Billy Corgan was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show on Monday and revealed that he and his 27-year old girlfriend Jessica Origliasso of the Australian pop duo the Veronicas had split up. Rumors have spread that this was actually their second breakup. Anyways, after Billy’s appearance on Howard Stern on Monday Jessica tweeted this:

That awkward moment when you’re more pale (on the red carpet) than Snow White…. Once conversations that should be private are undertaken in a public forum…. ..they become theatre, meant for the onlookers more than the participants.

She also told the Daily Telegraph, “It’s one of those things. It’s really difficult when you spend so much time apart, (but) we worked with him on this album and he is an incredible friend to have.”  Some Pumpkins fans have supposedly attacked Jessica on her Twitter, so Billy posted this on his Twitter in her defense.

Ladies and gentleman, it seems some among you have construed that their is an issue between me and my ex @Jessicaeronica, some hidden thing.  I’m taking to twitter (because I see where she is being attacked here) and I ask that she be respected as a woman I love and admire.  Although our relationship has ended, we remain the best of friends and I ask that if you respect me you’ll treat her with the same respect.  Jess and her sister @Lisa_Veronica are insanely talented, + I’m proud to have contributed to their new album. So there is no ISSUE GodBless


June 20, 2012 Setlist:

1. Release
2. Do The Evolution
3. Corduroy
4. The Fixer
5. Given To Fly
6. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
7. Pilate
8. Even Flow
9. Unthought Known
10. Nothing Man
11. 1/2 Full
12. Insignificance
13. Why Can’t I Touch It?
14. Immortality
15. Got Some
16. Why Go

Encore 1

17. Just Breathe
18. Black
19. State Of Love And Trust
20. Arms Aloft
21. Porch

Encore 2

22. Better Man/Save It For Later
23. Come Back
24. Jeremy
25. Alive
26. Rockin’ In The Free World


Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis did a live chat yesterday on  dimitrispearljam posted this recap on the forums.

KellyCurtis: touring in 13… lots of us shows promise

no second montana

ads health seems to be great… spent a good amount of time in pain… all good now

<KellyCurtis> no bootleg plan for pj 20 yet

<KellyCurtis> no plans for ed boots at this time… but we will try and get a live show out there at some point

<KellyCurtis> ticketing.. we did lots of upgrades and they did not work. we decided to increase the window for requesting rickets and equalize

<KellyCurtis> access regardless of internet speed or connection. essentially, we went old school

<KellyCurtis> we are still working out bugs for new site.. so stay patient

<KellyCurtis> seniority is still in place for reserved seated pj shows

<KellyCurtis> regarding tours… the band averages 36 shows a year over last ten years…. so it takes awhile to get everywhere

<KellyCurtis> increase in festival.. is only because they are not working much this year.. especially after the pj 20 year.

<KellyCurtis> ten club 2011 single is out digitally and vinyl is in production

<KellyCurtis> all the women that work here are pushing for more female merch.. believe me…

<KellyCurtis> no idea how many us dates for 2013 yet more then this year for sure… if you go look at history… you will get idea

!<KellyCurtis> no plans to open for bruce

<KellyCurtis> i hope new album is out next year

<KellyCurtis> filming undercover boss as we speak

<KellyCurtis> so really no more dates 2012.. at least that i know about

<KellyCurtis> lots of new stuff on siriusxm planned for coming future

<KellyCurtis> missoula fan club seats… some on floor and some in seats… small venu

<KellyCurtis> but band does not really have dna to function that way

<KellyCurtis> as far as planning tours… i would like nothing more then to know what the year would look like.. we try..

<KellyCurtis> we are working on getting out a blue ray deluxe package sometime soon

<KellyCurtis> all live shows will premier on siriusxm in the foreseeable future… not live but first

<KellyCurtis> as far as stage construction… absolutely … alway room for improvement

<KellyCurtis> have not set schedule for made in america yet… will know soon

<KellyCurtis> ed refund tickets we hope to get those in ten club member hands

<KellyCurtis> no chance for greece in euro cup :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

<KellyCurtis> band members will be doing same thing from time to time… meaning chat
<KellyCurtis> moving to room two

<KellyCurtis> no videos planned of tour? the pj20 thing pretty much took the steam out of us for a while

<KellyCurtis> eddie is feeling much better.. in fact feeling great

<KellyCurtis> not accepting any accounting positions right now.. but made me laugh

<KellyCurtis> touring is hard for this band.. we average 36 shows a year.. over ten years.. takes a while to get everywhere

<KellyCurtis> we do small venues almost every new record……

<KellyCurtis> just to clear on former cfo…. he stole from curtis management.. not so much band.. so yes i fired him

<KellyCurtis> seven nights at paramount .. would be fun.. now we only have a few weeks left to tour

<KellyCurtis> seven nights at paramount .. would be fun.. now we only have a few weeks left to tour

<KellyCurtis> just to clear on former cfo…. he stole from curtis management.. not so much band.. so yes i fired him

<KellyCurtis> i heard sawyer got kicked off.. i thought we were friends .. what did he do

<KellyCurtis> i liked the pj beer

<KellyCurtis> everynight… like you do.. then you would get same show…. this is what makes them special

<KellyCurtis> as far as amount of shows… if the band played many more then they do… then you would not get a unique show

<KellyCurtis> can’t comment on band comments

<KellyCurtis> i think they are just figuring it out like you all are right now

<KellyCurtis> we all had reservations about atlanta…

<KellyCurtis> we have a dog in office named bently

<KellyCurtis> this is my opinion not bands.. .but after a two plus hour show.. they are exhausted… so a meet and greet… you want more

<KellyCurtis> my daughter manages the “young evils”

<KellyCurtis> just did canada… america would be mad at you

<KellyCurtis> pj fans scare me sometimes.. but most of time… killer.
<KellyCurtis> pete rose in.. five years

<KellyCurtis> i meant usa in 2013

<KellyCurtis> but usea in 2013
<KellyCurtis> no missoula 2.. sorry

<KellyCurtis> yea.. glen is still opening for ed in november… check out his play in nyc.. killer
<c> KellyCurtis: cool!
<KellyCurtis> we love joesph arthur.. stay tuned
<KellyCurtis> xmas will never be on time

<KellyCurtis> i love camden…. miss spectrum

> there will be a madseason… something.. but layne is dead.. so more like a special reissue
nks, man….that sucks.

<KellyCurtis> just did canada… america would be mad at you

<KellyCurtis> we love joesph arthur.. stay tuned

<KellyCurtis> yea.. glen is still opening for ed in november… check out his play in nyc.. killer

<KellyCurtis> i like dave grohl.. nicest guy in rock

<KellyCurtis> there is a plan on the 2012 bootlegs.. stay tuned

<KellyCurtis> david lee for sure

<KellyCurtis> the fuckerous person in rock is mike love…. hate him.. love brian

<KellyCurtis> heat

<KellyCurtis> thanks all


Billy Corgan did a near hour and 20 minute interview on The Howard Stern Show yesterday. He performed an acoustic version of “Tonight, Tonight” and discussed a variety of topics including his romantic past, his best friend forever James Iha, and much more. Here are some notes.

-Mentioned in 1997 D’arcy said she wanted to be an actress, thought her connections would get her big roles. Mentioned to her that people dedicated their whole lives to it, how did she expect to do it with no experience?

-Said James Iha negotiated solo deal in 1995 behind his back and never told him about it as it was going down. He said Iha “felt like a repressed artist” in the Pumpkins. He said as Iha’s friend and bandmate at the time, he would have liked to have given him some pointers and help on his songs. For the record, Billy said in an interview on KROQ in February 1996, “I think our man Iha’s gonna make a solo record, cause it’s time for him to bust out.” Iha’s solo album was released in 1998.

-Said the last time he saw James Iha was a week after 9/11 in New York. James was talking to somebody, and Billy wanted to go talk to him, he looked back there a few minutes later and James was gone. He left right when he saw Billy.

-Said he was tested for musical amplitude at age 7 and tested higher than anybody the history of the state of Illinois.

-His relationship with his father has improved since his father’s latest drug arrest 4-5 years ago for heroin possession. Billy helped him despite being burned many times, and his father is currently clean. Said he communicates with his stepmother who used to beat him as well. Mentioned that Jesus preaches forgiveness.

-Billy says he is single, he’s still in love with Jessica from the Veronicas but they’re broken up. Said they “couldn’t see eye to eye.” Was vague about the breakup, when asked if she cheated on him he said, “I don’t want to talk about any of that.”

-Howard’s favorite song from Oceania is Violet Rays, that’s the song he chose to play.

-Billy said he “Sort of kind of went out” with Jessica Simpson. Talked about what a great person she is, said she’s different than the media perceives her to be. Billy said Jessica liked her because he told her the truth, rather than many of the Yes people she’s surrounded by. He said he didn’t dump her and she didn’t dump him, it was mutual.

-Howard and Billy spent a lot of time praising Neil Young.

-Billy on Courtney Love, “Look no further than her attacking her own daughter, I mean it’s her daughter! I mean I can understand, Attack the whole world, attack your kid? Obviously what happened with her father, she’s had to grow up with Courtney right? And I’ve been there I’ve lived with them; I know what that world is like. For her to make her daughter’s life any more difficult for a daughter who shuns publicity, doesn’t want it, I mean it’s just like wow can you leave your own kid out of this?”


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan filmed an interview with Piers Morgan that will air on CNN on Wednesday, above is a clip of the interview. Below are a couple of quotes.

“I’m at the point now where I don’t trust either political party. I don’t see a reasonable third party independent run from anybody who is rational and is going to get there. But the choices we have are so compromised and I just don’t get it, but everybody wants the theater more than they want the reality.”

When asked what he is looking for in a leader, Billy said this.

“Moral compass. And that’s where I’m disappointed in [President Obama], he ran on a moral compass agenda but what happened? I’m sure there’s lots of good reasons, and I’m sure they’ll roll somebody out to counter thoughts like that, but I don’t see it. I travel the world, I’ve seen foreigners really shift on their view of America, and that’s hard for me to take. I still believe in my country, I know that the working class of this country is what this country is really about, that’s what I grew up in these are my people. I see them broken down, that’s hard to watch.”


Billy Corgan was interviewed on TNA Wrestling’s internet talk show yesterday to discuss some of his favorite TNA memories, since today is the 10 year anniversary of the company’s debut show.

Corgan has lent some of his songs to TNA PPV events before. “Tarantula” was the theme song for Bound For Glory 2008, while “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” was the theme song for Lockdown 2009 which included Billy singing a short acapella version of the song in a steel cage in the opening video, and most recently “FOL” was the theme song for Bound For Glory 2010.


Pearl Jam’s likely court room outfits

Here is an excerpt from‘s new article about Pearl Jam’s former CFO stealing their money.

A former executive with Pearl Jam has been charged with 33 counts of theft following allegations that he bilked Seattle’s biggest band for years.

Filing felony charges earlier this month, King County prosecutors claim Rickey Charles Goodrich abused his position as chief financial officer at Pearl Jam’s management company, Curtis Management, to steal $380,000 from the management firm in the four years before he was fired in September 2010.

Seattle Police claim Goodrich’s thefts cost the management company $566,000, including investigative expenses. Goodrich, a 54-year-old resident of Novato, Calif., is also alleged to have admitted to admitted to owing his former employer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We are deeply saddened by this situation,” Kelly Curtis of Curtis Management said in a statement Tuesday. Curtis went on to say he is “looking forward to a resolution.”


Here is an excerpt from Consequence of Sound‘s new interview with Billy Corgan.  I agree with every word he says about hipsters.

I’ve noticed over the years, shows are getting shorter, attitudes are getting shorter, people aren’t paying attention to a lot of things.

Right, and somehow we’re celebrating a culture that celebrates the death of freedom.

Celebrating ignorance over education.

Right, I don’t understand. A band like Radiohead is incredibly important; it should be that way. They’re a great band; they should have their audience; they should headline the festivals. The reviewers should write the four pages of reviews while they comb through Thom’s lyrics. They’re deserved of that. It’s the culture around that, that same culture that turns around and says my new release is worthy of a one-paragraph thing that dismisses me and says he hasn’t done anything good since ’93. Am I receiving the same level of critical review? No. They need to put people like me in that box to make their other box look brighter. That’s my point. It’s football players; it’s jocks and stoners and nerds all over again. And now the nerds are running the fucking show?

I guess the irony is that years ago, that’s who we wanted running the show, right?

Well, look at what hell hath wrought.

Be careful what you wish for.

Yeah. You have a bunch of precocious artists doing their thing. Great, fantastic, love it. Who’s selling any fucking records? Lady Gaga. What is she doing? 99 cents. You understand? It’s like, you marginalize it to the point it becomes ineffective. It’s so precocious, it’s ineffective. Nirvana was effective. Why? Because he wrote great fucking songs, and he got on the fucking radio! Hello?! No, no, you don’t want that. Kurt, stay in your room. Write songs only for us please. Don’t kick down the fucking door; don’t shove it up the ass of the fucking mainstream; don’t show them how they’re all fucking ridiculous; don’t kill hair metal. No, no. Just stay here, stay with us. Just play the club forever. Stay perfect forever; please don’t change.


Scar on the Sky
As Hope and Promise Fades
Ground Zero
Wide Awake
Can’t Change Me
Man of Golden Words
Wooden Jesus
All Night Thing
Hunger Strike
Sweet Euphoria
Fell On Black Days
Burden In My Hand
When I’m Down
Call Me A Dog
I Am The Highway
Thank You
Say Hello 2 Heaven
Like A Stone
Doesn’t Remind Me
Blow Up The Outside World

Cleaning My Gun
Billie Jean
Getaway Car
Black Hole Sun
A Day In The Life


This is an excerpt from Consequence of Sound‘s new interview with Billy Corgan.  This is from a discussion about women bassist in the Smashing Pumpkins.

So, does it lend a more soulfulness to your music?

Honestly, this is going to be a bit of a boring answer; I just like the way that it pockets into the music. I play guitar pretty much on top, and so the bass is better laconic. If the bass is too on top, like for example, Melissa Auf der Maur. When she played with us, she played very on top, and it was constantly tripping all over the fucking guitars. It’s hard to get… the Pumpkins’ sound. If you can bottle it, it’s sort of predicated on the idea the guitars are clearly on top and ahead of the drums; the drums sit in the middle, and the bass is a little back, so it has an impact and wide-scope sound. That’s the sound that I like to hear. Maybe it was developed through playing with D’Arcy and the way she played. I got used to that feeling, and so I’ve looked for that feeling ever since. So, if I found a man who could play like that, I would have no problem putting him in there. Mark Tulin played like that.


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Oceania has jumped to #3 on U.S. iTunes.

The Smashing Pumpkins’ new album Oceania is being released today, and it is current the #5 top selling album on iTunes in the United States. Justin Bieber’s new album Believe is #1. Vomit. In the United Kingdom Oceania is at #13 on iTunes with Bieber at #1.

Oceania is the #1 selling Alternative album on iTunes. The top selling songs on the album are “The Celestials” and “Violet Rays.”


Here is a collection of reviews of the Smashing Pumpkins’ new album Oceania from other websites, the album is being released today.  The out of 5 were rated on the star system, so 4/5 is ****.

A.V. Club– B
AllMusic– 4/5– 4/5
Chicago Sun Times– 4/5
Chicago Tribune– 3.5/5
The Independent– 3/5
London Evening Standard– 4/5
ArtistDirect– 5/5
Las Vegas Weekly– 2.5/5
Antiquiet– 4/5
Pitchfork (Hipster website)– 6.3/10
BBC– 8/10
NME Magazine- 6/10
Daily Nebraskan– A-


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready posted this message on Twitter regarding a member of Radiohead’s touring crew being killed in a stage collapsing accident.

From myself and the Band, our condolences go out to the person who died and those injured from the stage collapse at Radiohead I am saddened and hope the healing can start soon. – Mike McCready



This August, 2012 marks the 10th annual Layne Staley tribute in Seattle, WA. In memory of the music left behind by this one of a kind vocalist, a five day tribute has been planned in the Seattle/Tacoma area. In addition to the music of Alice In Chains and Mad Season, the entire Seattle grunge scene of the 90’s will be honored as well, making this a historic week of celebration for Grunge lovers everywhere.

First off, there will be a memorial gathering at the Seattle Center International Fountain by the historic Space Needle on Wednesday evening, August 22nd, for Layne Staley’s birthday. There will be a candlelight vigil and quiet time for reflection as fans gather and share memories, but acoustic performances by any musicians are welcome, and afterwards everyone is also welcome to gather across the street at Floyd’s Place in Queen Anne for an acoustic jam session. After party starts at 9pm and is 21+ and free.

Second will be a weekend warm-up show, Thursday August 23rd at Pioneer Square’s historic Central Saloon in downtown Seattle. Local musical artist Jonny Smokes will be performing his incredible one man band – loop sampling show, along with many special guest musicians, spotlighting music from classic to current Seattle artists. Expect everything from Hendrix to Nirvana, Alice In Chains to Screaming Trees, Deathcab For Cutie to Presidents Of The United States of America, and more! 9pm $5 cover 21+ w/ID

The third event will take the party down south to Tacoma on Friday August 24th, where the Backstage Bar & Grill will be hosting an evening of Seattle Grunge featuring Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains & Mad Season tribute) and Outshined (Soundgarden & Temple Of The Dog tribute) This show starts at 9pm and all ages are welcome until 11pm, at which point the kids have to leave and the remainder of the evening will be 21+. Jar Of Flies will open at 9pm, followed by Outshined at 10:30pm, with a big Seattle Grunge jam session at the end of the night! Tickets are $7 in advance, $10 day of show. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets available here:

Next up will be our fourth show, Saturday August 25th at the Crocodile in Seattle. The lineup will start with Vitalogy (Pearl Jam tribute,) followed by Outshined (Soundgarden & Temple Of The Dog tribute) with Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains & Mad Season tribute) headlining. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 day of show. Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm and is 21+ only. Tickets available here:

Last but far from least, our fifth and final show will be held Sunday August 26th at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle. This will be a very special end to the week with an entirely acoustic performance by all three tribute acts, and a big jam session at the end! The acoustic lineup will start with Outshined (Soundgarden & Temple Of The Dog tribute,) followed by Vitalogy (Pearl Jam tribute,) with Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains & Mad Season tribute) headlining. Tickets are $8 in advance, $12 day of show. Doors open at 5pm, show starts at 6pm and is all ages. Tickets will be available at the Hard Rock Cafe website soon. Search events at the Seattle location:

Proceeds from the weekend will be donated to Therapeutic Health Services of Washington, where donations are always welcome. You can help contribute to the Layne Staley Memorial Fund at any time, and help others in need of recovery.

For those international and out of town travelers staying in Seattle, carpooling options, local information about hotels, and a possible Tacoma shuttle bus for friday can be found and shared at the following facebook group:

Please share this information with all your friends and fans of Seattle music world wide. Thank you!


Alethia Austin, the music supervisor for Grassroots, has revealed to me that the two Layne Staley songs used in the film are “Things You Do” and “It’s Coming After.” Definitely false advertising by their PR department in calling the songs previously unheard, as both songs are already out there. It’s Coming After is a Second Coming song featuring Layne Staley on vocals that was released in 1994, and Things You Do features Layne on chorus vocals and leaked on a few years ago.


You Know My Name
House Where Nobody Lives (Tom Waits)
Scar on the Sky
Be Yourself
Can’t Change Me
Wooden Jesus
All Night Thing
Hunger Strike
Doesn’t Remind Me
Fell On Black Days
Burden In My Hand
When I’m Down
I Am The Highway
Billie Jean
Thank You
Wide Awake
Like a Stone
Blow Up The Outside World

Mind Riot
The Keeper
Black Hole Sun
A Day In The Life