weird Al right?

Riley: Yeah it’s Weird Al for sure. And these guys.

Brett: So overall how was 2013 in rock?

Riley: Lotsa big name releases, lots of drama.

Mike: Pretty rockin’. Fantastic nostalgia material being pumped out, Scandals all over the place, great new acts on the rise. Should make for a fantastic 2014.

Brett: I thought it was shit for the most part. We’re still in the dark ages of not many prominent young guitar driven bands with talent. I did see some great shows though. But there wasn’t much great material released this year.

Mike: I didn’t know just guitar based music was the only form out there.

Riley: Shoulda gone to Rockstar UPROAR earlier then.

Mike: And saw every band, not just Jane’s/AIC.

Brett: I’m talking album wise.

Mike: Well good music is subjective.

Brett: There was some good stuff but overall the only great top to bottom album was Like Clockwork.

Mike: What is good to some isn’t to others.

Brett: Right, I wish you’d said this during our epic Arcade Fire debate! But overall I think rock is dead right now when it comes to being a vibrant thing with a real message for society.

Mike: Well I mean its not like the world doesn’t have a lot to rebel against right now.

Riley: Rock never died, it just hid from pop.

Mike: Just like there will always be pop I am certain there will always be rock.

Brett: Rock is dead, I just hope that it can come back.

Mike: Thats a bit of a bold statement. I don’t think rock is dead at all.

Brett: It’s totally dead.

Mike: It might not be as strong as pop is but its not a dead genre.

Brett: It’s such shit that they still have to play Pearl Jam and Nirvana on modern rock radio because there’s not enough new good stuff to play. 20 year old songs on modern rock radio, amazing songs but 20 years old. They have to play them because there’s not enough out there today.

Mike: That’s why I don’t listen to my rock station because they play nothing but classic rock mixed with a few new releases. I know where to go for new music.

Riley: That’s just more dependent on record labels. Labels aren’t signing rock artists as much as radio-friendly pop rock artists.

Brett: No they play the crappy new shit to death over and over, but my point is there’s a real healthy dose of old stuff that there wasn’t 15-20 years ago on modern rock radio because the talent was still there. I disagree I just don’t think the great rock songs are being written right now.

Mike: As Riley pointed out. The music industry is whats dying more so then rock. More demand is in that teenybopper pop stuff then rock.

Riley: Bingo.

Brett: Teenybopper pop has always existed. It has nothing to do with the state of rock. Hanson were around what, 20 years ago? New Kids On The Block.

Mike: There is more of a way to get your music out there. To the masses then depend on record labels. Thats why indie acts are so popular. And new Hanson sounds nothing like old Hanson

Riley: It’s all about the ebb and flow of trends.

Brett: Well the trend is shit right now.

Riley: Grunge was a reaction to hair metal. Modern pop trend is a reaction to alt rock, and then we’ll have a rebuttal to modern pop.

Brett: Electronic music totally overtaking rock is the bigger concern than pop. Guys think it’s easier to get their dick sucked being a DJ than playing guitar now.

Mike: Over here Electronic music isn’t as big, it must be a west coast thing.

Riley: It’s easy to sample someone else’s music and then make a song out of that. Can I go play GTAV now?

Brett: Only if you go on a hooker killing spree.’s Top Ten Albums Of 2013

After our three part roundtable discussion series and vehement arguments on Facebook chat, here is’s Top Ten Albums of 2013.


10. Noiseheads- 1994

Noiseheads released their self-recorded/independently released debut album 1994 in March. The album’s highlights include the upbeat “Annie” and melancholic album closer “Dust.” While the album leans a bit heavy on 90’s nostalgia, frontman Nick Gray clearly displays his knack for being able to write a memorable rock song and gives a voice to disenchanted millenials. Noiseheads are primed to grow and evolve into their own unique sound on their 2nd album.


9. Sound City Players- Sound City: Real To Reel

The Sound City album features rock greats like the surviving members of Nirvana, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, and many others.


8. Arctic Monkeys- AM

AM is a great addition to the Arctic Monkeys’ catalog, delivering several well crafted riff-based rock tunes which are definitely needed nowadays and featuring input from Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme.


7. How to Destroy Angels- Welcome oblivion

Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig released their atmospheric debut album earlier this year.


6. Middle Class Rut- Pick Up Your Head

Middle Class Rut’s second album packs quite a punch, channeling influences like Jane’s Addiction and Rage Against The Machine but possessing its own identity. Key tracks include “Aunt Betty” and “Dead Eye”.


5. Filter- The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Filter’s latest album is their best since 2002’s The Amalgamut. Patrick’s voice sounds re-energized and the album features new Filter classics like: What Do You Say, Surprise, and We Hate It When You Get What You Want.


4. Cage The Elephant- Melophobia

Cage The Elephant yet again changed up their sound for their latest album, with frontman Matt Shultz reaching new heights vocally and lyrically on tracks like Come a Little Closer, Cigarette Daydreams, Spiderhead, and Hypocrite.


3. Pearl Jam- Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam returned in style with Lightning Bolt, a nice addition to the band’s legendary catalog. New tracks like Mind Your Manners, Sirens, Infallible, and Lightning Bolt have fit in seamlessly with the band’s old classics on tour.


2. Nine Inch Nails- Hesitation Marks

Trent Reznor shocked fans and brought NIN back from the dead after declaring that the band was done 4 years ago. Lead single “Came Back Haunted” showed that Reznor still had the ability to write a hit. There’s a sense of maturity on the new album, but the darkness is still there and even lighter tracks like “Everything” acknowledge his journey to where he is at today.


1. Queens of the Stone Age- …Like Clockwork

By far the best album of 2013, Queens of the Stone Age returned with their first album in 6 years and it is their masterpiece. Josh Homme reaches a level of sonic bliss with a feeling of desperation that is not often heard in today’s hipster/mediocre rock scene. Highlights include: every song on the album.’s Top Five EP’s Of 2013

5. Bad Cop: Light On

Hailing from Nashville, Bad Cop are a rising force in the indie rock circuit. They released The Light On EP to bridge the gap between 2010’s Harvest the Beast and their upcoming second studio album. “Light On” possesses a moody, psychedelic sway while “Post Mcdonalds Punks” is sure to please fans of the more chaotic Pixies tunes.

4. Plastic Visions: Plastic Visions

Kane Stewart joined forces with his cousin, Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz, to craft this masterful yet brief morsel of punk-grunge tunes. The EP is a really fun listen front to back, but it ends too quickly. Thankfully, the band are hard at work on their first studio album.

3. The Cold and Lovely: Ellis Bell

The band’s 2nd release has shades of My Bloody Valentine and Garbage sonically, and despite being made for a modest budget it just sounds massive.  “Doll” and the title track are just tailor made for radio. The band features Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino and frontwoman Meghan Toohey.

2. The Pixies: EP-1

The first original collection of new material by The Pixies since 1991’s Tromple le Monde, the E.P. marks a solid comeback for the band, minus their iconic bassist, Kim Deal.  “Indie Cindy” has a chorus that just sticks to your brain.

1. Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington: High Rise

STP is obviously a different band now without iconic frontman Scott Weiland, but Chester Bennington clearly has chemistry with the DeLeos and Eric Kretz that is evident on this EP.  When “Tomorrow” ends it just makes you wish it was a full LP.

Watch the new video for The Cold and Lovely’s “Doll,” directed by owner Brett Buchanan, below:

Arctic Monkeys Visit Queens Of The Stone Age Frontman’s Studio

In a recent interview with Khaleej Times, Alex Turner and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys discuss their recent interaction with Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Joshua Homme.  View a part of the interview below:

You went to record some of your albums in the States?
Turner: “Originally it was just getting us far away from this kind of comfortable environment or whatever it was, some version of ‘home’. The first we did over there was the third album and at that point we really wanted to tear up the rulebook and work with new people. So we went to Josh Homme’s studio in the desert and made that Humbug record and that was a massive turning point for the group. I think we needed to go there and freshen up our ideas. It was like if this band is going to continue you need to move forward.”

How many new guitar pedals and stuff did Joshua show you?
Helders: “A lot of machines, a lot of pedals. From what I saw there was a lot of shit there.”

Turner: “On the record we used a lot from his collection. He has got some tricks, yeah. I think we found a lot of the hand moves ourselves. He’s got his sound but it’s about trying to create your own. That was a turning point in the whole picture. Joshua helped us to plant a seed for a fruit tree which is yielding juicy plums these days.”

Listen to “If I Had a Tail,” the fourth track off Queens of the Stone Age’s most recent album, which features vocals from Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner below:

Beck Sued For Damages To Inglorious Basterds Actor’s Mansion

TMZ is reporting that singer/songwriter Beck is being sued due to damages to the Malibu rental property of actor Til Schweiger, known for his role in 2009’s Inglorious Basterds as Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz. Beck rented the property from Schweiger in February and is refuting the accusations, claiming that the mansion was problematic to start and claiming mold and plumbing issues.

According to the German actor, repairs to the house after the “substantial physical damage” it received totaled over $40,000

Both sides are now suing one another. Beck for the $11,000 security deposit which was apparently never returned by Schweiger and Schweiger for the damage repair plus unpaid back rent. All of which totaling $56,704.24.

Jack White

Watch Jack White On Charlie Rose’s Talk Show

In the past year, Jack White has has been working on a project revolving around Paramount Records, a defunct blues record label from the 1920s that signed artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ma Rainey, Fletcher Henderson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Jelly Roll Morton. White’s Third Man Records have been working on reissuing Paramount’s catalaog as a box set featuring 800 songs, original ads from the era, two books, and six 180-gram vinyl LPs.

You can watch below as White discusses the box set on the Charlie Rose show:

Courtney Love & Eric Erlandson Reconcile, Hole Reunion In The Works

After a decade of feuding, Hole co-founders Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson have reconciled and appear to be planning a Hole reunion for 2014. Love revived the Hole name from 2009-2011 with an all new lineup but abandoned the name last year. The classic 90’s Hole lineup of Courtney Love, Eric Erlandson, Melissa auf der Maur, and Patty Schemel briefly reunited for a short set last year to help promote Schemel’s new documentary but the bad blood appeared to be unresolved. Love claimed earlier this year that Erlandson had stolen Kurt Cobain’s guitars and that she would never reunite with him.

Last night Love posted this photo of herself with Erlandson with the message: “And this just happened @eric_erlandson @maindepowr @LouiseMensch @xMAdMx 2014 going to be a very interesting year xc.”


Love also posted on her Facebook a couple of days ago that she is looking to move past her grudges:

”I think at nearly 50 the basis of any relationship should be restraint and pragmatism before the big dramatic tsunami — shit I wish I knew this at 20, and to become best friends and to make sure your exes dont all hate you. its important to leave romances nicely — and its 2014 so im letting alot of grudges just go, i dont have time . . . none of it matters — thank you dave navvaroo [Dave Navarro] and peter mensch. (sic)”

She added in her post: ”So to everyone take my advice, lose the grudges and grudge matches. First of all youll make a lot more money if that doesnt incentivise you, youll just be happier and get kissed more. (sic)”

Roundtable Discussion On 2013 Albums Part 3: Dave Grohl’s Sound City, Kings of Leon, Filter & Atoms for Peace

We left off on Part 2 with Arcade Fire, and third (and final) part picks up with the Sound City soundtrack as reporters Brett Buchanan, Mike Mazzarone, Riley Rowe, and Doug McCausland offer their ‘expert’ analysis in a Charlie Rosesque roundtable discussion on 2013’s alternative rock albums.


Brett: Alright moving on from hipster land.

Mike: Lol.

Brett: Out of Brooklyn, back to our older favorites. Sound City.

Mike: Aka “back to our comfort zone”

Doug: I refuse to listen to that anymore for reasons that I don’t think should be said on a website that everyone can read.

Brett: This sounds interesting.

Riley: Yeah wow wow, what?

Brett: I smell hits.

Doug: It’s pretty gross.

Brett: Did Dave Grohl fuck your Mom?

Mike: Did Corey Taylor kick your dog?

Doug: Hahaha no.

Riley: Did uhm Paul McCartney sext you?

Brett: If so that’d already be on the site. Sex sells. HITS.

Mike: Did Rick Springfield send you a death threat?

Mike: Yes Brett we know you have a traffic fetish.

Riley: Out with it boy.

Doug: I’ll just say I had bowel control problems when that album came out and now I have conditioned myself to think I will explode if I hear it.

Riley: Oh…

Brett: You seriously haven’t heard it?

Doug: Nah in all seriousness I liked most of it.

Brett: I liked Cut Me Some Slack, it’s not the greatest track of all time but has a jammy feel to it.

Mike: The Man That Never Was was typical 80s hair fluff.

Brett: NIRVANA did a great job on Cut Me Some Slack.

Doug: Standout tracks to me were “Time Slowing Down”, “Your Wife Is Calling”, “Mantra.”

Brett: Boy, isn’t it great having NIRVANA back.

Mike: And even though people say “From Can To Can’t” was too long of a song it was a FANTASTIC song.

Brett: Mantra is great. I love Reznor’s hook at the end.

Riley: Their smiles at the end of the live video is so cute.

Mike: That’s the kind of rock croon I like. Mantra is a stand out. No doubt about that.

Brett: My favorite track is the Alain Johannes, Homme, and Grohl one a A Trick With No Sleeve. Catchy as hell riff and melody.

Doug: Why did Stevie Nicks have to fuck everything up

Riley: Because she’s 93 years old.

Mike: NEVER liked Stevie Nicks, OR Fleetwood Mac.

Brett: Stevie Nicks is a legend, shut the fuck up.

Mike: The old hag sounds like a goat

Brett: You sound like a goat.

Riley: Let’s hear you sing, bubba.

Mike: Sorry all I heard was BAHHH BAHHH BAHHH

Doug: Nooo I like Stevie Nicks, but she sounds bored.

Brett: I got chills when Nicks and Grohl performed Landslide at my Sound City show.

Mike: I’m not admitting to being a singer but her voice is just so jarring

Brett: Nicks is one of the greatest female rock singers of all time. Whether you liked the Sound City song is subjective.

Doug: She is undoubtebly, but I just don’t like the studio version of the song.

Mike: I respect what she’s done. Just not a fan.

Riley: I think she’s just maybe a bit past her prime. A legend? Sure. Old? definitely.

Brett: Maybe Taylor Momsen should have sung on the soundtrack.

Mike: Now that would have sold more albums.

Riley: I prefer the movie over the soundtrack.

Mike: NEVER saw the movie honestly.

Doug: So would Sound City make our top list?

Brett: I love the film. I don’t know, we’ll think about it.


Brett: Let’s talk Filter. The Sun Comes Out Tonight.

Doug: I like a number of songs.

Brett: To me it’s the best of the Filter comeback records. Much better production.

Mike: HEY, HEY! WHAT DO YOU SAY! Love that record. That band is so energetic live, Filter live really match their songs.

Brett: What Do You Say is Patrick’s best song since 2002.

Riley: Why does everyone like Surprise? I don’t hear anything special.

Brett: Catchy song, but I prefer First You Break It out of the pop ones.

Doug: I like it. It’s catchy.

Mike: Well it’s a good song but it isn’t an ultra intense song like What Do You Say. Surprise to me is a throwback to Take A Picture.

Doug: I liked the album but its nothing to write home about.

Riley: Self Inflicted and Take That Knife Out of My Back are the butt-kickers of the album.

Brett: Overall though solid album especially for how many albums in they are. Though Title of Record will likely always be my favorite Filter album.

Mike: No one else thought of “Take A Picture” when listening to Surprise? That’s really surprising (no pun intended…really) to me.

Doug: Richard called it a sequel at the Starland show.

Mike: I remember that.

Riley: Only because there was an acoustic guitar. I just heard nothing memorable about it.

Mike: It’s Patrick showing that he can write softer songs as well as his ass kicking harder ones.


Doug: Well, one of Mike, Riley and I’s favorite albums of the year is Middle Class Rut’s “Pick Up Your Head”

Riley: Oof, great front to back!

Brett: I believe I heard the lead single but not the full album.

Mike: Oh. Middle Class Rut. They are such an underrated band.

Doug: They’re pretty much as popular as any hard rock band can become nowadays.

Riley: I still need to beef up that interview I did with them.

Mike: Aunt Betty is so Jane’s Addiction though it’s not funny. Not saying that’s a bad thing though.

Riley: I told em that! and they denied it!

Doug: Very Janes and Rage influenced.

Mike: Now listening to the album I hear Rage. But it’s an underrated album from an underrated band. I hope they only get bigger. From front to back, a wonderful listen.

Doug: Sean Stockham is my favorite modern drummer.


Mike: If we are talking about new artists then let’s talk about our other Modern Rock darling – Kings of Leon and “Mechanical Bull”

Doug: I liked the single Temple

Mike: Not only Temple but Supersoaker, the lead single is just such a catchy, radio single. And rockin’ as well, very bluesy in a way

Brett: I’ll be honest another band where I just listen to the singles. I like their singles but I just don’t have time to listen to every new album. You never know when Billy Corgan is going to take a shit. I’m very focused on my reporting.

Mike: That’s Brett in a nutshell. I just really like Followill’s voice.

Doug: I’m in the same boat. I know they’re friends with Eddie Vedder.


Brett: Let’s talk about Noiseheads 1994. If you guys listened.

Doug: Love that album.

Brett: It’s an indie album but let’s give them some promotion here.

Doug: If we covered all the obligatory stuff lets talk about new artists.

Mike: Never heard.

Riley: Ooh loved it. But I’m afraid they’re barking up the old tree.

Doug: Noiseheads sound retro without ripping anyone off.

Brett: I think Nick’s got a lot of promise and can write a good catchy rock song.

Riley: It’s great! But, maybe the grunge sound should left in the 90’s.

Brett: For his next release though I hope he steers away from Grunge and evolves, which I’m sure he will. Anyways, Annie was my favorite song off of 1994.

Brett: Now let’s talk about the band that saved rock and roll this year. Of course, I’m talking about Fall Out Boy, who released ‘Save Rock and Roll.’


Mike: I’m not gonna lie.

Brett: Gentlemen, you have permission to light em up.

Doug: Mike, shut up.

Mike: There is ONE song out of that album I enjoy.

Doug: Let me guess, the lead single?


Mike: Light Em Up. Yeah. I got into it because they played it during the NHL playoffs non stop
It’s a really catchy song. Can’t deny that.

Brett: Jesus.

Mike: Devils used it for opening night. I’m not saying I’m a FOB fan. I hate most of their shit and listening to the album most if not all of the other stuff isn’t great

Doug: DISCLAIMER: Mike Mazzarone’s opinions do not reflect those of

Mike: But that one song is an entertaining, guilty pleasure.

Doug: Then that Panic! At the Disco song came out that sounded almost identical.

Brett: Mike, thnks fr the memories you’ve given me with your review of that song.

Doug: I wanna drink bleach whenever Safe and Sound by Capital Cities plays.

Mike: Oh fuck you. That’s a great song.

Brett: Mike likes Imagine Dragons too. Imagine Silence.


Mike: There is nothing wrong with Imagine Dragons. Radioactive is one of the better songs to come out of 2013 (out of bands we don’t cover).

Doug: Speaking of Imagine Dragons, I want everyone to check out Nico Vega, who is fronted by Imagine Dragons’ frontman’s wife. She rocks so much harder than he does.

Brett: Radioactive sucks Scott Stapp balls.

Mike: Go ride Scott Weiland’s dick.

Brett: You’re the one who almost went to his solo show this year, not me.

Mike: I would have gone for the cluster. Too bad it was actually an organized show. Haha.

Riley: Radioactive’s just overplayed is all.


Doug: I just grabbed the new Arctic Monkeys. Cool record. Arabella reminds me of Sabbath.

Mike: New Arctic Monkeys is great. I might see them in Brooklyn.

Brett: I like the Arctic Monkeys single, but I’m looking for something a bit more uptempo, anything like that on the album?

Doug: Just has a really dark vibe overall.

Brett: I’ll admit I haven’t heard the full thing.

Mike: I’m shocked.

Brett: They’re a band with potential though. Unlike Imagine Silence.

Mike: Give ID a chance. Tons of bands are overplayed.

Doug: They’ve been relevant for about eight years so I think they’ve already reached it.

Mike: Do I Wanna Know is a great track. I’d love to see AM covered in the near future.


Brett: Did anybody listen to Atoms for Peace? I didn’t. We really are no Rolling Stone…

Doug: Nope.

Mike: I did. It sucked. That’s my review. Lmfao.

Brett: MAGIC MIKE- “It sucked.” Put that on Metacritic.

Mike: It was pretentious garbage. If you disagree then your opinion is wrong. Sorry bubs.

Riley: Saw em on Stephen Colbert.

Brett: I hope we’re not burning interview bridges. To any publicists reading this: we love the band you represent, we’re just shooting the shit with our stupid opinions.

Mike: I saw them on Colbert too. I fell asleep with mini tacos in my mouth

Brett: A nightly occurrence.’s Top Five William Patrick Corgan Moments Of 2013

Billy Corgan is probably the most outspoken individual of the grunge era sans Courtney Love, constantly taking to the press and making weird career choices in what appears to be a deliberate effort to troll our easily offended commenters. Whether you like Corgan or not, his antics never cease to be entertaining, and without him, GrungeReport/AlternativeNation/TMZ/CorganReport wouldn’t be the same. Here’s five of his greatest moments of 2013.

5. “Jesus Would Like Better Bands”

In an interview with Talk Asia, Billy proclaimed that the future of better music lays with Jesus. Explaining that Christian rock is the future, Billy said “Make better music. Personally in my opinion I think Jesus would like better bands. Now I’m going to get a bunch of Christian rock hate mail. Put it this way, here’s a better quote: Hey Christian rock, if you want to be good, stop copying U2, U2 already did it. There’s a lot of U2esque Christian rock. Bono and company created the template for modern Christian rock, and I’d like to think that Jesus would want us to evolve.”

4. Bane Corgan

Acknowledging the public’s (I.E. commenters) opinion of him, Billy spoke out in February: “In my case, I’ve often played the public heel [wrestling term for villain] because I often feel that is sort of my role. I’m probably a guy that has a world-class gift but often I get treated sometimes like someone that just wandered into a grocery store and just happened to be standing there when the light bulb went on. I do get kind of pissy by being underappreciated and so at times I go kind of ‘Piper.’ I play the heel to draw attention to myself and most importantly to let people know I think I do belong in a room with everyone else.”

3. Billy Corgan Rumored To Be In Negotiations To Purchase TNA Wrestling

In the story that our own Brett Buchanan gave an update on (and was subsequently plugged by Howard Stern and Spin Magazine, who kind of blew the rumors out of proportion),  Billy was reportedly on the cusp of becoming a wrestling tycoon by purchasing the struggling Total Nonstop Action Wrestling organization in early November. Corgan has had deep talks with the company but he has yet to officially purchase the company.  Toby Keith has recently been reported to be another potential buyer.

2. Billy Corgan Proclaims That He Will Now Go By William Corgan

Yes, in August, Billy pleaded with the masses to start addressing him by his full name, William, via Talk Asia.

Host: Billy Corgan welcome to Talk Asia.

William Corgan: William now.

Host: When did that change?

William Corgan: I’ve been morphing for awhile, I’m going to go William now.

Host: Do you feel more serious?

William Corgan: No no, that’s actually my birth name.

Host: Do you feel more grown up?

William Corgan: No, just Billy gets uncomfortable at some point. Like wrinkles and Billy, it just doesn’t work.

1.  Billy Goes On The Apology Circuit

The following are real quotes from the Corganator:

“Jimmy [Chamberlin] is a destructive human being, and people who are destructive break things,”

“Iha is only interested in the release of any of his songs, and getting paid/laid.”

“James Iha I think is just a piece of shit.”

“[James Iha] is one of the worst human beings Ive ever met in my life.

“We released a song by Iha called ‘Krapola,’ just kidding.”

“Can we be safe, can I invite James Iha back over to my house and beg his forgiveness for him being an asshole?  You know what I mean?  [Sarcastically] I could.  He’s playing in a band with my former guitar tech that’s what he’s doing.”

William made a complete 180 degree turn in August by subtly voicing his discontent his younger bandmates, saying “I don’t really know what makes sense any more. I think you have to come to a place where you say, if you continue you continue with a particular vision, not keep rolling with the tide. Because the tide as it is I don’t think it’s that great. I’m not saying that the audience isn’t great, or that the band isn’t great. Something about it all feels a little too nicey nice. I’m not in a rock and roll band to be nicey nice, it’s just not my thing.”

After that, Billy began singing praises about his former bandmates. Speaking of drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, Corgan told Uncut “Did Jimmy being sacked cripple the band? Oh, absolutely. I should’ve quit right then. Instead, I doubled-down on a bad situation, and it got worse. The band went into a Cold War vibe. People stopped talking. And with walking away from rock stylistically, I was burning my bridges.”

The same week, Billy told Crestfallen, “To give [James Iha] credit, in [Mayonaisse and Soma] he wrote really beautiful ideas, or structures, that were different than I would write. They inspired me to write great songs on top of them, and maybe in that you could argue that that’s a good collaboration. He gave me something valuable that inspired something different in me. “in a way that if you put Jimmy Chamberlin and me in a room, good things happen. To this day I miss D’arcy’s sense of integrity, but it’s not like the integrity of the indie world, she had a certain kind of musical taste, I think is the best way to put it, that I still respect. A real good keen sense of bullshit, and was very principled in that regard.”

Despite the sudden apparent change of heart towards his old bandmates and some believing this meant an attempt at getting the original lineup back together, D’arcy Wretzky fired back at Corgan on her Facebook profile. Somebody posted on her wall, “One day, maybe when he’s old and in his nursing home, Billy will realize that without you giving him the middle finger when he needed it the most, The Smashing Pumpkins just were never the same.”

D’arcy responded, “He never noticed anyway: head too far up butt.”


Billy Corgan Wears A Tophat

Kurt Cobain Visited Violent Punk Rocker GG Allin In Prison

In the new book Staring at Sound: The True Story of Oklahoma’s Fabulous Flaming Lips, Flaming Lips members Wayne Coyne and Nathan Roberts discuss touring with Nirvana and meeting violent punk rocker GG Allin in prison with Kurt Cobain. Below is an excerpt from the book:

The two bandleaders never talked much. “The times we were around him, his stomach hurt, and he was always quiet in the corner,” Wayne said, though Cobain did befriend Flaming Lips drummer Nathan Roberts. According to Nathan, after a show in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in early 1990, Cobain brought him along to pay a visit to self-destructive punk rocker GG Allin, then confined to a state prison for indecent exposure and assault and battery. “After we told him who we were and that we were big fans, he proceeded to curse and spit at us and kept yelling that we were ‘just a couple of Kansas City faggots who want their dicks sucked,” Nathan told the Flaming Lips Trading Post Web site.

Allin died of a heroin overdose in June 1993. Allin was infamous for his violent shows where he would attack fans and perform self-mutilation on stage. Nirvana discussed Allin in a 1993 interview with Kurt Loder on MTV.

Roundtable Discussion On 2013 Albums Part 2: Alice In Chains, NIN, Cage The Elephant & Arcade Fire

Yesterday we posted Part 1 of our roundtable discussion looking at 2013 albums that focused on Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, and Stone Temple Pilots. For Part 2, reporters Brett Buchanan, Mike Mazzarone, Riley Rowe, and Doug McCausland offer their ‘expert’ analysis on Alice In Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Cage The Elephant, and Arcade Fire’s latest releases.


Doug: I’m sure this will piss off many fans… but Brett, did you dislike the newest Alice in Chains as much as I did?

Brett: Yes I wasn’t big on it at all.

Doug: Nothing stood out to me.

Brett: While I’m a die hard Layne fan, I really enjoyed Black Gives Way to Blue, but the songs just weren’t there on Devil.

Doug: Phantom Pain however is a new classic.

Brett: Limb!

Riley: Limb*


Mike: Hollow to me sounds like a vintage AIC track. I loved that song.

Doug: Limb. Sorry, I have Metal Gear Solid stuck in my head.

Brett: I like Voices and Phantom Limb. Moreso Voices.

Riley: Also, live wise: Hollow (73) Stone (71) Voices (12), and Phantom Limb (11). They’re not playing the album at all!

Brett: I think both of Cantrell’s solo records are better than Devil.

Mike: Stone is also another good song. The singles of the album are quite good. It’s the filler which doesn’t stand out to me

Brett: Stone’s just repetitive to me.

Riley: I think the production really effed it up.

Doug: I think Alice in Chains is writing dark music just for the sake of pandering to the fans at this point.

Brett: I think Jerry should go into some new territory on the next one like he did on Boggy Depot and Degradation Trip.

Mike: I think there is a fine line between “repetitive” and “vintage AIC sounding.”

Brett: The bottom line is to me the songs weren’t there. Had fun at the AIC show I went to this year, but hopefully I like the next record better.


Mike: If you want a new album which was experimental in sound…and was very enjoyable then Hesitation Marks is that album.

Doug: I liked a few songs on the album but as a whole I wasn’t feeling it that much.

Brett: With NIN I’ll admit I’ve always been more of a singles fan, compared to a Pearl Jam or something where I know all the albums. I enjoy the two main singles though quite a bit Came Back Haunted and Everything.

Doug: “All Time Low”, “Copy of A”, “Everything”, are the tracks that stood out to me.

Riley: You have to listen to it all the way through 10 times. Then you realize the meaning of life.

Brett: Copy of A I enjoy a lot too.

Doug: Haha maybe I do need to give it another chance.

Mike: Yeah. It’s an album that requires multiple listens. Kind of like how Shutter Island or Donnie Darko or Inception requires multiple watches

Riley: Precisely.

Doug: The fact that I listened to it twice in traffic on Long Island when I needed to piss didn’t help much.

Brett: “Everything” to me though is great, pop bliss. I love the pop shit. Fuck people who say it sounds too happy. I liked The Fixer too, YEAH YEAH YEAH!

Riley: I did want more aggression on the album, but the depth and diversity makes up for it.

Mike: Which is fine for an album. Not every album can have that sound where you listen once and bring out once every few years for “nostalgia” purposes.

Brett: I do wish Eric Avery had stuck around and wrote some songs with Trent, that would have been awesome. I know Trent writes all of the stuff but it would have been an interesting change of pace.

Doug: I think Hesitation Marks can make our top five.

Mike: I think in a few years NIN fans will appreciate Hesitation Marks despite Reznor not being all “depressed” sounding.

Riley: I do think things like “Find My Way” or “Disappointed” should’ve gone on an How To Destroy Angels or soundtrack album.


Brett: Next let’s discuss Cage the Elephant’s third album Melophobia.

Doug: Now that’s one of my favorites this year.

Riley: I didn’t listen to it…

Doug: Not sure if it trumps “Thank You, Happy Birthday”, but its a great album.

Brett: Melophobia is an album where I enjoy half of it a lot.

Mike: I agree with Doug. I’d say it’s my “Modern Rock” album of the year.

Brett: I like Come a Little Closer, Spiderhead, Telescope, Cigarette Daydreams, and Hypocrite. The more melodic songs.

Mike: Come A Little Closer is the kind of single that will be a mainstay for CTE in the band’s history.

Brett: Some of the songs sound a bit too much like noise to me compared to the ones that I mentioned are my favorites.

Doug: “Take It Or Leave It” is one of my favorites. It gives me a Zeppelin Dyer M’ker vibe.

Mike: You know I thought of Zeppelin as well.

Doug: Kinda reggaeish but combined with the blues.

Brett: I just really thought this would be the album to push them over the top, and to me it’s just not that kind of album. It didn’t blow me away like the debut album did. Maybe it’ll grow on me more, I already enjoy 5 of the songs a lot. But it doesn’t have the urgency those first two albums had, so far for me at least.

Doug: Random note: “Teeth” has the same riff as STP’s Crackerman. Well, almost.


Mike: It reminds me of Zeppelin the same way Arcade Fire’s newest album “Reflektor” reminds me of David Bowie. Which I disagree with Brett and think it was a very, very strong album.

Doug: And here… we… GO

Brett: I didn’t listen to the album so I can’t comment, outside of a single or two.

Doug: See, I’m in kind of an awkward position with that album.

Brett: And the single bored me. I want to see somebody rock the fuck out.

Doug: I gave it a pretty scathing review but some of the album grew on me. Still not big on the first single.

Mike: See, Reflektor was just…bliss. Same with Aftermath. It was pure Achtung era U2

Brett: There’s not much for us to say about it since it’s outside of Doug and I’s musical taste at least.

Doug: The standout moments to me now are “Orpheus” and “Eurydice”

Mike: Arcade Fire aren’t a band like Cage The Elephant.

Brett: Comparing Reflektor to Auchtung Baby? lol.

Riley: It does sound disco-y.

Doug: Brett you might like the song Normal Person, more of a straightforward rock tune. Like The Clash almost.

Mike: I’d say the whole album is like Auchung.

Brett: You think Arcade Fire have put out work that is on the same level as U2?

Doug: Awful Sound has an uplifting Floydian feel.

Doug: He didn’t say its on the same level, just the same sport.

Mike: Reflektor as an album could be Arcade Fire’s turning point. Their “Kid A.”

Brett: But they never had an OK Computer.

Doug: Their turning point already happened.

Mike: The Suburbs were their OK Computer. Oh wait, you never listened to it.

Brett: Yes I did.

Mike: If you gave AF a shot and didn’t judge on one or two songs you’d appreciate them. Then again, AF really aren’t a group for everyone.