Thanks to Ben for letting me know about this.

Bookie of 102.1 The Edge, one of the top radio stations in Toronto, tweeted the following a few hours ago:

New Eddie Vedder solo LP in May..more deets to come coming soon

The latest issue of Rolling Stone also has a photo of Eddie Vedder doing a photoshoot on a beach in Hawaii wearing a suit holding a ukulele, which likely means the new solo album will be the long awaited Eddie Vedder ukulele album. Kick ass news!


Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell did an interview with SPIN.com yesterday where he announced that Soundgarden will start recording their new album next week with Adam Kasper as producer, here is part of the article:

The quartet — Cornell, guitarist Kim Thayil, drummer Matt Cameron, and bassist Ben Shepherd — plan to spend as long as necessary to “make an album that we all really love,” says Cornell. “We don’t have a schedule,” he adds. “It’s not like we are going to go into the studio and come out when we’re finished with an album.”

“We’re putting the music first,” Cornell explains. “The process of writing, recording, and being creative together is the most important thing, not meeting a deadline.”

Cornell explains that the band’s sessions will be interrupted by his solo acoustic tour this spring — and some live dates from Soundgarden. “We plan on playing shows for sure — that’s never been in question,” he says. “Then when we have some time again we’ll get back into the studio.”


Here is a recent encounter a fan had with Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, posted by stpunderground on BelowEmpty.com:

Man I really had an amazing time. Everything from the road trip, the hotel parties, and of course the show was amazing as well

And best of all…. I got to meet scott weiland for a couple of mins!!

After the show was over… I dont remember how much longer it was exactly… But I thought I saw scott but wasnt sure at first because he was wearing shades and I was super stoned… Lots of stuff being passed around in section…. Anyways I caught up with him and blurted out “hey scott gonna hit up some slot machines?” He stopped gave a little grin and said “nah its not really my thing” and suprisingly asked if I “was getting anything out of those things or something?” I kind of got a little nervous there for a sec that my favorite singer of all time just asked me question. But I told him I kept to the black.jack tables. He then said if he were to do something that it would.be poker

I think he could tell I was stoned… Even though he had his shades on I noticed him crack some smiles when I messed up some words…. Aanyways very randomly and moronically I then told him not to get the pizza here and that it fucking sucked… He said he had some last march when they played here but he didnt remember what it was like and that hed take my word on the pizza there… It was a sarcastic moment but it was pretty funny at the time
Next thing I blurted out was that tiny music was my favorite album of all time… He said it was one of his favoritr stp albums but that hes really into the new album the most… After he said that I said dare if you dare was my favorite song from the peace album… He said “oh yeah thats an amazing song” and went on for a tidbit how much he loves the new album and that he was listened to peacoat a couple times before the show. I don’t know why I did this, but I told scott my least favorite stp song was on the new album and that its called first kiss on mars… I almost had that “oh shit feeling” after I said that but he replied back quickly and said quote “don’t tell robert that!”
Suprisingly he laughed more than me there and I was really stoned. Also I brought up only dying. I felt like I needed to remind him of this masterpiece that they made years back. When I brought up only dying it seemed like he was taken back and said “kid I couldn’t even tell you the last time we played that number” I also tried to crack a joke by saying they should pull a soundgarden and release it as a single and see if it gets a grammy nomination. He didn’t really respond to what I said instead just said “yeah those guys” didn’t know what that meant. About thirty seconds later I cut it off by saying well man ill let you go I’m sure you got shit to do and stuff it was nice talking to you and that I didn’t want to take up too much of his time though I did want to lol.I shook his hand and even did a fist pound. His last words were “alright see ya later kid”

All of this took place in a span of about three full mins… maybe I could have asked better questions but it was what it was and there was nothing wrong with that. I also brought up this site and he’s said he’s heard of it…. I told him my username though its not like he’ll remember it lol


Will Charlie Sheen’s posse dubbed by Sheen as “The Goddesses” add Billy Corgan as a new member?

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan jokingly commented on the recent actions of Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen on his Twitter page:

i understand Charlie Sheen. Understanding Charlie Sheen=i have a special brain. Jokes aside, I’ve hung out with him a few times, nice person


revelator posted this on the onewhiskey.com forums:

Hi all!
Just registered today, but I´ve been a fan of Mark since I first heard Sweet Oblivion in 1993. Still one of the best records ever… Unfortunately I never got to see Screaming Trees live.

Together with a couple of friends I was at the Isobel/Mark concert in Malmö, Sweden, on February 11. Very good! And he seemed in a surprisingly good mood, even smiling a couple of times…
After the show he signed the live CDs being sold (Voxhall/Union Chapel) and chatted to people, including us. He said The Mark Lanegan Band is working on the new album, which probably will be released next year. Long time to wait, I think!
But, as Bubbelgum/Weird Chill is the best he´s done, it will be worth the wait…
Hopefully they will tour too!
So far, the best Mark concert I´ve been to is Rockefeller, Oslo in 2004 w/Mark Lanegan Band.
An Evening With…Greg & Mark in Copenhagen 2009 wasn´t bad, either…