For a school assignment in which he had to write a letter to a famous person Sean Woods – a 13 year old from Ireland wrote his letter to Dave Grohl in hopes that it would reach the Foo Fighters frontman. Instead, the letter ended up a local comic book store in the town where Grohl was born reports the Warren Tribune Chronicle. Greg Bartholomew owner of All American Cards and Comics said that he “was floored” when he saw that his store got the letter. Both Bartholomew and Joseph O’Grady – the past president of Main Street Warren both made sure that the letter will get delivered to Grohl’s family as they still live in the area.

You can view Sean’s letter to Dave below:

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    Hey Brett am i banned from posting commets on your site? Because i wrote (author) next to my name last time? I did that to see if anyone could write that to see if that magic mike was a troll or the real deal. I didnt do it try and troll you just wanted to see how easy it is to fake a name.

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    not that anyone really gives a fuck. I could easily change my name but I cant believe that Magic Mike is actually one of your journalist. Makes your site look less credible.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Yumm’s social commentary aside — cool story! Well done little kid! (Nice Letter) Message in a bottle-sort of. 😀

  • Seth

    Dave’s face in that picture is a good reaction face to this entire scenario.

  • paulonious

    letter to a famous person gets mis-delivered is a fucking story now?

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    I’m not sure who are the trolls here…supposedly me or the likes of Paulonious or IM YUMM in saying a serious news story (Which you knuckleheads are always asking for) isn’t news.

    Perhaps you want more of TMZreport?

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    again, this isn’t a serious news story. my opinion. i usually skip all of your “articles”, but missed your name on this one.

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    I submit potential stories to Brett, he approves. I post. If you don’t like what I have to post then do not comment. How is that? A newspaper seemed to think it was newsworthy and it has to do with what we cover.

    If you think you can do a better reporting job then myself then you are welcome to try. I can always have Brett give you a wordpress account bub.

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    Dang, that kid’s handwriting is better than mine.

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    if you don’t like criticism, you’re in the wrong business, “bub”.

  • g

    grohl was born in a comic book shop?