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Official video, directed by Amber Hargrove for ADH Productions.
From the 4 track EP,The Legend of Bigfoot. Available now digitally on Strange Earth Records(I-tunes,etc…).Shot in and around Tacoma at Hell’s Kitchen, Louie G’s, Garfield St. Fair. Aug-Oct 2011.


DELAVAN — More than two months after a two-day stop in Walworth County during their 20th anniversary tour, the members of Pearl Jam are reaching out to schoolchildren here.

Credit: Walworth County Today

The band has donated $50,000 to Blessings In A Backpack. The program will help to feed 216 children over a three-year period at Wileman Elementary School in Delavan, according to a news release.

Starting Jan. 1, Blessings In A Backpack and grocery partner Piggly Wiggly will ensure that the children receive a backpack each Friday of the school year. The backpacks will be filled with essential food for the weekend.

“The legend of Pearl Jam continues to grow in the eyes of not only their fans, but now in the eyes of American schoolchildren as they have ensured for the next three years that schoolchildren in Delavan will get the opportunity to be totally, nutritiously nourished,” said Stan Curtis, founder and CEO of Blessings In A Backpack.

Pearl Jam’s donation came from the Vitalogy Foundation, the band’s wholly funded nonprofit organization.


Mudhoney lead singer Mark Arm was interview by Time Out today.  In the interview he talks about his day job working at the warehouse at Sub Pop, Mudhoney’s Australia tour, Mudhoney’s their next album.  Here’s an excerpt:

While the last new Mudhoney album was 2008’s The Lucky Ones, there appears to be some new material on the horizon.

“We’re working on stuff,” Arm explans. “We don’t have enough material completed for an album to start recording yet. We’ve got a ton of riffs and it’s largely up to me to come up with words for all of them – and Steve [Turner] needs to come up to Seattle more so we can get things really rolling. After the New Year we are not doing anything for a couple months so hopefully we can just hunker down and get to work.”

So there might be some new material on this tour, then? “By the time we get down there, there might be one or two things at the most,” he answers, hesitantly. “We had a show in Texas last weekend, actually, and we were planning on playing a new song and we did a soundtrack and we hadn’t played it before live, but everyone chickened out after we blew it a couple time in soundcheck.”


Here is an excerpt from Rolling Stone‘s new interview with Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo. Greg Prato, the author of Grunge is Dead, wrote the article:

Stone Temple Pilots’ seminal debut, Core, sold eight million copies and spawned the radio hits “Sex Type Thing,” “Plush” and “Creep.” Now, with the 20th anniversary of its release approaching, the band is preparing for a celebration.

Though no plans are confirmed yet, guitarist Dean De Leo has plenty of ideas for the occasion. “What I’d like to see happen is the band go out and do more intimate shows – really lovely theaters around the country,” DeLeo tells Rolling Stone. “Smaller shows, doing the first album in its entirety, and then maybe take requests.”

Core was released on September 29th, 1992, and served an important template for the rock band’s career. DeLeo recalls that they did not have many extra outtakes from its recording session for an expanded reissue, but that “We have tons of live recordings from that era, and we didn’t multi-track record that stuff. There’s no fixes, so they’d sound incredible if we just master them,” he says. “I have dozens and dozens of DATs from that era. So this is the true essence of the band – no fixing a guitar part or a vocal part. This is the how it went down.”


Here’s an excerpt from a new NYDailyNews article:

Love may think she’s Lohan’s mentor, however a rep for the actress says that’s far from the truth.

“Courtney is not, nor has she ever been, Lindsay’s sobriety coach. This story is completely untrue,” Lohan’s rep told the Daily News.

Love, who herself went through a 12-step program in order to kick her drug habit, said back in 2008 that her own sobriety coach, Orlando Bloom, worked wonders.

“We chant every day,” she said then of being sober since 2005. “The 12-step program demands that you have a spiritual practice that you do daily.

“I don’t mind talking about it because it has changed my entire life, changed everything – restructured my body, restructured my physicality. Truly I can, not all the time, but I can take joy at really sh—y situations.”

In terms of helping Lohan, 25, who has recently been in and out of rehab five times, Love thinks the best solution would be a scare tactic.

And the best way to scare the “Mean Girls” star straight, she reasoned, would be by using herself as an example.

“I went up to Lindsay’s room one time and there was a show on called ‘101 Celebrity Oops’ and I am like every other one, you know – boobs out, legs everywhere, throwing s–t at Madonna, you know, whatever. I’m like ‘Lindsay, look! Drugs are bad!'”


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Seattle, WA- November 30, 2011– Longtime Northwest guitar and bass builder, Mike Lull, has collaborated with Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament to create the “JAXT4” signature Jeff Ament electric bass. This handmade instrument will be available starting in January and marks the first time any member of the 20-year-old iconic musical group has put their name on an instrument. “The only bass that plays like a modern handmade machine and sounds like the best vintage Fender or Gibson in the shop,” said Jeff Ament. “I’m honored to put my name next to Mike’s on this beast. 4 strings!” (Ament’s quote in his own handwriting is included as an attachment).

Capitalizing on a 25-year relationship, Lull and Ament worked together closely to create the signature model bass. The bass features a 20% oversized body, but thinner body thickness than standard Mike Lull T4 models, along with a reverse headstock. Jeff Ament personally chose all custom colors, finish, and wood configurations. The JAXT4 comes with a metal (select models only) pickguard engraved with an Ament designed T-bass logo, Jeff’s signature on the headstock along with a special Mike Lull logo designed by Jeff to be used only on his signature model. Included is a custom Ament hardshell case with a hand-stenciled logo on the exterior, along with a bag of assorted Ament custom guitar picks.

The JAXT4 is available in these four custom color and wood configuration choices:

* Satin black polyester finish w/ chromed aluminum JA pickguard (mahogany body/mahogany neck/rosewood fingerboard)
* Satin kerry-green polyester finish w/ solid white plastic JA pickguard (mahogany body/maple neck/maple fingerboard)
* Gloss clear polyester finish w/ chromed aluminum JA pickguard (swamp ash body/maple neck/maple fingerboard)
* Satin cardinal-red polyester finish w/ solid black plastic JA pickguard (mahogany body/mahogany neck/rosewood fingerboard)

The JAXT4 will be unveiled at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show the weekend of January 19-22, 2012 in Anaheim, California and be available for purchase thereafter.

“I’ve worked with Jeff for years, on repairs and building instruments for use in the studio and on the road,” says Lull. “His instinct when it comes to quality and craftsmanship match my own sensibilities and made it a joy to create the JAXT4 to add to our lineup.”

Mike Lull Guitar Works and Jeff Ament have chosen 826 Seattle, a local non-profit, as a beneficiary for on an online auction featuring two handpainted (by Ament) signature basses. Details on the auction will be announced soon, with all funds benefitting 826 Seattle.

Mike Lull has been fixing and building guitars and basses for 35 years. Lull’s first job at age 16 was repairing guitars for a local shop. He developed a following among area musicians and opened his own shop at 21. He began to build custom basses and guitars, his fretwork becoming legendary and his fine- tuning attracting artists across genres and locales. A local cover band bassist himself, he has built and repaired instruments for numerous Northwest legends including Heart, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Queensryche and national acts such as Bon Jovi, Randy Jackson, Bob Dylan and many, many more. To this day, Mike continues to hand build and test each and every bass and guitar that leaves his shop.

Mike Lull Guitar Works was formed in 1975 as a repair shop and as the demand for his high quality work grew, Mike began to custom build guitars and basses. He has a dedicated following of musicians around the country and world. The shop boasts a computer controlled fret leveling machine called a Plek. It levels frets to within .001 mm accuracy, resulting in a type of precision that creates ultimate playability. Mike Lull’s Plek machine does more fret dressings than any other Plek station in the country. Mike Lull Custom Guitars are distributed in 9 countries and all over the United States. Visit for more information.


This year isn’t as strong for the bands. Last year Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, and Them Crooked Vultures all were nominated (Them Crooked Vultures won a Grammy).

Update: Butch Vig was also nominated for producer for the Foo Fighters’ album Wasting Light. Wasting Light was also nominated for Album of the Year.

Best Folk Album
Barton Hollow — The Civil Wars
I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive — Steve Earle
Helplessness Blues — Fleet Foxes
Ukulele Songs — Eddie Vedder
The Harrow & The Harvest — Gillian Welch

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance
“On The Backs Of Angels” — Dream Theater
“White Limo” — Foo Fighters
“Curl Of The Burl” — Mastodon
“Public Enemy No. 1” — Megadeth
“Blood In My Eyes” — Sum 41

Best Rock Album
Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul — Jeff Beck
Wasting Light — Foo Fighters
Come Around Sundown — Kings Of Leon
I’m With You — Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Whole Love — Wilco

Best Rock Performance
“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” — Coldplay
“Down By The Water” — The Decemberists
“Walk” — Foo Fighters
“The Cave” — Mumford & Sons
“Lotus Flower” — Radiohead


Looking down at the identity of the winner…

Here is a video of me (Brett) announcing the winner of’s Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream reissue give away/contest.

The winner is…Eric Schiffman! Congratulations Eric!


One of the Most Influential Albums of the 90′s

Remastered and Reissued for the First Time

* INCLUDES:Original Album Remastered With Reimagined Cover Art
* 17 Previously Unreleased or Alternative Versions of Siamese Dream Era Songs
* Previously Unreleased, Full Length DVD From The Metro 1993
* 13 Postcards Featuring Original Album Collages
* 24 Page Booklet Featuring Complete Lyrics, Unpublished Personal Photos, Liner Notes by David Wild, and Track-by-Track Annotations by Billy Corgan

Official site:


Billy’s Twitter:!/billy

Smashing Pumpkins Twitter:!/smashingpumpkin