Credit: and You did recognize what Ronnie brought to metal as a vocalist?

Anselmo: No matter what today’s younger generation think, I know what my generation thinks and the generation before my generation: an end of an era has occurred, man. Ronnie was alone. Probably one of the best heavy metal rock and roll singers around; maybe even a little underrated. I think he was right up there; him and Glenn Hughes and Paul Rodgersand even Chris Cornell. Let’s go for it.


“We promise this is the first and last time we ever give our “Indie Artist of the Year” award to a world-famous band which has spent most of its existence on a major label. But not only have the Smashing Pumpkins parted ways with their label, frontman Billy Corgan and crew have walked away from the entire music industry model as we know it. Not only are they giving away every song from their new forty-four song album Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, they’re doing so as each song is finished. One MP3 at a time, the Smashing Pumpkins are helping rewrite the blueprint for being an indie artist.”


Billy Corgan quit Facebook a couple of days ago after under a month as a member, here are some of his final messages posted:

FROM Tony Brunello: Why dont u use all this time on your hands to do something like….I don’t know….write your first good song in the last 12 yrs?
BC: merry CHRISTMAS to me
FROM Tommes Tommsen: he´s right ;-D
FROM David Jimenez Leiva: He is so freaking right!
FROM Robin Zamora: Yeah, stop worrying about stupid riffs and focus on chord progression and vocal melodies.
BC: so, like, you mean, stop doing heavy riff songs like this Robin Zamora? And lose all the angsty singing, right? so no more songs like this, right? (posts Spangled)

FROM runo Macedo: hahahaha c’mom, it’s funny, kinda rude, but funny.
BC: yes, i love to be told i suck on Christmas. always gets a good laugh out of me

FROM Vin Paul: Someone needs to find the christmas time smashing pumpkins video that was fan made from netphoria thats the best video of all time
BC: you mean the one where they call me Billy and make fun of me? that was great!

FROM Edwin Mascorn: But critizism is healthy 🙂 aslong as they aint just being cunts lmao
BC: especially on Christmas! criticism helps me remember the good times with my deceased mother…

FROM Dave Williams: Billy – Any chance of the band doing a quick studio take of “Chrysanthemum” and dropping it on the internet? It’s a lot to ask, but it was a great song that never made it to the Zwan show I was at.
BC: sure, coming right up…i’m sure new SP won’t mind covering Zwan songs!!

FROM Carrie Thomas: What would happen if you did take music advice from a fan? Would it end up being glitter and fools gold?
BC: everyone would love me again!

ok, got to go back to Christmas now….it’s been swell folks. lots of love, over and out, BC



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What did Santa Thayil bring you for Christmas?

Did you get any Grunge gifts for Christmas?  It’s a slow news day since Christmas was yesterday, so I thought I’d do an interactive story.

My birthday was a month ago and that’s when I got my Grunge gifts which included: Soundgarden “Hawk My Love” t-shirt, Pearl Jam “Black” t-shirt, Soundgarden- Louder Than Love, and Soundgarden- Ultramega OK.  I also got The Smashing Pumpkins’ latest Teargarden EP.

For Christmas the only music related things I got were Porno For Pyros’ two albums and the new Rolling Stone 90’s book.


Credit: George Merchan and

I think it might be safe to say that Cameron Crowe is one of the best directors in the game when it comes to finding just the right synergy of image and music. Even his misfires feature wonderful, emotionally charged moments like ELIZABETHTOWN and his use of Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun”. It’s great stuff.

Now what might Crowe have in mind for his upcoming WE BOUGHT A ZOO?

Actor Matt Damon, who will be starring as the lead in Crowe’s film, recently sat down to do the press rounds for the fantastic TRUE GRIT. He spoke to MTV and tossed out the names of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and the legendary Neil Young when asked about the film and the script drafts he’s been reading:

“When [Cameron Crowe] gave me the screenplay, it came with music… a bunch of music. Before I even read the screenplay, I burned the stuff onto my iPod and went running in Central Park just listening to the music… a lot Eddie Vedder, a lot of Neil Young… I’ll leave it there for now.”

You may recall that Vedder released his first solo album as the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s incredible 2007 film INTO THE WILD. Should WE BOUGHT A ZOO feature anything from him or Young, it could only be a good thing.

The film is an adaptation of We Bought a Zoo: The Amazing True Story of a Young Family, a Broken Down Zoo, and the 200 Wild Animals that Changed Their Lives Forever, a memoir written by former newspaper columnist Benjamin Mee.

“Back in 2006, Mee was a do-it-yourself columnist for the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper. The writer took it to a whole new level when he decided to move into a rundown twelve-bedroom mansion in the English countryside with his wife, two children, brother, and 76-year-old mother. On top of that, the mansion included a 30 acre wildlife park that was home to 200 wild animals. Their success was bittersweet when Mee’s wife, Katherine, learned that she had terminal cancer.”

WE BOUGHT A ZOO – starring Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Hayden Church, Elle Fanning, and Patrick Fugit – begins filming next month.


Billy Corgan posted these messages on his official Facebook page.

i used to sing silver bells in the choir at Glenbard North high school 😉 you know my high school has never invited me back??? Classic…Merry Christmas Glenbard North! 😉

FROM Matt Gaza Billy, do you like Nirvana?
Billy Corgan: what does this have to do with Christmas??

Merry Christmas Eve to you all…i hope you all get exactly what you deserve! 😉 see you on the other side of Christmas….

He also posted some Bing Crosby Christmas songs, here is one:


themadcaplaughs posted this on the board:

I saw this over on Netphoria. Apparently if you subscribe to Drum Channel, you can watch some interviews and performances with Jimmy Chamberlin. Sadly, it is only available to subscribers, however someone on Netphoria paraphrased the biggest points.

-Jimmy is doing very well…we should be hearing some news about Skysaw in the very near future…thought still no mention as to the name change or why the Great Civilizations EP was released and taken down.
-Jimmy claims to be significantly happier now than he was at any time during his time in the Smashing Pumpkins from 2007-2009.
-Jimmy claims he was never comfortable being a “rock star” drummer for a famous band, even at the height of the band’s popularity in 1995.
-Jimmy pretty much accuses Billy of living in the past saying that if you revive a famous band from the past, and then talk about the past nonstop, you are living in the past.
-Says he found it hard to teach integrity to his children if he was touring the world with a band he did not want to be in anymore.


Nirvana reunite onstage in California- The surviving members of Nirvana’s In Utero live lineup reunited to perform “Marigold” in California on December 21st.

Soundgarden reunite after 13 years apart- On April 16th Soundgarden reunited in Seattle at the Showbox.

Stone Temple Pilots release first new album in 9 years- Stone Temple Pilots released their first album since 2001’s Shangri LA DEE DA on May 25th, Stone Temple Pilots.

Moment of the Year
Nirvana reunite onstage in California
Soundgarden reunite after 13 years apart
Stone Temple Pilots release first new album in 9 years