Top 20 Underrated Foo Fighters Songs

One way great artists stand out compared to the ones that are forced to play gigs at the county fair when their popularity dwindles is from the quality of their underrated tracks. “Underrated tracks” as in no video was made, no single was distributed, and these tracks didn’t crack anywhere near the top 40, however, they are fantastic tracks that could be more widely known if they received significant promotion. The Foo Fighters are one of the few bands in recent memory who have the underrated tracks that could possibly stand on their own if they were distributed and promoted.

The following are 20 of the Foo Fighters best underrated tracks, plus an honorable mention:

Track:  “Baker Street”
Album: Medium Rare and My Hero single
The best cover the Foo Fighters recorded. It became a bit of a radio hit in the late 90’s when it was released as the b-side to the “My Hero” single, however to many this track is a virtual unknown. Featuring fantastic guitar tone, The Foos quite possibly nail the transitions better than the original. Dave Grohl’s voice fits in with the aura of the track very nicely. With “Baker Street”, the Foo Fighters recorded one of the best cover songs of the modern rock era.

Track: “Band On The Run”
Album: Medium Rare
The Foos next best cover and doing Sir Paul proud in the process. Again, when covering this classic the Foos hit the transitions perfectly and add some heavy guitar during the chorus and bridge making it their own.

Track:  “Come Alive”
Album: Echo’s Silence Patience & Grace
One of the most beautiful progressive rock tracks in the Foo Fighters catalog. “Come Alive” begins with a great acoustic guitar line and builds to a loud and heavy rocker. Grohl said this about the track in an interview with Kerrang! “On the last album we split the acoustic side and the electric side into two albums. Here, we’ve split it into one song. This is about reawakening after becoming a father. Anyone who’s a father understands how the world becomes a different place when your child is born. I just feel and see everything differently now.”

Track:  “Enough Space”
Album: The Colour and the Shape
“Enough Space” is a track about one of Grohl’s favorite movies Arizona Dream. With a very unique beginning and with the most profound bass line in the Foo Fighters catalog, “Enough Space” is loud and is an example of the fundamental hard rock the Foo Fighters are known for.

Track:  “Erase/Replace”
Album: Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace
Quintessential Foo Fighters style rock with a great chorus that gets stuck in your head. Grohl said this about the track in an interview with Kerrang! “I still listen to (Metallica’s album) Kill ‘Em All once a week and there’s a part of me that will never lose the love of riffs. That’s where a song like this comes in. As a drummer and a guitar player, the rhythmic quality of a decent riff is like a cannon to me. I can write riffs all day long because I look at the guitar like a drum set. So, just as I’ll sit at a drum kit and play beats, I sit with a guitar and try the same thing. That’s what I was doing here. This one rocks.”

Track:  “Exhausted”
Album: Foo Fighters (Self-Titled)
A classic progressive rocker from the early years, with the tone and distortion that gives the listener a different feeling when it kicks into the chorus. Additionally, it has one of the most unique bridges in the history of modern rock music, with some semi-controlled guitar feedback adding to the allure of the track.

Track:  “Floaty”
Album: Foo Fighters (Self-Titled)
A much underrated early Foo Fighters masterpiece. Grohl hits melodic and hard rock points with this track while the music builds to heavy progressive perfection.

Track:  “Free Me”
Album: In Your Honor
Possibly the most underrated original Foo Fighters track in their entire catalog. It is heavy, hard hitting, hard rock… perfection. Grohl screaming “Free Me!” during the chorus is like a jolt of pure adrenaline. Grohl had this to say about “Free Me” in an interview with Metal Hammer, “The tricky thing is that most of the demos are instrumental. I may have an idea of the vocal but I don’t have any lyrics, so even if I come up with a killer instrumental arrangement but the vocals are like diarrhea, then it winds up in the trash. Like after I put vocals on ‘Free Me’ I just knew it was good. At the end of the day, if there’s a song that I whole heartedly just don’t like then it’s not going on the record, even if the other guys are all, ‘Yeah!’ about it.”

Track:  “Good Grief”
Album: Foo Fighters (Self-Titled)
Another heavy rocker with great guitar work, building and succeeding, and again Grohl’s voice fits the tone of the song perfectly.

Track:  “Hell”
Album: In Your Honor
Heavy with excellent guitar work surrounding the core guitar track, and again, Grohl’s voice fits the nature of the track flawlessly.

Track:  “Hey, Johnny Park!”
Album: The Colour And The Shape
One of the first non-single tracks to be considered a fan favorite among Foo Fighters fans and yet another track that probably should have been a single. Another slight late 90’s radio hit, “Hey, Johnny Park!” features melodic verses with a guitar infused chorus that hit like no other Foo Fighters song.

Track:  “I Am A River”
AlbumSonic Highways
One of the Foo Fighters best ballads. With a perfect chorus and beautiful lyrics, “I Am A River” is a staple of the Sonic Highways album. Written as part of the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways documentary, Grohl describes his process in writing the song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:
“This song is filled with references, (the lyric) I find the secret behind the Soho door is referring to Majic Shop Studio and how it’s just this one tiny door in the street and you would never know it’s a studio. I find a reason that’s a Lou Reed reference, (the lyric) beneath the subway floor that’s talking about Minetta Creek which is a river that run’s under New York City. So this song is mostly about that, this river that runs underground through the city that’s known as Minetta Creek. I thought there was something beautiful in a river running through something as monolithic and futuristic as New York City and maybe we are all connected by something like that.”

Track:  “In Your Honor”
Album: In Your Honor
Another progressive masterpiece that is single worthy. The title track to the Foo Fighters experimental fifth album features perfect transitions and the pause and scream at the end of the track makes this one of the better tracks on the album. In an interview with Kerrang! Grohl said this about what influenced him in the writing of the track, “The song itself was just inspired by going out on the campaign trail and experiencing such a strong sense of devotion and belief. People were getting together to make a difference, for the sake of something honorable. It’s that overwhelming feeling of connection with something. It could be love, it could be football, it could be music, it could be anything. I’m trying to keep it general so people don’t focus on one specific thing. It’s not a political record at all.”

Track: “My Poor Brain”
Album: The Colour And The Shape
A dynamic punk track that has a unique intro. The bridge and its guitar work takes “My Poor Brain” to another level.

Track:  “New Way Home”
Album: The Colour And The Shape
This track rivals “Free Me” as the most underrated track in the entire Foo Fighters catalog. Very melodic and perfectly written as the closer to The Colour And The Shape. The slow repeat of the first verse building to a heavier repeat of the chorus is what sets this track apart from the other underrated tracks in the Foo Fighters catalog. Grohl had this to say about the track in an interview with Vox magazine, “That’s about winding your way through all of these songs, emotions and pitfalls and ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you realize that you’re not scared anymore and you’re gonna make it.”

Track:  “Tired Of You”
Album: One By One
Great lyrics, amazing transitions, and probably the best ballad they have ever written. The track features overdubbed guitar parts from Queen’s Brian May.

Track:  “Up In Arms”
Album: The Colour And The Shape
A simple, catchy, melodic love song that kicks into a surprising punk ending.

Track:  “Watershed”
Album: Foo Fighters (Self Titled)
One of the Foo Fighters heaviest tracks; with a hard, catchy punk guitar line and flawless vocals. It may just have the best hook in the Foo Fighters catalog.

Track:  “What If I Do”
Album: In Your Honor
Another underrated ballad from Grohl & Co. Part of the acoustic disc of In Your Honor, the track is a slow beautiful tear jerker.

Track:  “Wind Up”
Album: The Colour And The Shape
Dave Grohl’s middle finger to the press. It’s heavy with another extraordinary bridge leading to the final shattering verse.

Track:  “X-Static”
Album: Foo Fighters (Self-Titled)
With a mean guitar fused intro “X-Static” is a Foo Fighters progressive staple.

Feel free to post some of your favorite underrated Foo Fighters tracks in the comments section below.  Hear all these tracks and plus many other great live/rare and acoustic tracks at and

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    “Summers End” a glaring omission.

  • ColmM10

    Aurora, M.I.A and Lonely As You should be on there. You haven’t included anything from the third album which is one of my Foos albums, tied with self titled

  • Dennis Duffin

    but honestly

    • ANRmanager

      That’s a good one.. barely missed my top 20. Honorable mention?

  • Juan I Martin Neira

    And Aurora? c’mon!!

    • ANRmanager


    • Alternative Nation

      Grohl has called that his favorite Foo Fighters song, so not necessarily underrated, at least by the man himself…

  • ANRmanager

    Well, your disagreement shows how great a band they are. My personal preference is loud guitars and great riffs, so my list reflected of that.

  • Dee Kottkamp


    • ANRmanager

      That’s a single, they made a video.

  • jcal7

    A320, walking a line, fraternity, the one, statues to name a few but agree with much of the list. One thing with listening to TINLTL is looking at where they when after on the success of the singles on that album, up to All My Life and becoming this huge band. There is such little variation in the set list, fair enough when you have so many stand out but lots of these great songs haven’t been played in years! I mean Up In Arms is considered a treat… And a tonne of covers lately. Big props to ESP&G s it’s a great vibe album, I would definitely rate higher than IYH & OXO, which had strong singles but lots of filler on both. (OXO is frustrating because you can kinda see what he was going for with this darker, strange album maybe with haunting stuff of exhausted or xstatic but they didn’t pull it off)

  • Raj

    Agree with wind up, even though it’s short it should have been released as a single. Have it All, For All the Cows, Friend of a Friend, and Stacked Actors.

  • God

    if only they would play some of these songs in their “ever changing” setlist.

  • ez

    I know I’m going to sound like a dick, but if you’re writing articles for what has become a pretty popular website, PLEASE learn how to use apostrophes. Ones not one’s in the opening sentence, Foos not Foo’s throughout, makes it tough to read at times.

    • ANRmanager

      Thanks for the editing advice 🙂 you can read something 30 times and still miss something.

  • Felipe

    Where the fuck is Halo??

  • Billy

    i would def add the following songs:
    Disenchanted Lullaby
    Another Round
    Over and Out
    A320 (glad to see this one mentioned in the comments)

  • Marc Parker

    So basically… their first two LP’s as opposed to the AOR they started churning out after them?