Today is the late great Layne Staley’s birthday!  Layne would have been 44.  Rest in peace Layne, and happy birthday!  Here is information on today’s birthday celebration in Seattle.

Monday, August 22, 2011 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm
The International Fountain, Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, Washington

Please come and gather to pay your respects and share your stories at the International Fountain on Layne’s 44th birthday, Monday, August 22nd, at 5pm. This gathering will be held in honor of Layne Staley and also Mike Starr. Bring a candle if you’d like.

We are truly thankful and excited to announce our special guests, RANE STONE and JONNY SMOKES, 2 members of the renowned local Alice In Chains Tribute band, Jar Of Flies!

Also be sure to check out our new Layne Staley website at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Nancy Layne McCallum & Gayle Starr

Please note our new mailing address!!!

Layne Staley correspondence
c/o Nancy Layne McCallum
PO 63
Mukilteo, WA. 98275

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Pearl Jam adds a second Sao Paolo show to the start of their 2011 South and Central American tour at the Marumbi Stadium on Novemenbr 3rd.

A fan club only pre-sale will be conducted through the venues public ticket vendor while supplies last. Ticket sales are limited, so please be ready to purchase right at the specified on-sale time.  All ticket location options for this show will be available during the pre-sale, while supplies last.   You may purchase up to 4 tickets maximum for each show.

Only members active as of Thursday,  August 18th at 11:58pm Pacific last night, will be sent fan club pre-sale links and passwords.  Fans registering an account after that date will not be eligible for the pre-sale.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ten Club Pre-sale: August 20th until August 21st
Ticket Price: R$ 190,00 – R$ 380,00 per ticket

Public Ticket Sale: August 25th

For a complete lists of upcoming tour dates visit

All questions can be directed to

-Ten Club Staff


Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Reimagine Music will release “Come As You Are: A 20th Anniversary Tribute To Nirvana’s Nevermind” on Oct. 25, an album tribute featuring a select few of the biggest and very best alternative and indie rock artists.

Reimagine Music sought out some of the top artists in alternative and indie rock: Hawthorne Heights, Story Of The Year, Anthony Raneri (of Bayside), Finger Eleven, The Album Leaf, Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, mewithoutYou, Maps and Atlases, Murder By Death and Pitty.

“Come As You Are” is produced by the acclaimed Jim Sampas whose other tributes to seminal albums such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” w/ Johnny Cash, Aimee Mann, Ben Harper and others; and The Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” w/ Sufjan Stevens, Ted Leo, Low, and others, as well as the Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard album “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Music From Kerouac’s Big Sur.” I really enjoyed the “Nebraska” tribute, as it offered a diverse look at the record.

1. The Dutch Masters (featuring Brent and Courtney of The Dandy Warhols) “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
2. mewithoutYou “In Bloom”
3. Civil Twilight “Come As You Are”
4. Story Of The Year “Breed”
5. Hawthorne Heights “Lithium”
6. Finger Eleven “Polly”
7. Will Dailey “Territorial P*****gs”
8. Maps and Atlases “Drain You”
9. Murder By Death “Lounge Act”
10. Pitty “Stay Away”
11. The Album Leaf “On A Plain”
12. Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s “Something In the Way”
13. Anthony Raneri (of Bayside) “About A Girl”


Credit: West Seattle Herald

The film

During nearly 20 production and planning meetings in West Seattle at the Feedback Lounge in the Morgan Junction, and the West 5 Lounge in the Alaska Junction, bothers Paul and Brian Michaels followed their dream to create a documentary on the grunge-era music scene. Paul produced while Brian directed. A private screening is planned for December. Then the film will be submitted to the Seattle International Film Festival.

Prominently featured is popular vocalist and guitar player Carrie Akre of the Seattle bands Hammerbox, Goodness, and The Rockfords fame. She lived in West Seattle’s Westwood Village neighborhood beginning in 2004 but moved to Minneapolis last month. Akre performed at the West Seattle Street Fair in 2007.

The film is called The Hash After the Bash and subtitled The Untold Story of Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll. For the uninitiated, the title is not a drug reference to hashish, but refers to the club the Offramp Café where Pearl Jam played its first official show in Seattle, October 22, 1990. Well, then they called themselves “Mookie Blaylock” after the NBA 6′ guard.

“Back in the ‘heyday’ at the Offramp, at the end of the evening after the bands were done playing, they would roll out breakfast buffets,” said Paul Michaels, 42, who lives near the UW. “I use that term loosely because it consisted of hash browns, scrambled eggs and soft rolls for 50 cents. It became known as the ‘hash after the bash’. We named the film that as kind of a tribute to not only that era and that specific event but also as an insider nod to those who were part of it.”

In the film’s trailer with a montage of performers’ quotes, Guns ‘N’ Roses icon Duff McKegan, also of Ten Minute Warning, says, “Ordinary people just were a little afraid of that change that we represented.”

Sweet Water’s Adam Czeisler says of the era, “…Just the whole energy and excitement. The whole thing was bigger than just the actual music.”

“It gave me opportunity after opportunity to get my life together,” says Dave Krusen of Pearl Jam and Candlebox.



Rocker Eddie Vedder and Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines celebrated in court on Friday (19Aug11) as the three incarcerated men they’ve been seeking justice for over the killings of three boy scouts in 1993 were freed from prison.

Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin – known as the West Memphis 3 – were each sentenced to life in an Arkansas prison in 1994 for the satanic killings. Echols was also sentenced to death and has been on death row ever since his sentence began.

The three men protested their innocence for 17 years and their fight for a new trial attracted the attention of Pearl Jam frontman Vedder, Maines and actor Johnny Depp amid reports the Dna evidence found at the scene of the crime did not match the trio.

Celebrities like Winona Ryder, Metallica and Henry Rollins also became supporters of the jailed trio – Rollins even organised a benefit album for them.

Echols, Misskelley, Jr. and Baldwin appeared in Craighead County Courthouse in Arkansas for an emergency hearing on Friday (19Aug11), during which all three pleaded guilty to the crime in exchange for their freedom.

They walked free from court and in a press conference immediately after the ruling, Echols and Misskelley, Jr. both asserted that they had served 18 years behind bars for a crime they “did not commit”.

Baldwin claimed he was against the idea of taking the plea deal because he didn’t want to admit guilt, but did so to save Echols from death row.


Disc One
Release Verona, Italy
Alive Seattle, WA
Garden Zurich, Switzerland
Why Go Hamburg, Germany
Black MTV Unplugged
Blood Auckland, New Zealand
Last Exit Taipei, Taiwan
Not For You Manilla, Philippines
Do The Evolution Monkeywrench Radio
Thumbing My Way Seattle, WA
Crown of Thorns Las Vegas, NV
Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time) Verona, Italy
Walk With Me Mountain View, CA
Just Breathe Saturday Night Live
Disc Two
Say Hello 2 Heaven Demo
Times Of Trouble Demo
Acoustic #1 Demo
It Ain’t Like That Demo
Need To Know Demo
Be Like Wind Demo
Given To Fly Instrumental
Nothing As It Seems Demo
Nothing As It Seems Seattle, WA
Indifference Bologna, Italy
Of The Girl Instrumental
Faithfull Pistoia, Italy
Bu$hleaguer Uniondale, NY
Betterman New York, NY
Rearviewmirror Los Angeles, CA


Billy and Sunny of WWF fame, Billy’s current Twitter picture.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman posted this on his Twitter, the second comment is in reference to an incident in Belgium:

seeing these sad stage collapses reminds me of when we stopped once during a heavy storm and fans threw stuff at us while we waited it out

i hate it when anyone gets hurt; fan, band, security working the show…


From Billy Corgan’s Twitter:

thank God i’m putting lyrics in with the Gish re-issue/it’s amazing to me what lyrics people ‘think’ they hear me sing! 20 years to sort!

all old lyrics were handwritten or typed/have a lot of typed SD lyrics, raw verse stuff that i hope to make available at some point

that’s where the title ‘mayonaise’ came from!! a japanese interpretation of gish lyrics about a ‘mayonaise sea shore’ LOL

yes/all the reissues will come in special packages/we’re working hard right now to have Gish and SD be 2 cds/one dvd each

yes. aeroplane will be available on vinyl next year for the first time. exciting….



In the fall of 1991, [the ‘Teen Spirit’] video was getting a lot of airplay on MTV, and I would spend hours at my girlfriend’s house just laying in bed waiting for it to come on, ’cause it was really exciting, really like nothing else out there. At the time, I think my competition was a million-dollar Guns N’ Roses video and Michael Jackson doing something with Eddie Murphy or MC Hammer. The ‘Teen Spirit’ video was nasty, brown-colored—it looked dirty, it really stood out. Within a year of that, there were a lot of different-looking videos: Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden. It seemed like all the videos now had this angry, dark vibe to them.

– “Smells Like Teen Spirit” director Samuel Bayer on the landmark video (filmed 20 years ago today), from the upcoming book Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge

In this excerpt from the upcoming book Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” director Sam Bayer recalls the video’s now-legendary Aug. 17, 1991 shoot:

“The kids were recruited from a Nirvana show on the Sunset Strip, and they were egging on the band, so it was kind of me versus them—and I was losing. Kurt absolutely hated me by the end. He didn’t want to lip-synch the song. And I always believed that maybe his anger with me added a whole level of intensity to his performance. I always had a vision for something destructive at the end of the video, but truth be told, I was so beat up by the end of the day I just couldn’t take any more. I was sitting on the dolly and somebody came up to me and said, ‘Kurt wants to invite the kids down to destroy the set.’ And I’m like, ‘Great. Destroy the set. What do I care?’ And the kids came down, and it was this beautiful display of anarchy and destruction; I just flipped the camera on and shot 400 feet of film, and that was the end of the video.”