Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was interviewed on WMMR and mentioned that Soundgarden still haven’t decided on a name for their new album. He said they’re close to being at a point where they have to decide. What do you, the readers of, think the album should be called? If Live to Rise actually makes the album, how about calling it ‘Warm My Face.’  Sex sells!

He also said that Live to Rise isn’t indicative of a new sound for the band, just like their past singles didn’t indicate the sound of their albums. Mentioned that there are moment of new sounds on the new album.


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Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Heck, I know this is a week early and everything, but I couldn’t resist. I rushed out and bought this on import like it was the very first time.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but music critics just do not behave this way. It’s not cool to exhibit a passion for music. I have no idea why. A few months before this review was written, I’d bumped into Nirvana in the throes of recording Nevermind. I was at a Hollywood Palladium show, rolling around the floor with Courtney Love; we were drunkenly punching one another, trying to roll underneath the velvet rope that separated the VIP area from the common herd, though I think security had us pegged. I’d never met her before. Kurt Cobain saw us, raced over, and joined in. It was clear we were having more fun than the rest of the place combined. He’d never met her before, either. I woke up the next morning in Nirvana’s rented L.A. apartment, naked underneath a glass coffee table, the entire place smashed to smithereens, my photographer and Krist Novoselic still awake, surrounded by a thick cloud of dope smoke. I raced out into the street, and flagged down a taxi.

“The part I like best for tonight occurs third time through when Kurt sings, ‘I found it hard/ So hard to find/ Oh well/ Whatever … never mind’ and nearly gives up, sounding all bruised and little boy hurt, like a favourite toy truck battered and chipped, hidden ‘neath your brother’s bed.

Credit where credit is due. Before Courtney “made it” with Kurt, we would discuss him – among many other topics. She was the one who fed me the “little-boy hurt” line (a facet of his persona that was obviously crucial to his whole appeal). He sounds battered, figuratively, on Nevermind, and especially on this song. No amount of polishing can hide that. The “favourite toy truck” line is mine. I come from a family of six children, four boys. We had to share everything.


Slash was interviewed on The Howard Stern Show yesterday and discussed Scott Weiland and Velvet Revolver:

“Duff and I were like fresh out of detox right, and we thought we can fix this guy [Scott Weiland back in 2003]. You know what happened was, with all fairness to Scott, he was a mess when we got going, but we wrote a couple good songs.”

“I like [Scott] better not being in a band with him better than I do being in a band with him.”

“There was a lot of uncontrollable diva stuff. Serious rock star stuff. [Rock star stuff] that’s just when your sense of entitlement is just to the point of being so inconsiderate to the people around you that you can’t work in a group situation. You’ve got a crew, you’ve got management, you’ve got the guys in the band, you’ve got all of these people all sort of working together as a team. You’ve got this one guy that has decided he’s going to dictate to everybody what’s going to happen and not even show up.”

“I can’t find my shoes in my hotel room. I’m going to go get some coffee and wander down the street and then you can’t find him and it’s 5 minutes until showtime, it’s classic stuff.”

“It’s a chemical thing or something where they don’t realize they’re doing anything wrong.”

“I think it’s just extreme fucking narcissism.”

“It’s not like I’m fucking innocent of all this shit, but there’s an extreme that you can’t go to that just makes everything a miserable process.”

“With all due credit to Scott, there was a period in there where we all fell off the wagon, back in 2005.  We were a hot mess.”


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SAPO: Linkin Park, The Offspring and Limp Bizkit will also play the Rock in Rio-Lisbon and on the same day that the Smashing Pumpkins. Which of these bands would like to watch live?

Billy Corgan: Always been a fan of Limp Bizkit, I think they have always been an underrated band. I love the guitar style in Limp Bizkit. I personally know Fred Durst and have always liked him as a person. They would be my pick of the day because I always liked them.


Slash was on The Howard Stern Show yesterday, and Howard asked Slash if Grunge/Nirvana killed Guns N’ Roses and if Kurt Cobain’s criticism of Guns N’ Roses pissed him off:

“No, I mean Nirvana was great. I really, with all due respect to Kurt and Courtney and all that, there was some issues that happened having to do with Axl that I felt like they were totally right. It’s one thing to be recognized and famous, it’s a whole different trip you sort of take your own chances when you start acting like that. I always thought that the early 90’s was a really healthy sort of page for rock and roll even though it was short lived.”

“It was sort of that transition from hair bands and so on, which actually started ending after Guns made it anyway, it started to sort of dissipate. When they came in there was a new thing going on, but we were still playing stadiums.”

“That was a cool period, but I don’t think that it had, there was all that talk like well Grunge ended whatever, for us it had nothing to do with that.”


This is from‘s new interview with Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron:

What can people expect from [Soundgarden] shows, in 2012?
I think that people will come with great expectations when they come to see Soundgarden shows, and I think that hopefully we can live up to those expectations. We’re playing a lot of material from all of our records, we’re probably gonna stick with older material that people are very familiar with. It’s gonna be a very cool hard rocking show. We’re gonna do the song we recorded for “The Avengers” movie, “Live To Rise”, and we might try one or two off of the new record. But we’ll keep them as a surprise.

Soundgarden will release a new album in the fall. What can we expect from your new music?
Well, I guess what we wanted to try to do with this reunion is try to make a new album and write new music. That was always one of the top goals for us. We started in January 2011, and it has taken a lot of time but mostly because of scheduling. But once we got into the studio, we had really good time together, and everything came together very easily. It was very good to record new Soundgarden. I think people will enjoy what we did in 2012: it’s a nice evolution of familiar element of our sounds


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Mad Season/Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin posted this on his Facebook, announcing a reunion performance of the two surviving members of Mad Season:

Hey Folks, I’ll be playing a Mad Season song with Mike McCready and Jeff Rouse at Mike’s annual benefit concert for Crohn’s Disease, this Wednesday May 23rd here in Seattle at the Showbox Theatre. There are several really great artists in the opening “Hootenanny”, led by drummer extraordinaire Chris Friel, and then Mike’s band “Flight To Mars” is the main attraction. Come on down, its a great event, its an important cause, and you should get your tickets in advance because it is sure to sell out.