The enemies of Scott Weiland perform the David Bowie penned track.

Videos from show in Los Angeles.

Brett also meets Stone Temple Pilots and gets the answers to a couple of questions fans have wanted answered for years, he also has a run in with the infamous Scott Stapp. Also, what did Slash and Duff play with STP?

STP say they are not suing Scott to hurt him, and wish him the best.

Kurt's fan friendly grandpa passes away.

Duff and Slash further entrench themselves on Team STP in the STP vs. Weiland war.

The trainwreck continues. Scott forgets the words to Creep, and reviews The Hobbit, the film that he used as his excuse for being late to a show a few months ago.

Jerry says Bush were almost on Uproar Festival tour bill.

Weiland takes away press credentials.

Scott talks about the epic success of his legendary tour.

Weiland says he kept STP from sounding like Rush, says STP and their managers don't care about the band's legacy.

Sean reveals if Alice In Chains ever seriously considered changing their name after their 2006 reunion.