10 Artists That Layne Staley Loved


David Bowie



“Prince is probably one of my biggest idols, besides David Bowie. He’s one of the most amazing performers and songwriters of our time, I think, and I’m damn impressed with what he’s done.” (Rage 1993)


Black Sabbath

“I have two sisters, a brother, and my parents. They weren’t very musical. My mom kind of was. She used to sing. I’d say my first influence would be Black Sabbath, then Ozzy, then Ian Gillan with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. The first record I ever picked up was Black Sabbath. It was either my mom’s or my dad’s album ! I just picked it out of their collection.” (RIP Magazine 1991)


Rage Against The Machine

“We went on tour with [them] on Lollapalooza, and they were great, an amazing bunch of guys. I made a point to wake up early and go see these guys play, and “Killing In The Name Of” is one of my favorite songs by them, in fact it is my favorite song. By the way Tom Morello, the guitar player, taught me how to play the guitar. So if I screw up, it’s his fault (Laughs).” (Rage 1993)




Lords of the New Church


Skinny Puppy



“I’m sure these guys are real proud of what they’ve done, and I’m really proud of what they’ve done, for a band that was ridiculed, and made a mockery of by the press. They came back and destroy them with a great album, a great song, and a great video [“Heart Shaped Box].” (Rage 1993)



Layne Staley Alice in Chains Shannon Hoon Blind Melon

Blind Melon

“I know a lot of people that don’t agree with me that [“No Rain”] is a great song, and a good video, and they can all go to hell, because I think it’s great. Shannon, the singer, is a good friend of mine.” (Rage 1993)

  • Corndog

    No Rain was and is an awesome song! Gets a lot of rotation on the old ipod:)
    That dude is dead now too, right? He was a very good singer.

    • Drexl

      Have you ever listened to the album “Soup”? It’s great. There was more to them than that song.

      • Corndog

        No I’ve only heard the eponymous album with the bumblebee girl on the cover. I’ve had that CD for donkeys years, but to be honest i never realised they had more than one album. I really liked that song, and i thought that the singer had a great voice, but the rest of the album never really excited me that much. It was ok, but not to the point where i was desperate to seek out other music by the band.

  • babushka

    Blind Melon is da shit. One of the best bands ever. Also, wonder if he liked Elliott Smith who also kicked ass.

  • Raj

    You completely missed Elton John, Layne was a big fan and Elton John was a big fan of Layne and Alice in Chains. That’s why Elton played piano on BGWTB.

  • Morris

    Blind melon are awesome

  • Hawaiisurfer25

    He was a big Tool fan and friend of Maynard.

  • Drexl

    Prince was a bit surprising, but the rest I kind of already knew about. In general, though, I enjoy finding out what kind of music my favorite artists enjoy(ed).

  • ThroatCut

    Cool to see him mention Rage and Nirvana because a lot of guys like to only bring up artists from many years before their time to look like they were only inspired by “Classic” music as if that makes them cool

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