BillCo talks about today's social media/celebrity obsessed culture.

BillCo talks pop stars doing porn, Kiss, Radiohead, trashes Better Than Ezra and more.'s first story on the Pixies. This one is on their very own Chinese Democracy.

First ever Blind Melon story on

BillCo doesn't like the Dixie Chicks, but he thinks attacks on their political views are unwarranted.

First ever Red Hot Chili Peppers story on!'s first Dinosaur Jr. story.

3 videos from Eddie's show yesterday.

The first ever Queens of the Stone Age story on

Tool band members are working on the music for the album, there is still some work to be done until Maynard comes into the studio.

First ever Garbage story on

Setlist from Eddie's first show of his latest European solo trek. Also, is now covering additional bands so if you want to just read about the Seattle Grunge Bands, click on the 'Seattle Bands' news category. This category will feature only news on Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and other Seattle Grunge bands.

Big update on's future!