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Not a review, just random thoughts while I wind down with a glass of bourbon before going to bed (ugh, I think I need to get up in a few hours). I haven’t read any of the previous reviews, so ignore anything I say that you already know- I picked up 22 live CDs (3 of them are for me). Not sure I’ve ever gone through that much cash in less than 5 minutes. Fortunately I still had $5 to get a Willy Mason CD after the show, which he signed for me.

– After waiting years for a US tour, especially after the 2009 cancellation, I had a lot of anticipation. They did not disappoint. And it was more rocking that I expected.

– Raeni, my friend Lynda, and I had our customary front center spot. It was all good, except for the guy who was talking on his cell phone at one point during the show.

– We didn’t hook up with nilbymouth. There was a decent sized crowd by the end of Willy’s set.

– Willy Mason has a really really nice voice, and is a nice guy.

– L.A. Bonus: After Willy did 3 songs with Isobel & the band, Victoria Williams came out and did two songs (along with 2 backing singers – were they at the other shows?). Isobel is producing her album. Who? you say:

– They did Revolver!! still one of my faves.

– Some people were quietly singing along to “Do You Wanna Come Walk With Me”, go figure. After Back Burner, someone yelled “Do that one again”, which got a smile from Mark.

– Didn’t get a setlist, they closed the curtains quickly after the encore; a women next to me crawled on stage and got half of it before they ripped the rest out of her hand.

– According to Mark, the Clippers sucked tonight (as if the Clippers sucking is ever news). And I still wish Donald Sterling would keep his picture out of my morning newspaper.

– LA traffic sucks, but at least the 45 minute drive to get to the El Rey turns into 20 minutes to get home at 12:30am. (I know, Raeni is saying that she’d LOVE to have a drive as short as 45 minutes)

– Got home to find a robocall from Meg Whitman on my answering machine, but even eMeg can’t kill my buzz.




I just got home from last night’s Stone Temple Pilots concert in Los Angeles.  This was the 7th time I’ve seen STP.  I previously saw them in May 2008 at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, June 2008 at the Hollywood Bowl, December 2008 at Club Nokia, July 2009 at the House of Blues Sunset Strip, May 2010 at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and June 2010 at the KROQ Weenie Roast.  Last night’s STP show was tied with the Hollywood Bowl show for the best STP show I’ve ever been to.  When I saw the band in June Scott clearly wasn’t all there, but last night he and the band were on fire.

I arrived outside the venue at around 6:30PM and got in line, the line was very short.  I got in around 7PM and immediately got to the front, right in front of Robert DeLeo’s spot.  The opening band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were good, the bassist was the standout member of the band.  I met a fellow die hard STP fan in the crowd from San Francisco and we talked quite a bit about the state of STP and other Grunge era bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.  STP went on promptly at about 9:20PM with Crackerman.  The setlist was the standard set that STP have played during this leg of the tour.  They played Dead and Bloated, Still Remains, and Dancing Days which they have omitted at a few shows.  I spent most of the show watching Robert DeLeo play bass just feet in front of me and now after seeing him so up close I can definitely say he is the most charismatic bassist I have ever seen live.  Robert does a great job of interacting with the crowd and at times is even more energetic on stage than Scott Weiland.

Scott was in top form tonight, this was the most lively I’ve seen him since I saw STP in June 2008 and the most coherent I’ve seen him since I saw Velvet Revolver in July 2006.  Scott was definitely clean and sober.  Scott and all of the members of the band frequently smiled and cracked jokes to each other.  There was some banter but it was hard to hear, Scott said something about covering the band “STP” that didn’t make it quite as big as they did.  Robert also mentioned knowing some chick at the show and Scott pointed out somebody in the crowd.  My favorite songs of the night were Huckleberry Crumble, Dancing Days, and Silvergun Superman.  I had never seen the band play their cover of Dancing Days before and the electric version they are currently doing live is amazing.  Huckleberry Crumble was also much tighter and stronger than when I saw it twice earlier this year, it was one of the best performances of the night and you could tell the band were more into it than the other new songs.  I would say the live version I saw last night was better than the studio version.  Silvergun Superman has always been an amazing live song for STP and last night was no different.

Throughout the night I could see the children of STP’s members playing together on the side of the stage.  When STP came out for their encore Scott brought out his son Noah to do the intro for “Dead and Bloated.”  It was a very cute moment and you could tell Noah was nervous, Scott couldn’t stop smiling when Noah was on stage.  At the end of the show as the band did the group bow, all of their children came out to join the bow.  It was a great moment and for one night, all seemed right in STP land.  The band were enjoying themselves more than any other time I saw them and really seemed like they are doing STP because they enjoy it, not for a paycheck.  Also on a random note I got to high five Scott and Robert.  The place was also packed, outside of possibly the mezzanine.  Also Eric was particularly funny tonight, quite a few times I saw him and Scott interacting and smiling.  My only regret about the show is I didn’t get to see more of Dean.  Anyways, this show was the best concert I’ve been to in 2010 (STP were the best show I went to in 2008 too, while Pearl Jam were the best of 2009 for me).  If Stone Temple Pilots are hitting your town soon, see them before it all falls apart again (kidding).

Below are photos I took at the show with my iPhone, no zoom whatsoever.  The photos of Robert are my favorites.  At the end you can see all of the kids come on stage.


Judith Salkin of the Desert Post Weekly recently interviewed Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

“Touring can be like walking a tightrope without a net under you,” said DeLeo. “Anything can happen.”

In September, Weiland — who has a long history of drug and alcohol issues — announced during a concert in Houston that he’d fallen off the wagon. As a result, the group took a break from the road.

“At the moment, everyone’s healthy and it’s really nice to be together on stage again,” DeLeo said. “These guys are really very dear to me.”



Courtney Love and Sharon Stone proved to be full cups of well-intentioned kookiness last night at amFAR’s Inspiration Gala benefit at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

We’ll start with Ms. Love first…

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The Hole rocker was the evening’s surprise performer, screeching out singing covers of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Love may have forgotten some of the lyrics, but no matter. Her guitar player was there to remind her of the words. And truth be told, we kinda dig Love’s take on the songs. We think it may be time for her to put together an album of covers.

But we digress.

Court ended her performance, which included a few F-bombs and at least one nip-slip, by announcing that she wanted no more drama in her life. “Please help!” she said. “All of you…Help me. I don’t want to be controversial anymore.”

Later on, Love was overheard complaining to various people that her bank accounts are frozen and she’s gone days without any cash. However, she did say there’s a guy in New York City she’s having sex with who she does, in fact, like.


Review written by grumpella of the forums
Ok, here’s my review of the Seattle show last night.

I enjoyed myself tremendously, standing a few feet from Mark Lanegan was the near religious experience it ought to be (and I really wasn’t trying to get that close, it just happened that way, lucky me) and the music and performances were powerful and energetic. Also I went alone, as is my wont, but made a couple of “show buddies”, Charlie and a fellow forum member who’s name I didn’t catch (Hi there!). We kept each other amused while we waited, and, thanks to Charlie’s height (a useful tall person, I like those!) and company, I scored Mark’s setlist and got it autographed by both Isobel and Mark after the show (I managed a half-intelligible expression of admiration when I approached Mark, even getting my mouth to open was an effort as I was so tired and we were kind of pouncing on him as he went to the tour bus).

Sadly, I don’t have much to say about Willy Mason beyond he has a nice voice. I wanted to like him, it wasn’t that, it’s just that he suffers from the same predicament that has affected pretty much every solo acoustic artist I’ve seen – they sound pretty monotonous.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait terribly long for Mark and Isobel to take the stage (the amusement to be had from the drunk behind me wore off pretty quickly – and you know who you are, young man!). Both Mark and Isobel were pretty quiet at first, as far as banter (well, Mark’s only verbal contribution to banter the entire night was a “Thank you” before he left the stage for Willy to come back on). Watching the facial expressions and nonverbal communication that passed between them was a treat, they definitely have a shorthand worked out and seemed pretty attuned to one another. Isobel was actually quite sweet and adorable throughout the show. At one point a gentleman in the audience called out to her, “Isobel, you’re beautiful!” which prompted from her “Thank you, I feel … disgusting,” then she went on to explain she and the boys had just spent two days driving across North Dakota and Montana, she also apologized a couple of times during the set for being so tired. Willy Mason was much more interesting when he came back out to sing with Isobel and the band, they performed a couple of duets from “Hawk” then one of his own songs, which was so much better with a band that I think Mr. Mason really should consider finding a backing band. Another highlight was during the encore, while performing “(Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me” several audience members were singing along, so Isobel got the whole crowd to join in and led us encouragingly through a chorus, even pointing out that she was off key! Mark seemed like he might have been a trifle tetchy at the start of the set, telling the sound person (?) his vocals were all over the place and tersely commanding “Fix it.” I was even too intimidated to try to take pictures of him until I’d seen him smile a couple of times. It didn’t help that I was right in his line of vision whenever he glanced down at his notebook, I know he wasn’t looking at me but I still felt like I should behave extra well! Mark did loosen up quite a bit, he was hard to photograph because he was never still – he kept swaying and moving to the music, and turning to shoot glances and occasionally grins at Isobel. Musically, the band was incredibly tight and clearly really enjoying themselves, local Jeff Fielder (I hope I don’t have that wrong!) was quite fun to watch as he played. All of the band was fun to watch, I just had a better view of Jeff. When I approached Isobel after the show I nearly told her she should turn her vocals up more, she was pretty easy to hear but she does, as on the albums, seem to vocally defer to Mark, and sings under him, I love their voices together and wouldn’t mind hearing her vocals turned up, but I never can manage to get much out when I’m actually speaking to someone like that so I just gushed how much I loved her voice and enjoyed the show. It was entirely due to Charlie’s telling me he was going to hang out to try to meet Mark and Isobel that I stayed, I never would have had the nerve alone. There was no official meet and greet, we (all of us faithful lurkers) got a chance to approach Isobel when she came out to get something from the stage, she was very sweet and obliging and I am very glad I stuck around. As I mentioned earlier Charlie and I kind of pounced on Mark later as he exited the club, again my thanks to Charlie (also for the use of his pen as I forgot mine. What a lifesaver was Charlie!), I would never have had the nerve to call out to Mark and ask for his autograph, I would have just smiled at him as he walked by (it doesn’t always pay to be shy). Mark was very gracious, also quite soft spoken. My only complaint about the show was that it ended!


Casual posted this on the forums:

I’m back from the show!   I was about four rows away from the stage, on  Dean’s side!   It was a really good time, and a laid back vibe.   Scott  was in a great mood, and the crowd was really into it too.  I thought  Scott looked really cool too, and he was wearing a suit.  It’s hard to  hear the vocals when you are that close, so I couldn’t hear  Scott all that well.   It was worth it to be that close, though, and I  could still hear the band great.   I think it was after “Down” when Rob  announced that it was Scott’s Birthday.  They brought out a cake with  candles and we all sang Happy Birthday.  The birthday thing was great  because it was like a moment of victory for Scott and all the STP fans,  that is what I felt, at least.  Then I think Scott stuck a big piece of  cake in Dean’s mouth and Eric had a bunch of cake in his mouth too  ;D Even before that,  the crowd sang Happy Birthday in between a song.    Also me and this guy yelled out “Happy Birthday Scott”, first, and  Scott heard and said “Thank you, for the Happy Birthday.”   Rob was funny cuz then they went into “Dead and Bloated” and he said something  like “this is a funny song to play after Happy Birthday.” lol

It was  basically the same setlist…we got Still Remains, but no Pretty Penny  and the new songs were BTL, Hickory, Cinnamon, and Huckleberry.    Heaven and Hot Rods was so cool to hear live…a definite highlight.    And it was so cool to hear a different setlist from when I saw them  here 2 years ago.  I thought this time was just as good.  Also, I sparked up a J during Big Empty, and I had a couple beers at the show  ;) I saved a beer for the first 3 STP songs and it was great.

Here are two pictures that I got with  my camera phone.  They came out OK because I was pretty close, they look better in a larger size. I hope some other people who went will share their reviews too!  Sorry, I couldn’t get any decent pics of the B-day cake.


Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz said a few days ago that the 7th STP can be expected to come out in 2011, but in a new interview with he reveals that STP’s next album should be out at the end of 2011, he also said the band always has new songs up their sleeve.  He said things in the band have been going smoothly since their 2 week break and they plan on touring Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in 2011.