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orange posted this on the forums:

I’m primarily an Isobel fan who got into Mark’s work through this collaboration. I went to the Chicago show by myself on a last minute whim, knowing I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t. With tickets less than $20, how could I resist? I knew from reading a bit about their other North American shows that they would put on a good performance, and I was hardly expecting Isobel and Mark by the end of the night to be gazing soulfully into each other’s eyes as many of the uninformed journalists seem to think they will be.

Willy Mason started bang on 10 p.m., maybe even a few minutes earlier. His voice was clear and pleasant, but while I enjoyed the songs at the time, they were unmemorable. Nice background music anyhow. The crowd was surprisingly quiet, although it was a bit sparse on the floor (I was in about the fourth row of standing people on Isobel’s side of the stage). However, it filled up a bit more when Mark and Isobel took the stage, although it never got oppressively crowded. I’ve never been to Lincoln Hall before, so I’m not sure how many people it can fit, plus I’m bad at estimating – maybe someone else can help out on that front.

Willy played maybe about half-an-hour. I didn’t really keep an eye on the time. Mark and Isobel came onstage about an hour after Willy, which was a bit annoying as all their equipment was set up already (it’s just Mason and his acoustic guitar for the opening act). Plus, Jim McCulloch (he’s the bald, Scottish guitarist who’s co-written some of the songs and been with them since “Ballad”) came out to fiddle with his guitar soon after Willy left the stage, so I’d hoped that they would soon be making an entrance.

Since I was alone (none of my friends are into either Isobel or Mark’s music) I was a bit bored. I don’t have a problem going to concerts by myself, but the standing around in silence isn’t any fun. I struck up a conversation with a nearby couple – hi Bob and Allison. They were Lanegan fans, but not die-hards.

Finally the band made it to the stage. They played the usual set. I didn’t keep track of the setlist, but it seemed very similar to what they’ve been playing on the NA and recent European tour. The crowd was respectful – I never really heard any talking, which would have been painfully obvious on the quieter numbers. Like in previous shows, Mark left halfway through so Willy could come back on and sing with Isobel for three songs (the two the from “Hawk” and one of his own). Then Isobel did the solo “Sunrise,” and then Mark rejoined her. They closed out with the usual encore. After waiting an hour for them to take the stage, we hardly waited two minutes for them to come back for the encore. I didn’t even have time to send a text message. The ended with “Wedding Dress,” as usual, and it was as fantastic as I’ve heard on bootlegs and YouTube.

For all that I was expecting Isobel and Mark to be statues during the performance, Isobel actually talked a lot more than I thought she would. When Willy was on singing with her, someone shouted out, “Why isn’t anyone smoking grass?” (Or something similar.) Isobel responded that lots of people were in Toronto (their show before Chicago) and that her bass player (one of the Norwegian Giant Sands guys) had wanted some, and had probably smoked some afterward. “I’m going to tell your mum,” she joked, but then backtracked. Apparently, the bassist has a cool mom who claims to be the first person in Norway to own a Bob Dylan record (so I guess she wouldn’t care that her kid smoked pot?). And some lady in the first row said that the Mason song Willy and Isobel sang on should have been on the “Crazy Heart” soundtrack, to which Isobel agreed (although I think she was just being polite as this lady was a bit weird). Also, earlier, someone shouted out, “Where’s your husband?” to the unmarried Campbell. “In the dungeon,” she laughed. Mark said a few mumbled words during the show, but I’m 99% sure they were directed to the crew, not the audience.

Even though many reviewers rail about the lack of interaction between the pair, it was interesting to see how they communicate in the slightest gestures – nodding, widening eyes, etc. – to indicate when a song should stop or start.

I had a great time. The songs were different enough from the records so you didn’t feel like you could have just stayed home and listened on iTunes. The backing band did a great job and it didn’t feel like they were just going through the motions, and I thought Isobel and Mark gave a lovely performance.

LostCause posted this review:
Mark was not a statue either really swaying with the music tapping is fingers especially as the night went on. When he was not on stage I notices a lull in the energy level still nicely played music but the crowd seemed to me more Lanegan intensive. He seemed to really draw the audience in by his commanding performance. I really liked the use of dynamics to really raise the intensity of the parts of the songs. This is lost on a lot of bands (not loud soft loud soft but crescendo and decrescendo). I enjoyed Isabel a bit more than I would have thought. It really worked well. I can see why Mark enjoys it. It really showed.


Just like did with Soundgarden’s reunion shows in Seattle and Chicago earlier this year, we have an exclusive audio review from Pearl Jam’s return to the stage in Mountain View, California at the Bridge School Benefit.  I recorded the review with reader Juan, who texted me the setlist and live notes throughout the show.  Thank you Juan!

Click here to download the audio review

Setlist (Thanks to Juan):

Last Kiss
Unthought Known
Santa Cruz
Dancing Barefoot (Patty Smith)
Betterman (Different version)
Walk with Me (with Neil Young)
Just Breathe (with strings)
Black (with strings)

Live Notes:

Eddie had his wedding ring on.

They thanked Neil Young and mentioned the 20th anniversary.

GRUNGEREPORT.NET LIVE COVERAGE OF TONIGHT’S PEARL JAM SHOW IN MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA will have exclusive live coverage of Pearl Jam’s return to the stage tonight in Mountain View, California.  Rumor has it that Pearl Jam should go on at around 10-10:30PM Pacific Time.  I’ll edit this story with further updates throughout the day, and once the show starts I’ll do the live setlist and live notes.  Juan is helping me out with this.

6:36PM PST- Pearl Jam to go on at 9:45PM PST and will play until 10:20PM PST.

Live Setlist:

Last Kiss

Unthought Known

Santa Cruz


Dancing Barefoot (Patty Smith)

Betterman (Different version, Eddie with Little Martin guitar)

Walk with Me (with Neil Young)

Just Breathe (with strings)

Black (with strings)

*End of the show

Live Notes:

Eddie had his wedding ring on.

They thanked Neil Young and mentioned the 20th anniversary.

The different version of Betterman they played may be similar to this lullaby version:


Aaron posted this on the forums:

Amazing Show tonight!  I have some pics and vids I’ll post tomorrow (probably), but I wanted to get online and say that the show was absolutely fantastic.  Scott was sober, talkative, smiley, and sounded great.  I watched him like a hawk, absolutely no lip syncing.  ;)

Review coming tomorrow too.  For now I’ll leave you with the setlist:

Wicked Garden
Between the Lines
Still Remains
-Very long jam session coming off still remains
Big Empty
Dancing Days
Silvergun Superman
Huckleberry Crumble
Sex Type Thing

<Scott Announces that Rangers beat the Yankees>
Dead and Bloated

Sight disappointment with no Sourgirl or Lady Picture Show, but all in all it was a fantastic show and I have no major complaints.

Son of Sam posted this on the forums:

WoooW, what a great show! I saw the show with my favorite female on the entire planet! We walked through the gate thinking we were late and them BOOM, Crackerman! It was like it was meant to be! The setlest above is correct, I only made time for this show cause I was concerned that it may be the last STP show I might ever get to see, thinking Scott was on a downward spiral :( But let me tell you, he was COMPLETELY, COOOOOMPLETELY sober and you know what? the guys were bumping into each other, playfully :) They were having fun and so were we! It was the 4th show ive ever seen, and for the first time, it was like my whole life flashed infront of my eyes during plush. From the time I was a teenager when I first saw the video, almost every good time in my life where plush was playing, flashed in my mind. IT was memorable. Great tight show! Scott announced the Rangers were going to the World Series and the whole crowd went wild! We are in TEXAS after all baby! Expect another album out of these guys! Im confident. Great great show! There were about 5K peeps there at least. Plush was the Crowd favorite, Dancing Days was a real treat! Goodnight! happy to be back in San Antonio safe!


– by Marjorie Hernandez

Here are a few excerpts:

In producing and making the [new self-titled] record yourselves, what did you learn about the collaboration process and about yourself?

It’s all psychological at that point. You can’t necessarily go there in the straight path because of the fragility of people’s egos. From working with a lot of other producers, you get to see the psychology of passive direction — how they pull you to one area and then steer you back on course to the other side so they can get you to the place where they want you to be. Working in a band is the same thing. Singers usually have the biggest egos and you kind of have to learn how to get them to change words, but you have to get them to get so excited about changing that word because you challenge them. They love a challenge and they say, “Screw you. I’m not going to change anything for the rest of the month.” That’s part of the give-and-take and the game of it all.

So it’s really about being part producer and part psychologist?

Oh, yeah and part baby sitter. I mean, musicians are a fun breed of people, but sometimes they are 10-year-old kids in the body of 30-year-olds. (Laughs)

What’s in the future for STP?

Things are going really good. We still have a couple of months touring the album here in America. In December, we will be in South America. After all these years we have never been to Australia, so offers are coming in for Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and probably back to Europe. Then we will see. We’re maybe looking at putting out another record next year or touring some more and trying new ideas of how to present music, especially for downloading.


Yesterday reported the tragic death of Chris Staley, Layne Staley’s brother.  A user posted the article on the official Alice In Chains forums crediting (which is great with me, I encourage everybody to post stories wherever you want as long as you credit us if we broke the story).  I then visited the topic again and where was says *edited due to virus site*, this was edited in by a moderator.  You can view all of this by clicking here.

I then responded to the forum topic with a post updating the story, about how Chris was in fact Layne’s half brother rather than step brother, I credited and also mentioned that the site is virus free and has been since mid April.  We were hacked back in early April and the hacker put a virus on the site, the moment I found out I closed the site for a week as you all remember and moved it to a different server, and ever since then we have been 100% virus free.  I mentioned all of this, and the post was deleted.  I attempted to re-post it multiple times and it was repeatedly deleted, I even private messaged all of the moderators and administrators and as of Saturday at 3:27AM Pacific Time I have yet to receive a response.

I don’t have any personal problems or anything with the Alice In Chains moderating team, but they are outright lying by calling a virus site and hurting the credibility of this website that I put hours of my life every day into.  They also did not allow me to update fans on the situation, and won’t give proper credit to this site’s report of the tragedy.  I really don’t get it, hopefully this misunderstanding can be solved as outside of this I have no problems with AIC’s message board.


Layne Staley’s brother Chris tragically passed away yesterday (possibly the day before).  The cause of death is not known at this time.

EDIT: I have received an e-mail saying that Chris was actually Layne’s half brother (son of Layne’s father Phil) rather than his stepbrother (son of Layne’s stepdad Jim Elmer) like I had previously reported.  So rest in peace CHRIS STALEY.

Eerily Demri Parrott’s brother Devin Remme also passed away within the last day or so.  Demri was Layne’s long time girlfriend, she died in 1996. sends its condolences to the families of Chris and Devin.  Very sad story.


This story makes me want to puke.


Written by Brandon Rector

On November 4th, Lil’ Wayne will release Weezy’s 90’s Ball, Volume One, an album of remixs and mashups album that pairs Lil’ Wayne with 90s rock hits from Nirvana, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, and opens with some Pearl Jam!

“Because Lil Wayne’s flow is so melodic, it sits incredibly well on top of rock tracks,” says Alexei. “And while I loved Rebirth, many fans will probably enjoy this ‘rock album’ a bit more because Wayne is rapping, rather than singing with the help of auto-tune.”

On the album, Alexei both reinterprets old Lil Wayne hits and combines Weezy’s numerous — and, in some cases, obscure — feature verses to create new songs. Musically, the album is divided into tracks that retain the rock sensibility of the source material and hip-hop-influenced tracks on which Alexei combines samples of 90s rock with hip-hop drums. In both cases, the resulting songs stand out in their intensity and impact.

1. Betterman (Pearl Jam Remix)
2. Wayne’s World (feat. Nirvana, Ciara, Justin Timberlake)
3. Fireman (Give It Away Remix)
4. Plush Weatherman (Stone Temple Pilots Remix)
5. Wake Up, Barry Bonds (feat. Kanye West)
6. Bring Back That Raspy Shit (feat. Pharrell)
7. Transform Ya (Bittersweet SympCourier Newhony Remix)
8. Fly (Sugar Ray Remix)
9. Lollipop (Glycerine Acoustic Remix)
10. Forever Come Around (feat. Kanye West)
11. Speakers (feat. Akon) (Today Remix)
12. Screwed Up Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots Remix)
13. Comfortable #41 (Dave Matthews Band Remix)
14. Karma Police (Radiohead Remix)
15. Zombie Musik (Cranberries Remix)
16. Gimme That, Rude Boy (feat. Rihanna)
17. A Milli In Bloom (Nirvana Remix)
18. Weezy’s Teen Spirit (Nirvana Remix)
19. Killing In The Name Of (feat. Eminem) (Early Days Remix)
20. Lil Girl Got A Gun
21. The Eyes of Mrs. Officer (feat. Shakira)
22. No Rain for Shooters (Blind Melon Remix)


I will be releasing some Grunge is Alive and shirts sometime soon for purchase to help fund the website.  I’m doing this poll to figure out the demand from men and women for shirts, so if you are a MAN please vote on the top poll, if you are a WOMAN vote on the bottom poll.  The shirts will be released regardless of the demand, but knowing how many people are interested will make things easier.



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The entire interview is at

First off don’t worry I’m not going to start covering Guns N’ Roses related news, I’m posting this because Seattle radio station KISW e-mailed me about it and because Duff is from Seattle and was part of the scene during its early years, and I occasionally do post news about him.

Direct link to the interview:

Credit: The BJ Shea Morning Experience 99.9 KISW

Thursday morning (10/21/10) Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded) joined the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9FM KISW in Seattle to talk about sharing a stage with Axl Rose last Thursday (10/14/10) in London. This was the first time that Axl and Duff played Guns N’ Roses songs together in over 17 years.  For the first time since that performance, Duff exclusively shared with BJ Shea how this happened:

I got to London last Thursday. I was there on separate business; just actual separate business even from music. I check into the hotel; it’s a hotel in London I stay at all the time, and the hotel manager came up and “Hey Duff, we’ll show you to your room. So you’re playing tonight?’ and I said, “No, no, I’m here on just business this time; not playing this time around,” and he looks at me strangely and goes, “you’re not playing tonight?” I said “no”. I had no idea Axl and Guns N’ Roses was in London, I had no idea. So we’re going up the elevator and he said that Axl was in the room next to us! It came down to the simple fact that Axl and I just sort of met up and we saw each other, we hugged; I went down to the gig with him as a couple guys hanging out. You go through a lot of stuff in business and there’s some fractures and demonizing of each other and I think if nothing else… a couple old friends maybe got over some of those hurdles and had a nice talk. And I don’t want to do anything here to cheapen that by saying anything to you guys, but we had a nice dinner the day after the show and that was it.

Duff spoke about what it was like to be on stage, playing G N’ R songs with Axl again, G N’ R songs including “You Could Be Mine”, a song he hasn’t played since he left the band:

The show is going on and I’m watching it, and somebody comes over with a bass and… Now I haven’t played “You Could Be Mine” since ’93… A lot of the other songs like “Paradise City” and “Brownstone” and “It’s So Easy” I’ve played with VR (Velvet Revolver) or Loaded… but “You Could Be Mine” was like, “Oh God! I can play it, I think I remember,” and there’s a bridge there. I’d forgotten the second part of bridge… and I had to look at Bumblefoot, *laughs* his guitar neck, to see where the next chord was, but it was fun! I had a great time!

As for the potential of a G N’ R reunion now that the ice has been broken between Duff and Axl… Duff had this to say:

Yeah, I have nothing to say about it. It’s not… (long pause)… I don’t know, I’m speaking honestly to you guys right now and it’s sort of silence. It’s not anything that I worked or planned for, you know, I work and plan for my kids next year in school, or my business I’m doing, or Loaded. That kind of thing, it’s not something I sit there and go, “Ok, one day this is going to happen.” Last week happened, it was very serendipitous, and the blood was in the water no doubt!

Thanks to Jackie:
My name is Rocket and I thought I would inform you about something that I’ve been doing for a while now – I’m a student at DePaul University in Chicago, and every Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm central time, I host a radio show called ‘Overcast Hype – The Sounds of Seattle.’ I’ve been obsessed with grunge music for as long as I can remember, and on my show I not only play the music that helped create what alternative music is today, but I give background of Seattle bands, I talk about what’s going on now with the grunge bands that are still around, and I help tell the story of Seattle. I also advertise from time to time, and I would love it if you could possibly consider giving my show a listen and maybe post about it on your site? I’m broadcasting today, and hopefully you’ll receive this email in time to listen but if not, there’s always next week! It’s a web based station, and you can listen by going to and clicking listen now on the right upper corner of the site during the time at which I’m on. Thanks for your time!
Shred some flannel!


Pearl Jam and SIRIUS XM Radio have announced today that it will introduce Pearl Jam Radio, a commercial-free music channel devoted to the music of Pearl Jam on Friday, October 22, the 20th anniversary of the band’s first public performance.

Pearl Jam Radio will launch with a special airing of the band’s 10th anniversary concert recorded in Las Vegas on October 22, 2000. The concert will be heard in its entirety on Friday, October 22 at 6:00 pm ET. The first day of Pearl Jam Radio on SIRIUS XM will also feature rarely heard highlights from the band’s very first concert performance on October 22, 1990 at Off Ramp Cafe in Seattle, Washington.

In addition to these launch day specials, Pearl Jam Radio will feature archival concerts from throughout the band’s celebrated 20-year career, rarities, unreleased material from the band’s personal music library and music from the band’s side projects, including solo and pre-Pearl Jam music.

Additionally, Pearl Jam Radio will offer listeners a unique, interactive experience with the weekly show The All Encompassing Trip, a fan roundtable hosted by Tim Bierman, Manager of Ten Club, Pearl Jam’s official fan club, and long-time Pearl Jam enthusiast and radio veteran Rob Bleetstein. Pearl Jam fans will be invited to participate in conversations on a different theme each week pertaining to the music, news and touring world of Pearl Jam.

“Pearl Jam is unique in the history of the American music scene and has released some of the most influential music of the past two decades,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. “From their love of vinyl to their respect for their fans to their dedication to social causes, the band’s continuing legacy is something we’re thrilled to celebrate with Pearl Jam Radio.”

Pearl Jam Radio will be available on SIRIUS channel 17 and XM channel 39; it will also be available on SIRIUS Internet Radio, XM Radio Online and through the SIRIUS XM App for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and several BlackBerry and Android-powered smartphone devices.

For more information, please visit or