10 Bands That Need To Reunite In 2016

With Guns N’ Roses reuniting to kick off 2016, here is a list of 10 more bands that should reun


Motley Crue

‘The Final Tour Part 2.’ KISS had their ‘farewell tour’ conclude in 2001 only to announce a comeback in late 2002, so why not the Crue?


Screaming Trees

The Screaming Trees have been the one holdout when it comes to notable Seattle Grunge bands reuniting. With Barrett Martin revisiting his past with Mad Season in the last couple of years, why not call up with Conner brothers and Mark Lanegan to reunite The Screaming Trees?



While R.E.M. ended their careers gracefully, it has been a shame to no longer have Michael Stipe regularly releasing new music, so even if R.E.M. returned as a studio based band, like they were for their final album, it would be a real treat for fans.



Jet became overnight stars in 2003 with Get Back, an album that was a throwback to raw rock and roll bands like AC/DC and The Rolling Stones. Jet also wrote great Beatlesque ballads like “Shine On,” the title track for their second album. The band released their third and final album Shaka Rock in 2009, and breaking up in 2009. The band definitely seemed to go away too soon, as they once seemed primed to be one of rock’s next great arena bands. Why not come back now, at a time when rock is desperate for great bands who aren’t over 40?


Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine’s 2007-2011 reunion ultimately did not ever result in a full tour, let alone a new album. The band largely paid high paying festival gigs, so it would be great to see the band do a real reunion with a new album and tour, especially in today’s changing political landscape.



Audioslave’s Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, and Tim Commerford reunited at Chris Cornell’s birthday party in 2014, and Cornell and Morello also performed together a year ago, with Cornell openly stating in interviews that he would be open to a reunion.


The Smiths

The offers have always been there for The Smiths to reunite for huge money. Maybe Morrissey could finally get festivals to stop selling meat if he was headlining them with The Smiths?


Smashing Pumpkins’ original lineup

With Jimmy Chamberlin rejoining The Smashing Pumpkins last year, we’re halfway there!



This reunion seems inevitable. While the Gallagher brothers have not yet taken the big money offers, they are too ambitious to continue to turn down the chance to have one of the biggest U.K. tours in recent memory.


Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page returned to the stage just a few months ago, and is eager to tour in 2016.

  • Felonious Punk

    The Screaming Trees would be nice, but none of the band members are really interested in revisiting that stuff, they’ve said.

    Motley Crue, Oasis, RATM, Audioslave and Jet will all eventually reunite.

    It’s highly unlikely the original Pumpkins lineup will ever be in the same room with each other again.

    The Smiths and Led Zeppelin will never reunite.

    • Billy

      even if RATM went into the studio for one song about Trump it would be worth it

      • JoelS

        Exactly! What has Zach Dela Rocha been doing for the past 15 years? Rage completely missed the Bush administration and now they’re gonna miss out on Trump!

        • Billy

          its all on Zach. Tom still gets his political fix as the Nightwatchmen, Brad is in a political spanish band called the Last Internationale (sp? lol). Timmy at least has a side project FutureUser.

          Zach why hast thou forsaken us???? lol

        • Jimmy Intense

          Check out One Day As A Lion. It’s pretty much the only thing Zach has done since RATM worth mentioning. Features Jon Theodore (Mars Volta, QOTSA) on drums

      • Felonious Punk

        Haha omg that would be gold. Let Tim C. help with the lyrics

        • Billy

          oh fo sho let Timmy do them. The song should be called Wall building Muslim ignorant Toupee wearing trust fund boy

    • Jimmy Intense

      When Billy Corgan can’t even extend a courtesy call to the fucking guy he started the band with, you know D’arcy doesn’t stand a chance.

      • Felonious Punk

        Yea, plus he’s pretty much downplayed their relevancy to the band’s legacy as that of a custodian at Abbey Road studios.

  • Ben

    It would be great to see the Screaming Trees reunite. I can see Audioslave reuniting for a tour but I can’t really imagine them releasing new music…. of course I really hope I’m wrong. After all never say never!

  • Jimmy Intense

    Jet were just terrible, unoriginal and boring.

  • Billy

    Fuck the Crue, they’re doing yet another “final” tour. If they reunite, then they should refund every penny of every ticket sold on this final tour.

    • Jimmy Intense

      Pisses me off when bands like Motley Pue and KISS milk the “final/reunion” tour.

      • Billy

        i almost exploded when i saw them on this list. They are touring as we speak. grrrr

        i hope none of the bands i grew up with pull that shit

  • Corndog

    I’d love to see The Screaming Trees reunite. I don’t think they get enough recognition when people talk about bands from that era.

    I’d happily see the original Pumpkins too but I don’t see that ever happening.

  • LordSunday

    Jet? Who would want this, besides maybe their moms?

  • ANRmanager

    The surviving members of Pink Floyd!

  • Philippe Gaudet

    I honestly prefer this incarnation of the Pumpkins (with Jeff) to a line-up with Iha and D’Arcy nowadays.

    • Jimmy Intense

      Take that blasphemous bullshit with you and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

      …just kidding πŸ™‚

  • dakotablue

    While it’d be great if some of these bands reunited, I predict most won’t and here’s why:
    1. Feuding Brothers: Conners (Screaming Trees) and Gallaghers (Oasis) have punched each other physically and verbally, too bitter to reunite. Iha & Corrigan also in Bitter Feud area, and Corrigan’s a grudge-holder. Marr and Morrissey also here, but ray of hope for them.
    2. Too Old, Tired & Sad: R.E.M. was on the road forever but I think lost their heart as a band when their drummer decided he couldn’t go on.
    3. Too Rich/Not Interested: This is Led Zep. Robert Plant has moved on to a different musical style altogether, and doesn’t need the cash. Maybe he can’t sing like he used to, either (way up high).
    4. Mutual Exclusion: while I’d love to see both Rage and Audioslave reunite, probably physically impossible for Tom Morello to play for both.
    5. Ho-hum, Who Cares: Motley Crue and Jet. Also Pumpkins. JMHO!

  • fuck them

    no just no

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    Well we got Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) with Pepper Keenan this year… don’t think this site bothered to ever mention it, but I covered that shit. Long live C.O.C.!

  • Ishmael

    Smashing Pumpkins will never reunite in original line up. never. ever.
    And please no oasis reunion! i can’t stand them and when they would reunite my girlfriend will surely ask me to went to a gig with her.