Nirvana’s reissued and repackaged version of ‘Nevermind’ has entered the UK album chart at Number Five.

The grunge legends were held off by James Morrison who shot straight to the summit of the charts with ‘The Awakening’ and Kasabian who were at Number Two with ‘Velociraptor!’

Blink-182 went in at Number Six with their comeback album ‘Neighborhoods’ while Pink Floyd’s re-issued and repackaged version of ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ went in at 11.

Elsewhere Nicola Roberts’s debut ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ charted at 17, Mastodon’s ‘The Hunter’ was two places further down and Wilco’s ‘The Whole Love’ went in at 30.

In the singles race, Spanish DJ Sak Noel went straight to Number One with ‘Loca People’, while the Goo Goo Dolls’ ‘Iris’ is at Number Three, after being performed by an X Factor contestant.

The Top 10 UK albums are:

1. James Morrison – ‘The Awakening’
2. Kasabian – ‘Velociraptor!’
3. Ed Sheeran – ‘+’
4. Adele – ’21’
5. Nirvana – ‘Nevermind’
6. Blink 182 – ‘Neighborhoods’
7. David Guetta – ‘Nothing But The Beat’
8. Example – ‘Playing In The Shadows’
9. Joe McElderry – ‘Classic’
10. Bruno Mars – ‘Doo Wops & Hooligans’


Credit: MonteLDS and Some media outlets gleaned from your interview on that the Smashing Pumpkins may call it quits if Oceania isn’t well-received. What is your response to these reports?

Billy: I would say those reports are irresponsible. We are very happy together as a band and as friends, and there are no plans to disband, nor any discussions about disbanding. My point was if Oceania is not well received, it would be time to change our FOCUS as a band. I have plenty of projects that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile that I’d be more than happy for us to get into. That said, Oceania is a record we are very proud of and we hope people feel about it as strongly as we do.

CHRIS CORNELL SAYS HE WILL HAVE A NEW SOLO ALBUM OUT NEXT YEAR has a new interview up with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in Portuguese. Soundmachine of the forums translated this question and answer.

Your last record was released in 2009. When will a new album be released?

In fact, I have almost a whole album written for this solo project, that should be out around may/2012. We’re also writting songs for Soundgarden and soon we’ll have a new album for you guys.”



A: Let’s talk about more recent stuff – hence Smashing Pumpkins. How does Smashing Pumpkins usually work with the songwriting process?

N: Well, I can really only speak for the way that we worked on this record, Oceania, as this is the first album I’ve worked on with them. Generally, Billy will come in with either a song idea or a well-constructed skeleton of a song and we will all jam on it for a while. Once we have all established basic parts we will record what we had and Billy will tinker with that for a while. Usually he will re-work it and we sort of keep tweaking the arrangement and the parts until it is where it’s supposed to be. It’s really great to have those moments where you’ve been working on a song for awhile and it finally just all comes together. There’s nothing more rewarding than those moments to me, except of course playing those songs live for fans!

A: Do you and Mike (Byrne-drums) ever jam out and write as a rhythm section by yourselves? How do you view your relationship as part of the rhythm section?

N: As far as writing parts as the rhythm section, Mike and I are a powerhouse! Usually, we will write our own parts separately and then work through them together to find accent points. So I will re-work my part according to where his accent points are and vice versa. We work really well together on that level. I think we’ve gotten to the point in our relationship where we understand each other’s psychology of how we play. I think that’s super important for live purposes because as a rhythm section, you really have to memorize the other person’s pocket so that you can be totally locked in.

A: Can you describe the relationship between you and the other band members?

N: We all get along really well, and I think there is a mutual respect between the four of us. We are all here for the same reason and we have the same goal in mind. We work really well as a team, which I think can be a very difficult thing to find when it comes to musicians!


Credit: Consequences of Sound

And yet, listeners tend to sample rather than purchase whole albums…

That’s a really bad thing for Soundgarden. I think it’s a bad thing for any band, to be honest. I’m not attracted to the world of recorded music that is just one song at a time. I’m not built that way. My favorite songs as a kid were the ones that weren’t on the radio. I went through a period where I was just finding Rolling Stones albums where there were songs that I had never heard before, where I could listen to songs by a band that I liked without having to hear a song I heard 10,000 times.

I also discovered at some point I would sequence albums in a particular way based on how I would listen to them. I remember placing “Black Hole Sun” as the seventh song on Superunknown because the seventh song was often my favorite one, and it was usually a deeper album track, and I never expected that that song would be a single.

I also didn’t think that people really got Soundgarden unless they would sit down and listen to an entire album. If people got the heavy side of it, we would sort of be considered this Black Sabbath throwback or a heavy metal band, and then they would miss like 90% of the rest of what we did. As a fan of music, bands that I always loved were bands that were like that. You know, if you picked out one or two songs, you were never going to get more than a fraction of what they were about musically. And I’m still that way. You know, it’ll be a sad thing if future generations don’t really have the attention span to sit down and follow a musical mood for longer than three minutes.


Scott Weiland’s new Christmas album ‘The Most Wonderful Time of Year’ will be released on Tuesday October 24th rather than this Tuesday. Thanks Anth for letting me know, which led to me changing the headline. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. The Christmas Song (3:16)
2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (3:05)
3. White Christmas (2:23)
4. Silent Night (3:00)
5. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (2:20)
6. What Child Is This? (3:20)
7. Winter Wonderland (2:15)
8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (2:35)
9. Happy Christmas And Many More (3:16)
10. O Holy Night (4:11)


Credit: BBC

Singer and actress Courtney Love is to write a “no holds barred” memoir, “setting the record straight” about her marriage to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

Described by publishers Harper Collins as the “definitive memoir”, the book will cover her history of drug abuse and relationship with her daughter.

“It’s time for the public to hear her tell her story, as she lived it,” said publisher Lynn Grady.

The memoirs will be co-authored by rock biographer Anthony Bozza.

Bozza’s previous collaborations include biographies by Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Slash. He is currently working on an autobiography with Wyclef Jean.

Arguably, Love remains best known for her marriage to late Nirvana frontman Cobain.

The pair married in 1992, and their daughter Frances Bean was born the same year. Cobain committed suicide in 1994.

Career arc

Aside from her relationship with Cobain, the book will tackle Love’s wayward childhood, her romances with stars including Edward Norton and Billy Corgan, and her career as a singer and actress.

“Courtney is one of the most fascinating and provocative artists of our time,” said Ms Grady.

“She is one of those rare performers who continues to reinvent herself time and again throughout the arc of her career,” she added.

The 47-year-old formed the band Hole in 1989 and went on to achieve critical and commercial success with albums such as Live Through This and Celebrity Skin.

In 1996, she won a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in The People vs Larry Flynt.

Since 2003, her well-documented history of drug abuse and erratic behaviour has seen her in and out of court.