This is from Billy Corgan’s SiriusXM takeover from this past weekend. This is an excerpt from‘s recap:

Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole
Billy starts with asking what does alt rock means to people now and how he doesn’t know what it means to him anymore. He reflects on how at a time that MTV didn’t even have a name for it and it was called “post modern” rock. He went on with talking about how he “stupidly” thought that Alice in Chains was “to heavy for alt. music”. When he saw them back in the day he thought they were too heavy for them and too classic rock. He went on to saying they are “back as good as ever”. Followed by which he said he would listen to “Down in a Hole” every morning while recording Siamese Dream. Then how years later he ended up singing this song with Alice in Chains when they reformed in 2006.


Why the fuck is Kim Kardashian famous again?

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love posted these messages on Twitter last night:

What? Kim Kardashian’s single? Shit, won’t surprise me to see Chelsea Handler trying to shack up with her now. Kim baby, no more golddiggers!

Happy Halloween all you little shits!

where are all the trick r treaters?? theres piss and vinegar for everyone!! boo

SCOTT WEILAND’S COVERS ALBUM GETS A NAME: ‘EARTHLING INFLUENZA’ has been updated with a cover page promoting Scott Weiland’s Christmas album, covers album, and a bundle of his book/covers album. The covers album was released with no promotion a little over a month ago, and the above photo seems to give the covers album a title (before it had just been known as A Compilation of Scott Weiland Cover Songs). The title is written in cursive, and it appears to say Earthling Influenza.