Mountain Song (Jane’s Addiction cover)

First Kiss On Mars (1st ever live performance)

Crackerman (original version)

Black Again

Very impressive performances, Scott’s voice sounds very strong here especially compared to his performances in the last year or so. Hopefully if STP get going again they can bring this same type of variety to their setlist, which seems to energize Scott.


In Revolver magazine’s new Soundgarden cover story, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil responded to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s accusation that Soundgarden reunited only to make money and play old songs.

“I’ve read all of those criticisms: ‘Soundgarden are only reuniting to play their old songs!’ Thayil shrugs. “We’ve been working on this record for a year and a half, we told people we were, we posted pictures of us in the studio.. but still it somehow kind of got out there that we were playing all the riverboat casinos and county fairs!”


Thanks to Chris for sending this in.  Definitely an impressive setlist, good job Scott!  Anyways, here is Chris’ review:

Just got out of the Scott Weiland show in Glenside, PA. Never thought I’d be seeing him play three blocks from my house, but that seems to be what it has come to. For those of you that don’t know, Glenside is a suburb of Philadelphia. It’s about a half hour from Center City. The theater holds about 1500 people, and I think to say it was half full would be generous.

Surprisingly the band went on at about 9:30. From everything that I have heard, I expected them to make us wait until at least 10:00. The setlist was as follows:

Intro with random ramblings by Scott
Crackerman (Words were a lot different…he claimed it was the original version and we were the first to hear it)
Killing Me Sweetly
Black Again
First Kiss On Mars
Mockingbird Girl
Blister On My Soul
Do It For The Kids
Jam (Sounded kinda like California Love at times)
Mountain Song (Jane’s Addiction cover)
Art School Girl
Can’t Stand Me Now (Libertine’s cover with Scott on harmonica)
Lounge Fly
Encore Break

Scott sounded really solid for the most part. His vocals were strong, hitting all of the highs and lows. He was moving around a lot and looked like he was having fun. It seems like he enjoys playing whatever he wants to play. He did mention at one point that they were really changing up the setlist and planned to do so each night and started to say “unlike…” then cut himself off. A shot at his STP bandmates? The crowd was really into it for the STP songs and not really into the other songs, except for a few people. I thought the show was really good, but the people I went with really expected an STP greatest hits night.

If I could make a recommendation I would say go see this show if you want to see a talented guy having fun playing what he wants to play. If you want to see a nostalgia act, hope that STP gets back together this summer.


Kat posted this on the forums:

Eddie Vedder
Times Union Center for Performing Arts
Jacksonville, FL
Nov. 25, 2012

Show Two Set List

01. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
02. Don’t Be Shy-(Yusuf Islam)

(Ed greets the crowd and talks about how the audience the night before was the perfect balance between enthusiasm and respect for the music and each other. “I didn’t have to play lifeguard and look out for people and make sure there was nothing going on. I don’t like playing lifeguard. I want to surf with the rest of you. Now, I am not just out here playing shows I am scouting for places for Pearl Jam to play so…If we get two good ones here…)

03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Can’t Keep

(“See, ukulele songs don’t all have to be about sitting on the sea shore. Not that there is anything wrong about sitting on the sea shore..” He talks about the next song being a sad one and that if it happens to you get a ukulele. It is a song writing machine. “You can write happy or sad songs. You can go both ways. Not that I go both ways…It’s just that sometimes…a male voice shouts out of the darkness ‘well timed male voice shouts “I love you Eddie”..Ed says, “That, like that..of course at the time that I wrote this song I probably would have slept with that guy”)

05. Sleeping By Myself

( a conversation that digresses and ends up making R. Kelly’ references and ends up with Ed talking about his wife and family)

06. You’re True
07. Thumbing My Way
08. Good Woman-(Chan Marshall)
09. Wishlist

(Ed says he usually only plays this song if he has some reason to but tonight he is happy to say that he hasn’t lost anyone lately)

10. Man Of The Hour

(Ed talks about Into The Wild and surfing and the best way to warm your entire body by internally warming your wet suit. They also ran into Jelly Fish and Ed wished he had given more thought and planning to when and how much he urinated.)

11. Far Behind
12. Setting Forth
13. Guaranteed

(Ed says that when he gets home in December, now that marijuana is legal he is going to roll a joint the size of a Duraflame log. “In Seattle we have all these great laws, legal pot, gay marriage and you can download music for free..oh wait, that is everywhere, damn it.”)

14. Rise
15. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed has the campfire and stars turned back on. He talks about being at a campout and people asking him if he knows “Take Me Home Country Roads or something by ABBA” He briefly sings a bit of “Fernando” and says, “No, I don’t really know that one but I know this one….”)

16. Lukin
17. Porch

Encore Break 1

(Ed talks about what a privilege it is to play for so many people in the military here in Jacksonville. He also talks about the organization “Wounded Warriors”)

18. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt)
19. I’m One-(Townshend) for Ed’s friend Dr. Matt. (While strumming the intro Ed says that “Pete’s music meant so much to me, still does, that I used to think I should send Pete ‘Father’s Day’ cards.”)

20. Just Breathe
21. Unthought Known
22. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
23. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryan, Bryant) played with mics and PA
24. This Land Is Your Land w/ Glen Hansard-(Guthrie)
25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)
26. Open All Night-(Springsteen)
27. Parting Ways
28. The End

(Ed explains the origin of the song “Arc”. Although he hasn’t talked much about it before he describes how the song was layered up using 9 vocal tracks that repeat and loop. One vocal track for each person that died at Roskilde. He likens the song to a prayer. “There aren’t really words because there are no words to describe how we feel about what happened.”

He goes onto say that he had been thinking about the Wounded Warriors and figured that it would take 28 hours to do a vocal loop for all of the soldiers killed and even more if the suicides were included.)

29. Arc

Encore Break 2

30. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)
31. Dream A Little Dream-(Kahn, Schwandt, Andree


Here are a couple of quotes from ABC News Radio’s recent interview with Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell.

“I’ve been trying to get the money to do a video for [‘Splash a Little Water on It’]. It’s not going to be a radio single, it’s going to be, hopefully, a viral video piece that you’re be able to see on YouTube and all the other great places where people look at and view music today.”

“Splash a Little Water On It is about a couple who notoriously stay up very, very late and then at the same time they’ve got these obligations. So, you get yourself up and you get yourself over to the bathroom mirror and you splash a little water on your face and see if you come alive, try to get your mind working.”


Fear not BillCo fans, according to Nicole Fiorentino’s official Facebook page (via The Smashing Pumpkins are back to work rehearsing after Hurricane Sandy postponed a number of their tour dates. The North American Oceania tour will resume on December 1st. They’ve ‘been away too long,’ but they’re back now.

December 1, 2012- Portland, ME @ State Theater
December 2, 2012- Hartford, CT @ Mohegan Sun Arena
December 4, 2012- Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
December 6, 2012- Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
December 8, 2012- Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center
December 9, 2012- Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Center
December 10, 2012- Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Arena


Sea posted this on the forums:

Eddie Vedder
Times Union Center for Performing Arts
Jacksonville, FL
Nov. 24, 2012
Show One Set List

01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Can’t Keep

(guy in audience screams “welcome to Jacksonville Eddie”. Ed responds, “Home of the Jackson Five? No wait that is (sings) Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana.” He then invites the audience to be seated because “we are going to be here awhile. I made the same offer to Tulsa but by the end of the night they couldn’t stand up…but you guys seem much more dignified than that…”. A women shouts “I love you Eddie!!”. Ed, “Well, I can’t see you but I am sure I love you too. I am going to play another quiet song before the fireworks start.” This is in reference to a riverside boat parade that we have been told might end with fireworks.)

03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Without You

(while Ed is talking to the audience about playing in Florida and this being his first time in Jacksonville fireworks can be heard going off. Ed says, “that is pretty loud for the quiet song I was gonna play.. can you you hand me that loud ukulele?” He talks a bit about the instrument and says, “if they are going to make that noise out there this is my answer..”)

05. Loud Uke
06. Soon Forget (fireworks can still be heard going off outside especially during the “whistling” part)
07. Light Today
08. Brain Damage-(Waters)
09. Sometimes

(Ed tells of reading a Bruce Springsteen interview where for a while Bruce would pick a person in the front row and sing the entire show to them. Looking them in the eye the entire time. Ed says, “I tried it a couple of times but I would look at the person and after minute they would look down. I would keep looking at them, they would look up and I would still be singing to them so they would look back down…and I understand that. I would be weirded out by that too.” Somebody shouts a request for ‘Red Mosquito’. “yeah, that is a good one…I am never gonna play it but it is a good one…you kinda want to have Mike McCready at your back for that.”)

10. Girl From The North Country-(Dylan)
11. I Am Mine

(“I don’t know what to say about this next song…It is based on a true story. It happens to male same sex couples, female same sex couples, male and female couples. It happens a lot. To much. I remember I got to play the song with Pete Townshend. He was listening to a live version. Pete said, ‘I really like the chords and the way the crowd is singing along. I like that the song is so dysfunctional and so many people relate to it.’”)

12. Better Man
13. Far Behind

(Ed, “some of the songs on Into The Wild are really short but that is because the scenes are so short. People say, “It’s a good song but it is so short.” Ed’s reply was “Play it twice.” He said I didn’t want to give Sean (Penn) a 4 minute song for 1:15 scene. He was already doing all the hard work. And is still doing the hard work. Just a little ways away from you in Haiti. He has been there for two years working his flesh to the bone.”
Ed then tells a story about going camping with his family in Florida and having to swim in a lagoon that reeked of sulfur. His Dad threw a rock at what appeared to be a log but when the rock struck it the “log” sank. When they left they realized they were close to another lagoon that had some alligators in it. Ed realized that his father had chucked a rock at an alligator. Ed feels lucky to have survived his first trip to Florida.)

14. Guaranteed
15. Rise
16. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard

(Ed talks about the community of fans that meet and hang out with each other on the tours. He says that there are probably people at the show now that are around 20 that were conceived during Pearl Jam’s early tours)

17. Immortality
18. Porch

Encore Break

(Ed compliments the audience. “We are going to be here awhile, I don’t know where I am playing tomorrow but fuck those guys…present company excluded.” A guy in the audience yells, (for perhaps the 15th time) “Welcome to Florida Eddie”. Ed comments that tonights show would make a good bootleg..but everyone would be wondering why that guy yells “welcome to Florida” about every two songs. Ed equates it to a flight attendant welcoming you to Florida. “We arrived at the same time, why are you welcoming me?”)

19. Driftin’
20. Pump Organ
21. Speed Of Sound
22. Let My Love Open The Door-(Townshend)

(Ed dedicates a song to the Merrit (sp) family. Dr. Merrit is the doctor in Hawaii that takes care of the big wave surfers. Another Dr. Matt (?) is Ed’s dealer, music dealer. He gets Ed all sorts of great music.)

23. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
24. Sleepless Nights w/Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) Busk no mics or PA

(Ed says, “Obviously, I wouldn’t be playing this next song without Glen and after this tour I am really going to miss playing it. Hopefully someday again in the future…)

25. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)

(“I am gonna play a Willie Nelson song, at least it is now..”)
26. Just Breathe
27. Unthought Known
28. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

Encore Break 2

29. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)
30. Tomorrow Night-(Traditional)


SPIN‘s new article on RNDM (featuring Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam, Joseph Arthur, and Richard Stuverud) reveals that the band recorded two albums worth of material while recording their debut album Acts.  The sessions came together pretty spontaneously, with hanging out and jamming leading to recording an album.  Ament tells SPIN, “I remember eating dinner pretty late the night and we were starting to joke around about what the name of the band would be, what we were going to do on tour and the T-shirts we’d design,” says Ament. “By the third day, all of those jokes became sort of serious. We were realizing that, maybe we actually have a record here.”


Here are a couple of quotes from Zane Lowe’s new interview with Queens of the Stone Age drummer Dave Grohl on BBC Radio 1:

“With Queens of the Stone Age, like, there were no boundaries with that band, there were no limits with them, it was like if you did something insane, you’d do more, if you did something that seemed too ridiculous– and honestly the new Queens of the Stone Age record, I’m playing drums on that, and I’ll do something so completely ridiculous, I’ll just, like, ‘There’s no way that that Josh isn’t going to let me do that,’ and he’ll say, ‘Do that for forty-five seconds, over and over again, that’s become, like, part of the song, that is a big part of the song,’ and that’s the way they work.”

“When you walk into a festival backstage with Queens of the Stone Age, it’s like, the record stops. People stop and they stare, and it’s like, Queens of the Stone Age are, without question, the baddest rock and roll band in the world! And they still are, and when ‘Songs For The Deaf’, when that came out, it blew people’s minds, man, for real.”


Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron is feautured on the cover of the latest issue of Drum magazine. Here are a couple of quotes from the interview, mainly focusing on his style and how he tries to contribute to songs:

“As a drummer I’ve always strived to play music and not just play chops over a song. That approach does require analysis and I’ve done most of that in home recording. That’s been a real effective way for me to create a drum part or [realize] how a percussion part might add to a drum part or how the drums are fitting with a guitar pattern or if I’m accenting the guitar pattern too much or not enough.”

“Obviously, I don’t play jazz, but that has always been an influence on the way that I play. I’ve always strived to be musical in that sense. But when I break my drumming down it is pretty basic. I’m not always impressed by what my drum track sounds like. I’ve always strived to make it more musical over the years. One thing I did accomplish on the new Soundgarden record is that the drum parts are pretty musical in a way that I haven’t done in the past.”


In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell talked about his ambitious plans for Jane’s Addiction’s next album. He said in recent weeks he has written 60 songs and that he hasn’t been this prolific as a songwriter since he was in his 20’s. Farrell has described the songs as “a nightmare, a fairy tale, all mixed in one.” He said that he has decided to write songs from a fresh angle for this album. He had originally considered continuing to write about themes of escapism like he did on The Great Escape Artist, but he claims, “It didn’t make a big enough splash. If it would have made a bigger splash I would have continued [its themes].”

Farrell said that he plans on continuing to map out the record in as early as January, and he expects the ideas to really jell and come together by this time next year.


Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan told ConsequenceofSound in a recent interview that there may be a Soulsavers show in late December or January in New York that features a Soulsavers/Mark Lanegan performance. The show is rumored to be a celebration of the band’s 10-year anniversary, where they bring in all of the singers who have sung for them over the years.


Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers on! To all other readers, happy Thursday! And to me, happy birthday I guess as today is my 21st birthday. On Thanksgiving people seem to reflect on what they’re thankful for, so I thought I’d do that here (readers are welcome to as well) when it comes to what I am thankful for in alternative rock and

I am thankful that so far this year I have seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, RNDM (featuring Jeff Ament), and Cage the Elephant. I am also thankful for Soundgarden releasing their new album King Animal, and that I’ve got tickets to see them next week. I’m also thankful for the new Mark Lanegan and Smashing Pumpkins albums released this year.

Regarding the site, I am thankful that our traffic is as high as ever and that I was able to interview Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament just two days ago. While we don’t have too many writers right now, I am very happy with the staff we have assembled so far. Also, a note regarding the site, there is a new name I have chosen for that we should change to by early 2013. I am planning on taking donations on the site sometime next week since it is an expensive domain. I kind of feel weird about asking readers for some money, but the price for the domain is pretty hefty and even if readers could kick in 20-30% of the cost of it I would be grateful. I have to keep the domain I have chosen a secret until I have purchased it, but I can promise it is a name that will stay true to what the site is about.