Australian pop duo The Veronicas recently did a question and answer session on reddit and one of the questions submitted to the group was “What is Billy Corgan like”? For those unaware Corgan and band member Jessica Origliasso dated from 2010 until June of last year. Origliasso responded by saying “He’s ten times darker, ten times more brilliant, and 100 times more of teddy bear than what anyone could ever imagine”

For those interested you can read the entire Reddit Q&A here



Mudhoney have announced the following tour dates:

7/19/2013 Denver CO UMS Festival- Outdoor Main Stage
7/20/2013 Minneapolis MN Bash 13 Fest at Grumpy’s
7/21/2013 Milwaukee WI Turner Hall
8/30/2013 Detroit Mi Magic Stick
8/31/2013 Chicago Il Mayne Stage
9/1/2013 Montreal QC Il Motore
9/2/2013 Toronto ON Lee’s Palace
9/23/2013 Washington DC U Street Music Hall
9/24/2013 Carrboro NC Cats Cradle
9/25/2013 Charlotte NC Tremont Music Hall
9/26/2013 Nashville TN Third Man Records
9/27/2013 Memphis TN Goner Festival
9/28/2013 Dallas TX Club Dada
9/29/2013 Austin TX Mohawk Austin
9/30/2013 Houston TX Fitzgerald’s Upstairs
10/1/2013 New Orleans LA One Eyed Jacks
10/2/2013 Atlanta GA EARL

It should be noted that there is some confusion about certain dates and when they will be played. For example Mudhoney lists shows for July 20th and August 30th in Minneapolis & Detroit respectively. However the band also announced on their Facebook that they will be playing in Milwaukee and Chicago for those two dates’s Review Of Mad Season’s “Above Deluxe Box Set”

“Wake up young man, it’s time to wake up,” the haunting voice of 26 year old Layne Staley breathes into a microphone, echoing into the void space between John “Baker” Saunders’ ominous bass line and Mike McCready’s flange-laden guitar composition– both flanked by the light hands of Barrett Martin’s slow and steady rhythm on the drums. The emotion in his voice, telling just as much of the story as the actual lyrics, cannot be learned or practiced, but is a beautiful human response achieved from a life burdened with arduous torment.

Eighteen years after it’s initial release on Columbia Records, Mad Season has re-released Above, the cult-classic album created by four friends who set out with a “desire to make a different kind of music,” while all the hype of the Seattle grunge scene was fizzling out in the mid 1990’s.  At a time when great, original music has seen its better days, the remaining members of Mad Season reconvened last summer to go through the original tapes from their attempted sophomore album.  Not wanting all of those songs to remain locked away forever, Martin and McCready chose a few of the best tracks from those old magnetic tapes and decided to honor their lost friends, Layne and Baker, with one last eulogy set to the sounds of, “one of the heaviest blues bands to come out of Seattle,” as Barrett Martin describes.  They brought in Mark Lanegan, guest singer on the original 1995 release, as the expressive voice that would carry the band into the realm of that unfinished second album, honoring the departed members of the band with his touching, soulful lyrics and delivery.

Disc one contains the original Above album, remixed and reformatted, as well as five bonus tracks– four of them unheard until this year.  The sound quality is absolutely top-notch.  Brett Eliason, producer of the original Above record, really went above and beyond remastering the eighteen year old icon.

In Locomotive, Lanegan’s message is all too apparent- part one of his musical eulogy.  It’s one-hundred percent evident that the instrumental composition came from a time capsule, hidden away since 1996.  It’s raw and heavy and just– Mad Season.

Black Book Of Fear is a pretty, if not tearful number written by Saunders, McCready, Martin, and special guest, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck.  Lanegan’s complimentary lyrics depict a somber story, but I’ll let you interpret it on your own.  Isn’t that the fun of it?

Slip Away melds together the feelings of the previous two tracks in classic McCready fashion. The hollow minor chords push the song along, leading to a solo that paints the musical picture that McCready described in a recent interview, saying, you can just, “feel the pain.”

As a bonus, they tossed in their rendition of John Lennon’s I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier; a track that was recorded for the John Lennon tribute, Working Class Hero, in 1995.  I’m glad they did because I had never heard this version before;  I thought I was hearing a new Layne song!  I’m actually glad that I hadn’t ever heard it until now– it was a nice little gift.

Disc two contains a perfect set from the band, recorded on April 29, 1995 at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The sound quality, again, is amazing.  It’s almost as clean as the studio remaster, and is definitely high-quality for a live concert recording over fifteen years old.

The setlist/tracklist includes:

  1. Wake Up
  2. Lifeless Dead
  3. Artificial Red
  4. River Of Deceit
  5. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier
  6. Long Gone Day
  7. I’m Above
  8. I Don’t Know Anything
  9. X-Ray Mind
  10. All Alone
  11. November Hotel

The emotion that the boys (and 42 year old Baker) put into that show can really be felt in every song. McCready’s leads are electrifying to the point of actual face-melting (put on some SPF before you listen).  What really adds to the already immense sound is the saxophone work from Seattle jazz musician, Skerik.  I keep wanting to call him Shriek…  The noises he produces on the saxophone are unbelievable. He goes from a standard jazz sax, to blissful shrieks that could be mistaken for the sound of an electric guitar, or even a Moog synth. Make sure to notice him on I don’t Wanna Be A Soldier, Long Gone Day, and most notably on November Hotel.  The man goes OFF!

Layne’s voice is absolutely massive and soulful and beautiful all at the same time.  No frills.  No auto-tune.  He fills the mic with blistering human emotion in every word.  To hear it is bliss, but we get to see it, too.

The DVD on the third disc has been a “Long Gone Day” coming to say in the least. I’ve seen this footage plenty of times and even have it on my tablet, but the quality on those previous versions comes up way short.  Thanks to the technologies of today, they were able to produce a high-definition quality video with clear, crisp audio.  Aside from MTV’s Alice In Chains Unplugged and old Alice music videos, we’ve never had such a clear look at the singer doing what he does best.  From only listening so much, people sometimes tend to forget that beautiful sound is coming directly out of the man himself.  Being able to watch Layne sing on such a high-quality DVD is truly a gift.

The rest of the band is just as fun to watch.  From seeing Martin totally losing himself on the drums, to McCready putting to use a double-necked Gibson SG (a la Jimmy Page), to Baker being the professional bluesman and comedian that he was– it’s definitely something that shouldn’t be taken for granted being able to watch.

The DVD contains plenty of footage from the concert at the Moore Theater.  Seven songs are pro-shot and another handful recorded from, what I would assume is, a lower quality camera, maybe belonging to the band. Also included is footage from the entire concert they performed at RKCNDY in Seattle, on New Years Day, 1995, as well as their Self Pollution Radio video.  The SPR video is another one I’ve seen several times, but having it on a DVD makes the audio/visual experience ten times better.  The guys are really enjoying each other in this segment. Lastly, the DVD concludes with the one music video they made, for River Of Deceit.

Before I conclude, allow me to mention one more thing included in the contents of the box-set.  Inside of the quad-fold, cardboard-stock packaging is a booklet featuring the song lyrics from Wake Up to November Hotel, to Lanegan’s newly published lyrics on the three bonus tracks.  Of course, you’ll see the familiar credits, and thank you’s inside as well, but in the beginning of the booklet is a note from Barrett Martin– more like an essay, actually. I urge you all to read it.  Read it twice– then read it again.  He beautifully transcribes the story of the band from its adventurous beginning to its tragic end, and gives a heartfelt eulogy that touches upon John “Baker” Saunders, Layne Staley, and the band itself.  If, when you read it, you aren’t fighting back the lump in your throat that precedes tears, you are either more a man than I, or have no heart at all.  It was a very nice read and a perfect addition to the reissue.

Finally, I want to thank the guys of Mad Season for putting this out, and for Barrett Martin’s vivid recollection of his time with the band, and with Layne and Baker.

If it’s even necessary or allowed (with a reissue) I want to give this box set a score of 5 out of 5. It’s simply amazing… now go buy it!

Also, for you audiophiles, look for the double-vinyl release on RSD (Record Store Day), April 20th, which will include the contents of disc one of the “Above Deluxe” box-set.  Reserve your copy today– I’m sure supplies are very limited.  There are also t-shirts being sold at several online stores right now in case the album alone isn’t enough Mad Season for you.


Pearl Jam performed for the first time this year at Lollapalooza Brasil in São Paulo on Sunday, and to the dismay of fans the band’s 27 song set was not televised like many other band’s performances over the weekend. Pearl Jam though have listened to the fans and have decided to allow the performance to be broadcast on Saturday April 6th at 9:30PM Argentinian time on MultiShow. The channel can be streamed by clicking here.


Nirvana announced today that they will kick off a limited North American reunion tour this summer, as a followup to their two performances last December with Paul McCartney. The new lineup will consist of drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic, guitarist Pat Smear, and Puddle of Mudd singer/guitarist Wes Scantlin standing in for the late Kurt Cobain. Cobain himself will also make a guest appearance via hologram during a part of the show that pays tribute to him.

Nirvana Summer 2013 Tour Dates:

June 21, 2013- Seattle, WA- With Arms Wide Open Arena
June 22, 2013- Los Angeles, CA- Higher Field
June 25, 2013- Chicago, IL- My Sacrifice Stadium
June 26, 2013- Miami, FL- Marlins Will Soar Stadium
June 28, 2013- Boston, MA- Scott Stapp Arena
June 29, 2013- New York, NY- Human Clay Center

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland surprisingly responded to the news with his own statement to, “There’s a typo in the press release, I’m the new lead singer of Nirvana. Kurt wanted it that way, we were great friends. He sent me a text message or something before he died saying he wanted me to sing for Nirvana if he ever died. I’m thinking we should re-record the old songs with me singing, license them out to some movies and car commercials. People don’t really buy new music any more, so I’m thinking a fresh take on the songs will really add to the Nirvana legacy. Maybe some dubstep Nirvana remixes too. It’s what the fans want. Kurt too, he told me it’s what he wanted.”






Setlist from Pearl Jam’s first show of 2013 at Lollapalooza Brasil last night.

1. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
2. Why Go
3. Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd cover)
4. Corduroy
5. Comatose
6. Ole
7. Do The Evolution
8. Wishlist
9. Got Some
10. Even Flow
11. Nothingman
12. Insignificance
13. Daughter
14. World Wide Suicide
15. Jeremy
16. Unthought Known
17. State of Love and Trust
18. Rearviewmirror
19. Given to Fly
20. Not For you
21. Better Man
22. Black
23. I Believe In Miracles (Ramones cover)
24. Go
25. Alive
26. Baba O’Reilly (The Who cover)
27. Yellow Ledbetter


Scott Weiland has been fired by his backing band The Wildabouts. The Wildabouts released the following statement today: “The Wildabouts have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” The band are in talks to tour with former Talk Show singer Dave Coutts. Weiland was spotted by TMZ filing for unemployment.

Scott Weiland responded, “I don’t think we could have topped the Purple to the Core tour, it’s good to go out on top. Also Eric recently fired Dean and Robert from STP, and rehired me, but after he rehired me I fired him. So I’m back with STP, I’m thinking though that the Wildabouts guys will be in the band with me. I think I’ve been away too long from them and now they’re okay with me, in STP I think we’ll be even better. Maybe Slash can be in the band too, he played with Robert recently so he’s cool with STP, he is part of the family. I’m going to re-record and reissue the STP albums too, I’m learning how to play all the instruments so I can re-record it all. I think it’s what the fans want, a fresh take on the material. I’ll be charging no less than 500 dollars for each reissue, they will all be signed by my assistant. I’m back with Velvet Revolver too, we just won’t be playing live or recording but Velvet Revolver has reunited.”