A new episode of “Metal Evolution” airs Saturday at 10PM EST on VH1 Classic. Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil was shown being interviewed in a commercial for the episode.

In Episode 7 of Metal Evolution, Sam explores grunge, a.k.a. the Seattle Sound, from a decidedly fresher approach, inspiring two fundamental questions: “Why did grunge polarize the Metal community?” and “What are the true roots of grunge?” While grunge was enjoying its meteoric rise, replacing the MTV face of Metal that was glam with its own brand of telegenic, easy to digest “rebellion,” diehards within the Metal community struggled to adjust. We’ll explore how fans and musicians felt a profound sense of disillusionment with the ascent of grunge, alienated by its lyrical obsession with depression and endless self-examination, and suspicious of the flannel-wearing façade that was deemed antithetical to the ethos of Metal.


News is slow, so I thought I’d do this since 2011 ended. How many Grunge concerts did you go to this year, and what bands did you see? Leave your list in the comments section. Here’s my list:

Chris Cornell- May 5, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA at the John Ford Theater
Eddie Vedder- July 6, 2011 in Long Beach, CA at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center
Soundgarden- July 22, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA at the Forum
Foo Fighters- October 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA at the Forum
Scott Weiland- December 8, 2011 in Santa Ana, CA at the Galaxy Theatre
Chris Cornell- December 16, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA at the Orpheum Theatre

I saw Bush too this year, but that’s more like Grunge-lite.


Soundgarden will kick off their Australian/New Zealand tour:

January 20, 2012- Auckland- Auckland Mt Smart Stadium
January 22, 2012- Gold Coast- Parklands
January 25, 2012- Sydney- Sydney Entertainment Centre
January 26, 2012- Sydney- Sydney Showground
January 29, 2012- Melbourne- Flemington Racecourse

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s former supergroup Velvet Revolver is reuniting for a one off performance in Los Angeles at the John O’Brien Tribute Show.

January 12, 2012- Los Angeles, CA- House of Blues


Happy New Years GrungeReport.net readers! I can’t believe it’s already been two years since Chris Cornell’s tweet let us know about Soundgarden’s reunion. I still remember a few minutes after midnight finding out the news, and since I was pretty wasted I thought I was dreaming and had to pinch myself. When I found out about Soundgarden’s reunion (and also STP’s in 2008) it may have been the only time in my life I attempted a cartwheel.

Anyways I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year, unless you’re a troll or hater of the site, in that case I hope you have a nasty hangover right now.


2012 is shaping up to be the biggest year for Grunge acts since the 1996, at least when it comes to new album releases. Soundgarden are set to release their new album in the spring, and we could hear new songs live as soon as a few weeks from now on the band’s Australian tour.

Pearl Jam are also working on a new album that is expected to come out by the end the year, and have already announced European tour dates.

Foo Fighters are already working on their next record, which might again be produced by Butch Vig. Alice In Chains are also hard at work on a new album that is expected to come out in the summer/fall, while Mark Lanegan’s new album Blues Funeral is coming out next month.

Stone Temple Pilots are planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Core with many special events and releases, the band also may release their 7th studio album by the end of 2012. Smashing Pumpkins are set to release their new album Oceania in the next few months, and many are saying it is their best material in years. After Corgan’s recent output, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I am hopeful.

Predictions wise, I think Soundgarden’s new album will be great. I think them keeping their initial writing sessions secret is a big indication of this, if they didn’t come up with anything good they wouldn’t have recorded or released it. My optimism is not just blind fanboy optimism, after some mediocre (compared to stuff like Superunknown and Euphoria Morning) releases (the last Audioslave album or two, Carry On, and Scream) Chris Cornell released “The Keeper” last year which recaptured a vibe that has been missing in his music since Euphoria Morning. His live shows (both Soundgarden and Songbook) also improved leaps and bounds over the Audioslave and Carry On/Scream days. To me these shows have really established Chris as a living legend, along with the rest of Soundgarden.

While I hope STP’s new album comes out by the end of the year, I think it’ll probably come out in early 2013 due to the Core Anniversary Tour. There’s no predicting what STP’s next album will sound like, as all of them sound completely different from the last one. My big curiosity about Alice In Chains’ next album will be how the vocal duties will be handled. Will Jerry and Will split lead singer duties, or will Will be more front and center this time around? I think Pearl Jam’s next album will definitely be darker and longer than Backspacer. I love Backspacer but I don’t see them making a similar record again.

Also here’s a wild idea/prediction, how about a new Temple of the Dog song? Just putting it out there.


Credit: CNN

CNN: Did you go caroling when you were a kid?

Weiland: I used to do that in high school every year. I’d say about 85% of the time, I was nice. I had a naughty experience in high school. We were juniors and everyone had canisters of hot chocolate. We thought it would be fun to bring along some peppermint schnapps, and it sort of got passed around. We were called into the dean’s office on Monday, and we were kicked out of the magical ensemble. We were back in our senior year, but it was kind of a drag.

CNN: I’m sensing a bit of foreshadowing for the rebelliousness in your later life.

Weiland: I actually was one of the more mellow ones, because I had very strict parents.

CNN: Was it an idyllic childhood?

Weiland: My mom and my natural father were divorced. That was rough because I only got to spend the summers and the occasional Christmas with them. And then it was like leaving all over again. And then my dad who raised me — my stepfather — he had my brother, Michael, so I kind of felt like I didn’t have a complete father for a long time.

And there are some other things that happened when I was younger that I held in for a long time, until working it out in therapy. I found out that I was in the company of — let’s say, not the company of strangers. Something that happens very often, which freaks me out for my own kids.

Today, we almost micromanage our kids to protect them, because it’s a different era. But in some ways, you lose that ability to learn things yourself — like grabbing a fishing pole and going down to the lake and learning the responsibility of coming back before it’s dark and by dinnertime. Then you have dinner and get your homework done.